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Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour; 6/18/12

Porter Davis was on -the last half- of the third hour show today. Very good show. Helps clairify what L4RP is about. Starts at the 34 min mark.
The Power Hour airs Monday thru Friday. You can listen on GCN live or on podcasted shows 24/7.
Thanks Henry Shivley for link.


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No, he's saying that HonorGod could

make an account, called “porterhdavis”, and in that hypothetical case, people would be correct in not trusting it.
You know what? I've got a better (not-so-hypothetical) example:
It would be like the attorney for the lawsuit, the “Lawyers For Ron Paul”, Richard C. Gilbert (username: `Patriot Press_U…') coming on here and creating a second account with the username `nebolaw', and then going around telling people that he's actually the successful attorney Scott A. McMillan (office on Nebo Drive, La Mesa, CA), and giving out that man's info and state bar number, and making comments to foster the illusion that some credible attorney actually supports Mr. Gilbert, praises him even. Also suggesting that people post positive reviews for Mr. Gilbert and send him gift cards for Starbucks and Target Department Stores.

Yeah, Mr. Davis, it would be sort of like that.


It's like a never-ending rerun of this TV show:


A picture (or video) is worth a thousand words.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Correct Mr. Davis

That comment was directed at me.

Disclosure: Honorgod, Honorgod1 and Lone ★ Liberty are my 3 accounts.

Pay no attention to the trolls, they really have no valid questions or arguments. They simply act like starving piranhas. It’s actually quite fun to watch. You throw a little chum in the water and walla. They are easily distracted once you arouse the animal instinct.


I must say, HonorGod is one of our finest, long-term supporters

and is a real RP guy. You keep bravely treading this water. I support you!!!

Yep. One of our finest, you say?

Thank you for your opinion now were is that delete button? Appreciate all the bumps for this string though. Yes yes, cost and fees.... Clairication this, clarificatino that yadda yadda yadda... we saw your fanatical ranting on at least 3 other post Dartanion... Please grab your sword along with your hammer and sickle and go back to
you -2 extremely good string. You guys can wallow in pity and sorrow among yourselves as you plot the course of your next "Midnight Express" train to surfdom.

One of the movements most articulate supporters, as well, I may add.

Yeup, thank you very much

I would say that was not bad at all after being on line for 14 hrs. What an epic battle, 5 of you against "Littl-old-Me" (in a funny female southern accent, twirling an umbrella).

Yeup Not a bad battle at all. My guts still hurt a little from the stuff you all posted. Clearly the best time I had on DP since 2007.

Wow, looking forward to many more good times ahead.

P.S. I liked your PhotoShop donation screen shot of MAX donation. HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA My Son (4yrs old) could have done a better job HAHAHHAHAAAAAA A NEOPHYTE at many things I see... hahahahaaa

a little CHUM, for the water.

Ahh I see, I was wondering who

it was that Good Samaritan was talking about. You know, the coward who downvoted the comment that showed I donated the max amount of $$$ to the campaign.
And you are right about using an image editor…
to black out my n a m e.
Is your comment to be construed as saying that you think otherwise?
If so, then here Timmy, this should be fun —>
Since I know you're not one to just be talking trash on the Daily Paul, you should have no problem accepting a friendly, mano è mano bet, would ya now?
  => 25k escrowed with a 3rd party,
says you, my good friend, are full of shit.
Put your money where your mouth is, Tiny Tim…

My word little woman, hold on to your panties my little PADWAN

Lets visit one of the MOST down-voted string in DP shall we? The "lawsuit" Is Designed To Lose The Case. Currently at -26, feel free to give them some courtesy bumps…DOWN

Of course it is under “OFF-TOPIC” my suggestion is adding a option to make it OFF-PLANET. You ask the reason why? Well, lets take a joyful stroll down memory lane shall we?

Back Story: ME: retired (2010) Veteran/Officer in the Army with 27 yrs; discovered Ron Paul in 2004 when I moved to Texas; Dp member since 2007; max contributor in 2008 (money had to be returned to me); can be a bit loud, obnoxious and funny depending on the mood; have 3 accounts on DP honorgod, honorgod1 and lone ★ liberty; live north of Austin, Texas; 4 kids (4-12) and a great wife; no more military industrial work for this boy, had enough of that crap.

Lets start slow:

Disinfo #1 dis-info being circulated by a supposedley active military Fact: Retired 1 June 2020

Disinfo #2 co-opted by a bunch of "paid-by-the-hour trolls who Fact: No, You pay me. Get retirement every month, thank you. Unemployed/Retired

Disinfo #3: Repeatedly pasting the same content is spam and a violation of the TOS Fact: Twice is not spam, nor a violation. Unlike your PsyInfowarriors platoon pasting the same link to this -26 Information string down all over the place. Do I need to google all the hits on that? Nah, no time.

DisInfo #4: He also thinks all the founders are occultists, and tried to get some user kicked off for being anti-zionist Fact: I said nothing about occultist, nor did I try to have anyone kicked of. Simply stated that in order to prevent getting kicked off, the poster may want to Change a thing or two. Kicked off, really?

Disinfo #5:The Massive SPAMMING from those supporting the lawyers Is a psyop being run by a member of the military in Texas It really did start getting funny at this point: FACT: I retired on 1 June 2010 and live in Cedar Park, Texas

Of course, what else do you interject when you have no facts… How about a threat or two Fact: I have been threatened by better. Especially real men, unlike these folks.

How about a little bit of this:

Disinfo #6: I work for Darpa Fact: I don’t know about DARPA being here, but according to their leader Alex Jones, there is a Fusion operation here and it is the HQ of the Texas National Guard.

Disinfo #7 Here is how they fabricate Gilbert has two accounts read it for yourself Fact: According to the poster Scott McMillan is Gilbert in Disguise. Wow, disagree and threats and false innuendo becomes the norm with this psyops platoon.

In short, because I could go on… and on… and on, the “hit team” came out hard and almost Immediately -once the info on LFRP was posted. It was as though they knew it was coming out and waiting to launch the barrage insults, denigration and absolute LIES upon anyone that did not agree with them. It was simply amazing the veracity and “no holds barred” tactics that they engaged in. I was insulted at the factless charges they espoused. So much so, that I actually called one of the attorneys out of Florida. Anyway, feel free to visit the main string to get the full story on all of the posers on DP that are opposed to the LFRP.


No comments or voting is necessary. This is for future ease and reference of some who may actually be, what they are accusing other of.

error above

Fact: Retired 1 June 2020


I am a man ahead of his time. heheheheheee

the caliber

of your little group is amazing. "Hey guys, if you see anything posted by Honorgod, downvote it. Even if it is true or a correction, just downvote it" hahahahaaaa

Downvoted the post above that corrects an error. Amazing.

Yeup, your mind controlled clones have no ability to "think" just act. Another great quality of the "ANIMAL INSTINCT".

Who Programed you guys? I have never encountered a group like you. It is simply fascinating in its complexity.

None of those things on your “Disinfo #1-6” list are my comments

Change the “Dis Info #7” to this:
The relevant part where zsh-ninja busts the FRAUD-committing attorney for the lawsuit, occurs here:
Where he contacts the attorney, Richard is posing as. BOOM. Busted.


OMG, are you kidding me? Holy crap, it only gets better and better. You busted who? With what? and what proof...?

Hold on Mr. ZSH I need to do something.

(jumps in high speed underground rail system 30 stories below JFTX in Austin. [Cue music from pink floyds "Machine" Wish you were here album] Door opens to consult with paramilitary leader of Alex Jones and Honorgod then returns[recue the music "Machine"].

I have been informed that I have no knowledge of that link or conversation that you had about some "fax" machine. (crackle, snap, crispy) Uh, Sorry, my CAC card seems to be malfunctioning. Agent "k", you will have to take over from here.

Captured the IP address. GIMMIE A MUTHA EFFING BREAK you J-A.
Go freekin troll with your clan of bumbling foolish misfits. You are not only no match for me, your no match for anyone on this site.

Sigh…You. Are. Sooooo. Painfully. Slow.

His IP address was logged on this site right here, and should attorney Scott A. McMillan decide to pursue any legal action against Mr. Gilbert, he can, I'm sure, get a subpoena for that information. I, personally don't care one way or the other what Scott does. God help you if you can't understand what the hell is going on around you.
It's one thing to be a mentally slow. It's another thing entirely to be arrogantly deficient in the IQ dept.

PS: if you are pretending to be this annoyingly out of it, then you, my friend, deserve an Oscar in the new,
Smart-People-Who-Convincingly-Pretend-Like-They-Are-Utter-Idiots, category.


I tire of you rascals leeching the energy from my brain cells. I must now retire. But fear not, for I will return, as your shenanigans will forge forth, another day.

If we keep this up, we will be reading straight up and down.

Did I say this Lately?


You could've just been a man about it

and come out and said: “I will have to decline your wager, because I was wrong, sorry, my bad, chief”.
I can respect when someone admits their mistakes.
I do not respect self-righteous obfuscation.
Was that supposed to be your eHarmony profile?
You're from Texas and you like long walks on the beach, your hobbies include an internet-addiction, with 14-hour stretches of being on the DailyPaul forum, while your kids grow up behind your back.
Your notable quirks include, thinking that using condescending terminology from the Star Wars double-trilogy, actually makes you appear intelligent.
Your personality is best described as outwardly being possessed of a ferocious jolliness, but few people know that you have a sensitive side, and your feelings can be hurt.
When directly confronted, you like to leave long comments filled with links to petty arguments you've had with other users, all of them instigated by yourself, and none of them related to the one who challenged you, other than that they, too, disagree with you. 8(
PS: there are no attorneys with LfRP in Florida, that would be ToolsForJustice, and they are paralegals, not lawyers. The FRAUD-committing attorney, Richard Gilbert is in Orange County, CA. That's right, the Lawyers for Ron Paul is just ONE lawyer.

Birds if a feather

flatulate together. That whole string stinks to boot.

Am I remise to point out that my link contained FACTS and your response containes
1) Insults
2) ad hominem attacks
3) hyperbole
4)Just plain stupidity?

I am more than happy to retract my comment about the PHOTOSHOP image of your minor donation ($25.00 at best) to the Ron Paul campaign. Of course that won't happen in my lifetime because you DO NOT have the ability to provide FACTS that are suitable and verifiable.

Thanks for the "Chief" recognition.

What are you scared?

Why are you talking trash?
Just put your money in escrow, I'll do the same. Then, we can conference call USAA and they'll verify.

Challenge accepted? Yes or No?

Stop insulting "average" human intelligence

Of course the answer is "NO".
1) I am retired
2) my wife would kill me because it is gambling
3) wagering like this is illegal in some states
4) It would fall under the Patriot act on gambling
5) NDAA would be enacted and you and I would become cell mates (your the women of the cell in that case)

6) We both would then be used to improve some "Federal grounds" that need improvement under some stupid act that some traitors enacted

7)Even if I had money to wager, I would likely buy if for beer cause I just cannot understand the programing that was used on you guys.

egapele's picture

HonorGod, got

your back, I agree with your concerns. It appears I am outnumbered by people more "concerned" about the "movement" than me.

The Obama machine is full speed these days - not much of an enemy with Romney so they're gong for the real enemy to Obama's campaign.

WOW! Imagine that. Excuses. Who'd have thought?!

Learn to refrain from impulse-typing, if you've nothing of substance to write...


<----- Pretty rainbow colors.. 8]

Please stop acting like a walking, talking,

“Don't Do Steroids” advertisement, and if you can't restrain yourself from hitting ‘reply’ to a comment that gets your panties in a bunch, at least try to fill it with actual content and/or information of some sort.
Case in point: the above comment was not directed at you or your ego, it was simply expanding the initials ‘HG’ from the comment to which Mr. Porter was, in his comment, replying. Thus the comment was and is directed at Mr. Porter, and not you or your aliases.
For what purposes one would need 3 accounts, other than to manipulate the site's voting system, I can neither discern, nor care to speculate about, other than to say I've noticed you making comments, and then replying to them with your other accounts, almost how one might imagine a ‘Sybil’-type schizoid personality sufferer might behave.

But, then again, juice surely “does a body good”, eh HG?

I told you so


Didn't take to long for the scent of blood to migrate through the water.

The natural animal instict as I noted above and below.

I am really starting

to like you.

Interviewer did not say he was a lawyer

mentioned his educational degrees and family business, Porter Davis just said he was on executive committee, never said he was a lawyer.

I just re-listened to it.

Where the confusion is coming from is whoever made the yioutube put he was a lawyer in the info.

But the Implications

..are misleading at the very least.

I'm surprised that Joyce Riley didn't clarify this.

It is apparent that Mr.Davis is a Ron Paul Supporter...undeniable.
He needs to address this though.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

You simply don't listen well.

You simply don't listen well. No one needs to clarify anything. You need to clean the wax out of your ears.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

And Perhaps You'd Do Well To Realize

The "HUGE" Difference between:

LAWYER"S"...for blah,blah,blah

LAWYER............singular, solitary....ONE.

Is that "Tex"-Uncensored?....or are you such a "Hillbilly" that
you MISpelled..."TEXT" Uncensored??


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


Nice eye and correct. But it is not his fault.

YOU GO PORTER DAVIS and Lawyers for Ron PAUL !