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Mr. and Mrs. Spacehabitats BOTH going to Tampa! *Updated*

Mr. and Mrs. Spacehabitats BOTH going to Tampa!

Woohoo! WE DID IT!
Mrs. S won her election at the Iowa 3rd District caucus on the FIRST ballot with a majority of votes.
I slid in as an alternate on the At-Large slate we won on the convention floor Saturday in a nail-biter.
Here's my short version of the convention:

I think I helped in my small way by jumping to the mike for a couple of timely points of order/information. For example, they were going to start the election process before seating about a hundred alternates (mostly Ron Paul supporters)until I spoke up. It also didn't hurt that one of our outgoing central committeemen (Dave Fischer) was on the stand and shook his head when the chairman suggested going ahead with the process anyway. It eventually took 45 minutes to seat the alternates while we cooled our heels. But it turned out to be a crucial decision.

On Friday night we took all six (3 delegates and 3 alternates) in the 3rd including my wife, and eventually 11 of 12 delegates in all four of the districts.

On Saturday the convention turned ugly even before we adopted the rules committee report. The chairman of the Rules Committee was Ken (remember he and his wife Bonnie were a couple that we had befriended in 2008 at the district convention and eventually converted to Ron Paul). He was trying to have the convention rules adopted along with an amendment (passed by the committee) to handle the contingency of the rejection of the nominating committee's slate of At-Large delegates. The opposition immediately pounced and had the convention tied up in knots for hours while they tried to maneuver the convention into accepting rules that would have made it easy for them to reject our slate and substitute their own "unity" slate. They moved for amendments to the amendment and then (I kid you not), an amendment to the amendment to the amendment!?!?

After wasting hours of our time, they managed to defeat the original amendment and finally allowed us to accept the rules and get on with the convention.

Score one for the bad guys.

We defeated a bad amendment to the Iowa GOP constitution that They had forced onto the agenda aimed at muzzling the new central committee members (to prevent them from 'endorsing' political candidates).

We won our choice for RNC central committeeman (huge).

Narrowly lost the committeewoman. It took every opposition vote to defeat her. BTW our candidate (Kim Pearson) seems like a FABULOUS lady. She was articulate, intelligent, courageous. Did anyone hear her speech? Wow! Where has she been all my life? If she had won, the old fogeys at the RNC would have been in for a ride.

Just before the vote on the slate I was chatting with my arch nemesis, Monte, back stage. Remember, he was the one that introduced the new rule requiring a majority vs. plurality at the 3rd district. He was also the one on the nominating committee that smelled a "Ron Paul" rat and tried to promote the 'unity' slate yesterday at the convention by dissing the results of his own committee. (I think Monte and I have a mutual respect for one another. He plays rough but stays within the rules and I respect that.) Anyway, he was describing what he was going to propose after our slate was defeated. Since they had defeated our amendment to the rules, there was going to be no pattern for how to elect the remainder of the delegates. Chaos and anarchy. Robert's Rules could do it, eventually. But we would probably all still be there voting.

I'll admit. I was getting discouraged.

Then the vote came. The chair ruled against us. We stood for a division. We lost again. We demanded a paper ballot. We WON!!!!

What a rush! The room exploded with cheers. About a third of the delegates immediately filed out to go home (probably to clean their dentures) while the rest of us remained to vote on the platform in a warm glow.

We enacted a platform that was about 80% great constitutional conservative/libertarian statements with another 15% trivial/inconsequential ("We support a ban on the importation of feral swine", etc.).

[Warning - sexist statement coming]
I predict that Iowa's delegation will have some of the best looking female delegates at the convention including, of course, the Mrs. (he said without a shred of humility).
Hey, stuff like that does not hurt if you are going to be interviewed by the media.

All in all it was a pretty good day.

My wedding day. The births of my son and daughter.
And now June 16, 2012 at the Iowa State GOP convention.

Yeah, you could say it was a pretty good day.

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Congratulations Spacehabits

Congratulations Spacehabits to you and your Mrs. and to all the other Ron Paul delegates going to Tampa. What a time we had. The vote on the nominating committee's report was like a ride on a roller coaster. In my opinion whoever quickly called for the division was the biggest hero of the day.

Please!!! Does someone have a video of Kim Pearson's speech? I wish for the Daily Paulers the opportunity to hear her speech. Just think. If only just 45 more Ron Paul delegates had shown up, Kim would be our Committeewoman right now. It's no wonder that Ron Paul likes Kim so much. In my opinion, her speech was the best speech of the entire day. How did you like John Archer and Brad Zahn's speeches? Aren't they the establishment? They had kind words for our Doctor and the Ron Paul supporters. Who would have thought.

Our platform... I would tell you what's in it, but it would take too long. Just let me say that the platform survived almost intact with all the BEST planks that any Ron Paul supporter would be cheering out loud for right now if I would have listed them. I doubt any other state will have a platform this fantastic. Trust me. It is a thing of beauty.

Watch for the Johnson name in Iowa politics in the future. I'm proud to say that this family is from my district. They were on fire and helped to save the day with their calm and confident debate. Congratulations to Will Johnson for his nomination for state senator, and to all the other Liberty endorsed candidates who won on June 5th. The Liberty movement truly has taken over the Iowa GOP. It was about learning the process and following through. I have nothing but gratitude to all the Ron Paul supporters for all the time, effort and expense they devoted to Liberty. It was a yeoman's effort but we prevailed.

Wish I could give five up-votes for your comment.

First, thank you from myself, my wife and all the other delegates.

You make some great points:

1) Whoever called for division by ballot was a hero. But I think there were about ten more of us that would have been shouting for a ballot a split second later. Personally I wanted to give someone else a chance since I had been opening up my yap and running back and forth to the microphone all day. I didn't get to speak that often because there were usually more than three people ahead of me. But I was happy to see so many of us were on our toes. By the same token, I was pleased to see that people weren't shouting "Point of Order!" just to hear there own voice. (BTW, who was it that shouted POA into the mike and broke our ear drums and what was that about? I don't remember. Was it even one of ours?)

2) Kim Pearson -- I want to see/hear that speech again too. It was fabulous. Anybody got that recorded? Anyone? Anyone?

3)I don't know about Zahn. I've heard mixed reviews on him. But he sure sounded good on Saturday. At the very worst he sees the liberty train passing and he is trying to catch a ride to help his political career. (You know things are looking up when political opportunists are pretending to be libertarians.)

4) The platform -- I was on the 3rd district platform committee and what we submitted to state was pretty fabulous. I was on the state platform committee in 2010 (did you ever read the 2010 platform?) and would have loved to do it again but I was already spread way too thin. I may post the platform (at least the highlights) on DP once they get it online. Yes, I think the other states might want to use a lot of it for a model.

5) "The Liberty movement truly has taken over the Iowa GOP. It was about learning the process and following through. I have nothing but gratitude to all the Ron Paul supporters for all the time, effort and expense they devoted to Liberty. It was a yeoman's effort but we prevailed." Couldn't have said it better. Anybody who thinks the GOP strategy can't work needs to come and see what we are doing in Iowa. We still have a long way to go in educating the masses and insuring top quality NATIONAL candidates, but.... give us time.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I found it!

Kim Pearson's speech....

Saw it. Wonderful!

Thank you!
Now for your next assignment. Can you find a video of the announcement of the vote that accepted our slate of delegates?

Whoever posted the IRCpt1-IRCpt19 series of videos on YouTube stopped just prior to that vote. (!?!?!?)

At the risk of sounding paranoid, why would someone video the whole excruciating convention process and then stop just before the climax of the convention?

The Virtual Conspiracy


This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

The Virtual Conspiracy

I'm not sure who yelled into

I'm not sure who yelled into the mike, but it definitely wasn't cool.

BTW Spacehabits. Did you ever think Iowa republicans would be discussing Monsanto in our big farming state?

I was on the state platform committee in 2008. Was that ever thrilling to be sitting there among 5 Ron Paul scholars of the Constitution. What a rush to be among such a group. That platform was a preview of what you were able to create in 2010. This newest platform was even better. What a monumental accomplishment in just 4 years. Just wait until the Daily Paulers read what's in it.

I know the guy who yelled

I know the guy who yelled into the mic. He is not one of us. He is a former member of my county central committee. He was actually voted off the central committee by the members of the central committee.

Pearson video

You can find a video of Kim Pearson's speech at


Click on the video on the right that starts at 12:32pm. It starts off at the end of one of the other nominees speech. Kim starts at the 0:46 mark.

It was a much better speech in person. Can't believe she didn't win.

I was sitting way right of

I was sitting way right of the stage, so I watched this speech from the big screen. I was able to see the fire in Kim's eyes as she skewered the establishment for the hit piece propaganda they left on all the chairs. But what really moved me was when she asked words to this effect....just which one of your god given rights do you want me to compromise? That really got to me personally.

You're right. The speech was electrifying close up and in person. I hope we see more and more of Kim Pearson. Thanks for finding the ustream video.



What a goon....

07 Daytona 675
Don't Tread on Me!

We are going to make him eat his words.

Of course the MSM will seek out the NON-RP supporters on the delegation to interview, but it is going to be hard for them to ignore us completely. And everyone of us should be able to speak well and present a good image for the RP Republicans and Iowa.

But we should be careful. I have been interviewed enough now to know how they can twist your words and take them out of context.

The Virtual Conspiracy

His condescending tone of voice is so off-putting!

I couldn't listen for more than 30sec.

Goon indeed.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


What a jerk.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Believe me, there was a lot

Believe me, there was a lot of eye rolling going on at my table, and a lot of that eye rolling came from people other than Ron Paul supporters. Mr. Conklin did himself no favor that night.

you should rank your best

you should rank your best days:
1. Birth of children
2. Wedding day
3. Ban of importation of feral swines

It just doesn't get any better than that

I confess...

I have always wanted a feral swine for a pet. All it takes is a twelve foot, electrified chain link fence topped by razor wire to keep the little darlings penned. :-)

The Virtual Conspiracy

sounds like the kind of cage

sounds like the kind of cage homeland security plans for us

Sadly, yes.

I wish you were joking.

The Virtual Conspiracy

So Proud of All of Us!!!!

The feeling on Saturday was just AMAZING! One of the BEST days of my life! I can't explain just how worthwhile it was to be a part of it!

After personally being bashed at the mic (without being named), and not being able to defend against it, then seeing how the vote looked to be going...It was the best feeling in the world hearing the slate had passed! That erruption of pride, love, relief, vindication, all of it after they read the final paper ballot results....that is something I will NEVER forget!!!

I can't wait to accompany You, Mrs. Spacehabitats, and the rest of the "good guys and gals" to Florida!! And, I say, I would have to agree, we've got some pretty darn good-looking delegates! I'll be rooming with 2! :)


Thank you for being there!

We needed absolutely everyone who showed up. As to your rooming arrangements, I don't want to start any rumors so I will leave it alone.

As for myself, I have already made arrangements to room with the prettiest female national delegate. Sorry guys, but I made the arrangements 19 years ago on June 12, 1993.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I am no Dr Paul but sure...'s picture

You have earned a free Ron Paul Beach Towel

Congratulations to you both,You have earned a free Ron Paul Beach Towel, it could come in handy In Tampa! Email me and I will send you one.

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected, once it's realized that our Liberties and Wealth are in Jeopardy. -Ron Paul

Thanks! You are too generous.

My son would go nuts for a towel like that.
Rob is dying to go to the preconvention Rally and might actually have time to go swimming in Tampa.
But I don't know how many teens there will be at our hotel and he will have to skip school to be there. Oh well...

The Virtual Conspiracy

I am no Dr Paul but sure...'s picture

No doibt there will be plenty of youngsters

At the hotel for your son to hang out with, but He'll have the coolest towe!
Did you get my response to your email?

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected, once it's realized that our Liberties and Wealth are in Jeopardy. -Ron Paul

Awesome. I yelled so loud

Awesome. I yelled so loud when the slate vote was announced, I think it startled the sheep behind me.
I too didn't think we were going to win it, and all the BS during the day was really starting to wear on me.

Never been so nice to stick it to the Man. And watching that Monty dude see the vote tally on the computer before it was announced - Priceless! I have a feeling he'll be getting a call from his superiors shortly. He appeared to be running the show for the PTB.

He makes my

skin crawl!


wolfe's picture

Good job...

But just to let you know...

"We support a ban on the importation of feral swine"

is not an inconsequential issue. This ban in other areas is already being used to round up pigs from non-compliant farmers and destroy them. I recommend some research, as it is very similar to the raw milk issue.

It's basically large food mills setting the standards to drive out small farms.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Yeah, I know...

But that is just an example of the government taking advantage of a real problem to further their political agenda.

Truly feral swine really ARE nasty critters and they can NOT be contained by the usual fences.

Invasive species (or in this case breeds) ARE a public concern and cannot always be handled through the courts and personal property rights.

I know this is where I depart from many of my Libertarian brothers; but I am an isolationist when it comes to ecosystems, both natural and human.

Almost every destructive species from the cane toad to the Asian silver carp was introduced because someone thought it would be a good idea. And by the time people figured out that it was a disaster the damage was irreversible.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Non-Paul folks helping to strike this plank

The guy that worked to get this plank struck from the platform is not a Paul supporter. He is an older veteran and a very nice guy, but we are often in opposition. But he thought this would have the potential to cut the small guy out of business and give an unfair advantage to corrupt organizations. I helped him collect the necessary 40 signatures (10 from each congressional district) for the motion to strike this plank.

It was a nice bridge-building opportunity, and it was great to see other people opposing this, even when they are not always in agreement on other liberty issues.

I read that earlier and actually came back to reply to it.

You did a fine job. Saved me some typing!

It is actually a hugely consequential issue, just one that many do not understand.

Ditto also on the congratulatory note.