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Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour; 6/18/12

Porter Davis was on -the last half- of the third hour show today. Very good show. Helps clairify what L4RP is about. Starts at the 34 min mark.
The Power Hour airs Monday thru Friday. You can listen on GCN live or on podcasted shows 24/7.
Thanks Henry Shivley for link.


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We should do an end-run AROUND the GOP ...

... slam the Democrat/Liberal blogs and message boards to alert them to the fact that Romney is using illegal tactics to win the GOP nomination, and the Dems/Libs should be worried and get the word out because he will do the same to Obama.

Let them know it is Karl Rove and the Bush gang (whom they hate and fear, anyway) that is doing this behind the scenes and IT WILL HURT OBAMA (they don't care about Ron Paul, but they do care about Obama).

No need to "support" Ron Paul in such messages -- just let the Dems know that Mitt is a crook (which they already believe, anyway) and scare them (they go on emotion, not logic, after all) that Mitt will do to Barrack what he is doing to Ron.

Maybe, just maybe, the Dems can make this go viral. If so, Mitt is sunk.

These guys are great

Why didn't the campaign deal with this head on at all? If they were planning on bagging it the whole time, what was the point of playing nice? We get nothing by playing nice. The GOP establishment is as evil as satan himself. At the very least we could have led a charge to uncover voter fraud in this country. I would have rather spent the entire election bringing that issue to a head. I am tired of elections being rigged.

i really wish them well

but the GOP is so corrupt just can't see it happening. But once again I love a good miracle. Fight on!

Lawyers for Ron Paul - Sensational

The most sensational comments from Richard Gilbert at Lawyers for Ron Paul can be seen and heard at RONPAULONE.com

Ian Snow Carpenter


110 years stafford on ponzi

tagg and mitt in on same deal---how is that brought forward

after all hasn't the entire electorate been deprived of truth



were disenfranchised by the media conspiracy as well

if rico to be used i hope that is timely filed


Please post the website to

Please post the website to join or support the law suit going after an injunction from the judge.

Is it electionfraudremedy.com


Does Ron Paul Have A Clue What These Incompetents Are Doing?

I don't have all the details, but if Porter Davis is right about what he says, heads need to roll.

This idea that we now can file an injuction in the 9th Court may be too little too late. Alot of damage has been done since December, January and February. I hope the justice system is kind to Dr. Paul.

Unbinding of delegates to the RNC is a good move, but how many delegates did we lose because of all the fraud, lies and intitmadation..It cannot be be calculated..

Lets all hope and pray that justice will be served. Our liberty is at stake.In my mind there will be NO 2016 campaign if we don't win this now...The police state is moving too quickly to allow another four years until the next election cycle..

Here is the link to the ACTUAL FILED COURT CASE posted to the proponents and plaintiffs own website:

as well as a critical review here

Lawyers for Ron Paul is a good thing! IMHO

Win lose or draw the LFRP at least are doing something to push back at the corrupt in the GOP, I can't fault them for giving it their best, in spite of warnings from the former?? poster sara_H (perhaps morphed to another handle/s?).

Steve Dickson's picture

Porter is another lifelong Liberty champion

And he is my Alternate to the National Convention. He has been a valuable source of advice and guidance to us in Oklahoma - even when we don't agree lol. Proud to have him as my friend in the fight!

Jesse Benton good riddance.

Jesse Benton along with people he hired were incompetent. I hope that people realize that he has hurt the campaign more than he has helped. Jesse Benton I wish you the worst of luck in your future endeavors. Thank you LFRP for keeping the momentum we were able to achieve without the "official campaign".

What does all this say about the BASIC competence of Ron Paul...

that his campaign staff is making so many 'errors' in his campaign. I am calling them 'errors' and not sabotage so as to try to put the best face possible on the situation.

If Ron Paul were to actually win the election, would his presidency be something we will be proud to support, or would it rather be like Ulysses S Grant's presidency (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulysses_S._Grant_presidential_a...) in which an administration running on autopilot (remember the fallout from Ron Paul's hands off oversight of his newsletter, and what THAT cost his political momentum) makes one poor decision after another.

I am very worried that Ron Paul is just too much of a nice guy to be an effective leader. I still support him for President. I will vote for him if he makes it to the ballot. But I also remember that the revolutionary Sons of Liberty literally tarred and feathered tories; That Benedict Arnold was never forgiven for his treasonous cooperation with the enemy; and that even morally questionable actions were taken in advancing Liberty in America. Would we have what Liberty we enjoy today if our ancestors had done any less. And what would have been their reaction to Ron Paul's campaign staff's fecklessness in their day.

Rereading this I know I am overstating my case. I am just angry. But I remember that back in 2008 my good friend had a $1000 a plate dinner all arranged to support Ron Paul's election which had to be cancelled because my friend could not get any one at Ron Paul's campaign headquarters to simply PICK UP THE PHONE!

To revisit those days of the original 1776 revolution, please consider reading my good friend's essay (http://www.dailypaul.com/207362/the-declaration-of-liberty).

When, and not if (I am afraid), America soon experiences the economic chaos of hyperinflation, who will be riding the white horse then? And afterwards will Americans, like good Germans, simply say, "But we aren't responsible for what happened! How can you say anything so cruel as we are responsible for what happened!"

I hope I exaggerate the situation. And yet I fear it is not possible to exaggerate our present danger too much.

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own."
Sir Richard Burton

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This incompetence did go on for too long.

I still trust Ron Paul but you do bring up a valid point that this incompetence went on for far too long. Many grassroots people and supporters on this site have been calling out Jesse Benton for months. I pray that maybe there are details about the official campaign that we don't know about but at the moment this looks terrible on Jesse Benton and all people associated with him.

Which is why someone like Ron

Which is why someone like Ron especially needs INPUT from the grassroots which is supporting him on important issues regarding staff, appointees, etc. Although unwieldy, I'm sure some method could be found to help mitigate the potential problems. For example, the problem with Olsen has been identified.

Please follow on facebook

Dear friends, please thumbs up and share the new German base of the worldwide liberty movement! Thank you! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libert%C3%A4re-Revolution/318...

A fantastic and most informative interview

Onto to a sound victory!

The revolution is decentralizing,

which is exactly what needs to happen. A centralized movement with a few people in control is too easily co-opted or taken out by special interests. I still support Ron Paul, but I can no longer support the people running his campaign, who seem to be sand bagging him and his message at every turn.

Romney and Obama are simply different flavors of cyanide. I can not in good conscience vote for either.

This is absolutely a great

This is absolutely a great post my friend. I'm glad I found this.

It's time we all became Ron Paul.

Run for office, run for central committee, work on liberty lovers campaigns, or become an oath keeping cop.

This is our government and its time we take it back. The government is for the people, and we have been poorly represented. Enough is enough.

Oh and even if your a student in college, get into your central committee.

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm looking into what I can do at the local level that goes beyond just educating the people in my sphere of influence. It's time to take the future of our liberty into our own hands instead of letting someone else do it for us.

One hand holding a nail, the other a hammer

and you hit it on the HEAD OF THE NAIL.

Looks like this man never was in charge of an election campaign

At the end of the interview, this man complains that Jessy Benton did not go to the media to make a stink (protest) about bad treatment of RP after his first debate.

This man (Porter Davis) is a low-level quality dreamer.

You cannot simply "go to the media." Unless you have establishment connections (contacts) and a sympathetic ear, the media wont invite you for an interview (and if they do, they will prerecord the interview and edit it - remember CNN?) You cannot just rant on the phone to an editor.

Porter Once OWNED a Radio Station

But hasn't used his contacts except to blog:

What's particularly DISTURBING though is the closing line in this article/blog:

"Davis is a former Republican legislator and GOP National Convention delegate who is known for espousal of Liberarian thoughts; he has served as chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party".......

Chairman of the OK Libertqarian Party?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Libertarian Party Chairman, 1975

GOP State Representative, 1982.

GOP National Delegate and Platform Committee, 1988

GOP National Delegate 2008

Mole? Really??

I remember Porter Davis from the 2008 Ron Paul delegates!

Nice to see you are still carrying the Liberty torch!

It is good to be able to think outside the box, and for those who doubt what you said about the surveillance at the 2008 RNC, it is all true!!

Each Ron Paul delegate had one of the "black hat" squad assigned to watch them! Pretty disturbing and it seemed unreal at the time.

Another memory that burns my cookies is when they would cut the mikes when any Ron Paul votes were announces so it wasn't heard in the arena and then wasn't reported on the big screen!

It's about time something is done about this corruption!

Thank You Sir

For your timely response.

Inasmuch as I do not have great faith in Mr Gilbert, his true intentions/motives as he's demonstrated quite clearly here...
...I tend to have greater faith in your intentions/actions.

I just pray that, noble as they appear to be, they aren't manipulated towards a faulty agenda of others' design.

Thank You Again.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The campaign could have issued press releases...

...they didn't even do that.

They saw, heard and spoke no evil re: the GOP establishment's crimes. Even worse, they reinforced to the MSM's view of Ron Paul supporters as disrespectful rabble. Benton, Olson and Tate were the proverbial three chimps, er chumps, who sold out their donors for GOP establishment favor.

Ridiculous indeed.

He absolutely could have "gone to the press". There is no reason why any one of Ron Paul's senior campaign managers could not have contacted the media and set up a press conference. The left leaning media (MSNBC etc), would have had a field day with the GOP fraud that was rampant all throughout the debates.

I've heard people say many times "Ron Paul's hands were tied because he would have just looked like a sore loser". BULL!!!! As a man who has fought for liberty and truth his entire life, he would have looked like someone who was consistent in his beliefs!!

Jesse Benton and Olsen should have NEVER been involved in this campaign. I place most of the blunders of this campaign squarely on the shoulders of those men. And in the case of Trigvye Olsen.... He's nothing but a GOP RAT!!

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies".

That's ridiculous. The media

That's ridiculous.

The media was regularly covering the Ron Paul campaign at that time. Even if they weren't, MSNBC would leap at the opportunity to cover election fraud in the GOP.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

this comment

made me laugh, good joke haha