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Just released by Ben Swann on FB: Lawyers For Ron Paul taking over Paul campaign?

This was just posted by Ben Swann on his FB page (listening now):

Taking a week off to chill with my family. But this is a story I just have to put up. Lawyers For Ron Paul taking over Paul campaign?This would have to be a first...

Trying to get more info on this and I will share with you as it comes in.

I haven't seen this posted yet, so my apologies if this is a duplicate. Please let me know if it is. Thanks.


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Post The Proper Link

...(as nothing comes up) or I will have to conclude that the whole reason for this post was to once again promote the same audio we have heard over and over on the Saga of the Lawyers.

People, are you grasping at straws? If backed by Ron Paul Campaign, the list of delegates would be available to this group. If not backed by Ron Paul and 120 of our KNOWN delegates have *signed up* only word of mouth is necessary to reach all of them.

There is no reason to take over the DP. There is also no credibility in posts that *bait and switch*...or posts that begin with a juvenile "This is no joke" ... or less than brilliant efforts at diverting real questions.

I certainly hope Ben Swann DOES have something to say on the subject, but your link seems to be a bogus attempt to bait and them play the same record over again.

The Old DP..she ain't what she used to be. And I miss her. For those of you who missed Michael's word's before he left for China...the most disturbing was that subscribers (those who keep the DP alive) were leaving by droves. Ask yourself why and also what can be done about it. We had some voices of reason...seasoned people of integrity and wisdom...many of them no longer post on the DP. That is a fact.


So When Ben

...returns from chillin' with his family, he will respond. Hope he does so soon.

So...Lawyers4RonPaul are asking us to mutiny. I've never exactly been asked that before. Am still ...searching.


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The link works now, fonta.

Listening to it, now.

thanks SteveMT





I Put the above in google and it was the top result.

The original psoting:


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Thanks for that working link, liberty_


Yes i would like to see it on youtube

So if some one finds it please post it.. I cannot find it..

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I looked for the actual show link and came up

empty. Hope someone can locate it.