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Strawberry - eating from garden!


Do you like strawberries? We are eating them from our garden!

Will you enjoy a lot of vitamin C that feeds the immune system? Yes and also a sweet taste!

How is your garden going? What you like to plant?

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No garden at the moment

but with you all in spirit. And if not benefiting from Vitamin C, it nonetheless does me good just to see that beautiful strawberry patch!

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~ John Muir

Yay, a gardening thread, yay!


My Sanity Garden!

6 raised beds with potoates, yams, three types of peppers (bell, serrano and poblano) Italian parsley, cilantro, the last two cabbages from fall, red oinons, scallions, garlic, marigolds, geranium beets, swiss chard strawberries, the last of the lettuce and a plethora of containers full of squash, espalier tomatoes, three types of melons (tiger, crimson sweet and musk)all vertically grown and herbs galore! I am sure I forgot something...oh...going to seed: lettuce, leeks, scallions,beets, collards...

All organic method! YUM!

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well i have only a few herbs...

.. on my balcony, but they smelled divinely this morning when i watered them. Also cosmoses from seeds to remind me of my paternal grandmother - mint and chives are for the maternal one.

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You still have unmodified seeds?

You let the plants grow without adding chemicals?

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