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Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections Layman's Executive Summary.pdf

Someone share this with Lawyers for Ron Paul Please


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I'm surprised that this hasn't gotten much more attention than it has. If this analysis is correct, it shows clear evidence of rigging the voting machines.

What a matematician says about the post:


"Unless these graphs are fabricated and do not reflect what really
happened, they constitute conclusive evidence of vote-flipping.
There is no way such graphs could be explained by random chance.

This is an extremely disturbing conclusion.
Computer scientists from Stanford University and elsewhere in the world
have campaigned already for years against electronic voting:
electronic voting as practiced today is extremely unreliable and
subject to manipulations such as vote flipping.
A specialist in this area is Prof. David Dill.
It has been demonstrated already that anyone with decent technical
skills can break in into the voting machines and do something like
what is illustrated here.
But what to the best of my knowledge has not been shown, is that this
is actually done. The current data appears to be evidence of this.
(Even though I do not know whether there is electronic voting in the
districts where these anomalies were detected.)"


Ron Paul ... forever.

Makes you wonder...

Why Obama is going out of the way to buy Spanish speaking voters. He could get them much cheaper directly from the Spanish vote counting machines!! Maybe Romney already has a monopoly on that.

Share this:


I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

the child immigrants allowed to work and stay?

If you consider that "vote buying" - this group of people are not going to become or made citizen, so they cannot vote. Only American citizen can vote in major elections including the presidential ones.

Ron Paul ... forever.

"correlation of 99%" does not

"correlation of 99%" does not make sense mathematically.

Did you mean that you ran a correlation and it explained 99% of the variance? What was the significance of the correlation? Did you do a Pearson correlation or what?

Those are the bits of information needed to understand the claims. Feel free to contact me at foontala@gmail.com and I will help



Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

garyw: I will forward this to the grassroots campaign

and suggest that they add it to the links in their press release.

Great idea.

Meanwhile, someone in NH should file a political service, using this document, against the Board of Elections. Fill out the affidavit on www.ronpaulvotecount.org that should be up any day that deals with vote irregularities.

In addition ballot box stuffing was done in N.H. As the locals say, "Who around here votes for Romney?"


More people need to see this. Take a few minutes and just look at the charts. They aren't hard to understand.

it mathematically proves that YOU are not crazy!

what a relief!

Ron Paul ... forever.

it's when you have that AHA MOMENT..

just read it to have one.

Ron Paul ... forever.

do you have friends

who are mathematicians, accountants or statisticians? Please ask for advice on the longer version.

Ron Paul ... forever.

make sure you

save the links for yourselves.

Ron Paul ... forever.

it's worth getting out of bed!


Ron Paul ... forever.


bump please keep this front page



Ron Paul ... forever.

This is huge

I don't know if this is considered a smoking gun or just good evidence for the fraud that's been taking place, but we need to share this. I am amazed but not surprised at how bad the vote rigging is.

its good... but could be simpler

this would do a lot to convince a lay person - if it were a bit more readable.

i didn't understand what was on the Y and X axis.

also i didn't understand why you were putting the small districts first.

i know its gold if i can understand it - b/c i'm pretty lay at this sort of thing!

good job though - i don't get all the details - but i think its obvious fraud

same with greece election i assume. i don't trust the newspapers or the voting machines

The vote flipping

apparently was not done in the smallest precincts. It only
becomes apparent when you arrange them smallest to largest,
because, in general there is no major change in unmanipulated vote percentages
going from small to large as the historical (pre- black box era) results show.

The evidence of the vote flipping (as I understand it) is to be seen where,
at a certain size of precinct, the percentages start to diverge in a mirror
image pattern between two candidates - reflecting a percentage of votes
being taken from one candidate and given to another. There seems to be
a greater percentage of the votes flipped as precinct size increases.

That's my take on it anyway.

BTW - in the article here:


about the Greek election they describe local people counting paper ballots...

We should have it so good.


should be printed up, all 200 pages of it and served to every county and state election board in the usa.

Thanks, needed that. Will

Thanks, needed that. Will send to local news, and hold my breath. On second thought, I won't hold my breath.

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