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Confirmed: Ron Paul Will NOT Endorse Romney! Here is Why!

This is why Ron Paul will not endorse Mitt Romney!


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Isn't it a bit misleading to

Isn't it a bit misleading to say 100% confirmed?

Mind you, I don't think Ron will endorse Romney, but it's still speculation at this point.

Isn't this guy ...

narrating this video ...

The same guy that is part of Lawyer's for Ron Paul?

Am I wrong on this?

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thanks in advance for your response.

SteveMT's picture

Clear. This makes sense. No ambiguity.

No ulterior motives, especially when none are logical.

Would our movement really

Would our movement really collapse if Ron Paul did that? I'd like to think the movement isnt revolving around one man. Granted he started it but I'm sure he would agree it isnt about him but what he created. An endorsement wouldnt be the end of the world!

I hope you're right. If Ron

I hope you're right. If Ron Paul actually does pull a majority of the delegates to win the nomination I will trololololol every MSM site I come accross.



Bump: Go Ron Paul!!!


This is a very nice start for my 2wk vacation...


Thank you for this post!