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Billboards for Tampa are $, stickers are CHEAP!

I already posted a comment to the billboard topic about here: http://www.dailypaul.com/240674/billboards-for-tampa-all-del...

I want maximum exposure on this!!

Bottom line, we need to think maximum exposure for minimum cost!!

Imagine Tampa plastered with 150,000 stickers with a Vote with your conscience message on them.

50k stickers printed up cost $2k, $6k worth of stickers will get you 150k

There is literally no way in hell to remove of 150,000 stickers in a weeks timeframe with the bulk of them 1-3 days beforehand.

150,000 stickers = 150,000 touchpoints with 3 different messages available.

We need activists to start placing them a week in advance. Put them in the airport bathrooms, EVERYWHERE, on top of trashcan lids, hotel ice machines that the delegates would be using, I don't think even an army of police and whatever the RNC and local gov could get at their dissposal could even possibly take down 150k stickers in enough time.

The opposition uses illegal tactics to suppress our message and delegates, it would only be fair and moral to do the same to advance our message. We don't need clear channel billboards. Did the founders pay to have their messages posted around town, hell no they didn't!!!

Now this would be a presence that no one could escape!!!!


I've had experience with gorilla marketing for my clothing brand (if you care to know what it is P/M me, I'm not trying to plug my bussiness) and I've only posted 10k worth of stickers in my town, let me assure you it works!!!!!

One online print vendor I've used in the past is PSprint http://www.psprint.com/stickers-labels
They are amazing and fast. But use whoever you think is the best!!!

BTW, the youth love posting stickers, it's their anti-establishment eff the system mentality, like graffiti, plus it shows we're nothing like the "bad guys" we are them, the people!!! We are everywhere!!! And it will scare the HELL out of the RNC!!!!!

JMHO, and a deep down sense that it'll work. Let me know if I'm crazy, but maybe we need a little bit of crazy.

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Stickers are fine, but respect private property!

It's simply immoral to force a property owner to either abide the presence of the sticker you placed on his property without permission or go to the trouble of removing it.

Now, "public" property, as I see it, is a different matter.... ;-)

That's true...

Yeah, posting stickers on private property might give the wrong message.


I think we sould ask Ron Paul to come to the Tampa rally in a Blimp.
Or at least Get The Ron Paul Blimp Going Again..


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Interesting idea

but I was thinking that maybe we could just print a bunch of flyers and either have them at the hotels or hand them out as people enter the convention center. If people want to make up t-shirts or something to wear around, I'd say go for it as well! But the stickers everywhere...seems rather extreme.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

sticking 20,000 Dollars worth

sticking 20,000 Dollars worth of little stickers all over a town is tacky. will look like a bunch of kids being foolish. Everyone will see the billboards.


I see your point.

I was envisioning that they would be small and not too intrusive. Also not slapped next to each other.

"Conscience" not "conscious"

I'm pretty sure you mean to say "Vote [with] your conscience" not "Vote with your conscious" ;) Might want to correct that detail before the press run!


My Mac has auto correct and I have no idea how to turn it off, LOL.

You say "The opposition uses

You say "The opposition uses illegal tactics to suppress our message and delegates, it would only be fair and moral to do the same to advance our message." -- I must disagree 100%, we should remain principled and steady after Dr. Paul's example.

However.. I don't think your stickers would actually be illegal.

As long as they don't say "Ron Paul 2012" in fine print at the bottom...


I would say it's illegal just like graffiti is. But not like having peoples hands broken and hips dislocated.

But, I don't think there is an actionable way for them to fight against it. There is no centralized group doing it and each person is doing it on a vonentary basis so they would have to prosecute each person individually. I think that would be kinda hard.