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Delegate? Going to Paul Fest or Freedom Fest in Tampa? Join our Facebook Group!

Hello, I am the Ron Paul coordinator for Tampa, Florida. We have a facebook group called Tampa Bay for Ron Paul. Since many of you (probably tens/hundreds of thousands) will be coming to Tampa for the GOP Convention, we need a Facebook site to coordinate events. Please join our group! We have 800 members, many who live in Tampa and can cross-talk with you to help you coordinate needs and events.

Tampa Bay for Ron Paul - Home of the GOP Convention

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Seriously...Who Named You Ron Paul Coordinator?

...it is a fair question. Are you from a Tampa Bay Meet-up and you guys are being *hometown* RP Coordinators ... and they named you head.
That would be cool.

Just wondering who named you that.


Ron Paul Coordinator

...just for clarification, have you been named Ron Paul Coordinator by the Ron Paul Campaign? Or by some other group of Ron Paul people?

Hard to know where people are coming from lately. Am confused as I thought as far as the campaign is concerned there is one (for the public) event connected with the campaign, ie the rally.


Why do you "buy" into facebook,

when you know that it is a data mining site?

everyone BUT the delegates, that is

yeah we don't need our delegates signing up for anything until after they
vote in Tampa please.

is there

a difference between Paul fest and Freedom fest? Are they the same thing?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

They are different, paulfest

They are different, paulfest is many of the people that provided revolution march on DC with Ron Paul in 2008, the other fest has nothing to do with www.paulfestival.org All confirmed delegates and alternates get free VIP tickets to paulfest.

please spread the word!

please spread the word!