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Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump: "Your Common Law Right To Travel": Letter To State Officials!

Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump's Letter To State Officials:

"On December 10, 1985, Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump addressed a letter to the State's Director of Public Safety, Ralph Milstead, that is sure to shake up the bureaucracy. The same letter was addressed to the sheriff of every county, every police chief, and the head of every law enforcement agency having to do with traffic regulation in the State of Arizona.

Let the letter speak for itself: "It has come to my attention that numerous individuals in our state have rescinded all of their contracts with the United States federal government, the State of Arizona, and each of its political subdivisions, establishing themselves as freemen under the organic national Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America. Consequently, they may be driving without auto registration, driver's license, or any other evidence of contract.

"Because many law enforcement personnel may be unaware of the contractual nature of auto registration and driver's licenses, it is conceivable that this situation may lead to confrontation between these individuals and law enforcement personnel.

"I urge you to inform yourself and your personnel about this matter as soon as possible. If you would like to be briefed by someone knowledgeable on this subject, please contact me...

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Pretty good stuff from a knowledgeable State Senator who knew/knows the truth. To bad we don't have more of these guys around spreading the truth and freeing citizens from their 14th Amendment Slave Chains.

Here's an actual photo of the letter:


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This is truth.

Freedom is as easy as deciding to be free and then rescinding all your contracts with their respective corporations.

Don't let the name fool you - "United States" is still just a corporation. Title 28 - 3002 section 15 defines it as a "federal corporation" - it is NOT a country. It's just a McDonald's! It has no more lawful authority over you than a McDonald's... we've just been brainwashed with some SERIOUS chit...


A shame that in just 27 years it has only become worse.

Shows the power of those in authority positions to control our lives.