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Poll: Mat Larson Still Says Ron Paul WILL Be the GOP Nominee for President, Do You Agree?

In the latest video blog from Mat Larson on youtube, he states that Ron Paul won’t be endorsing Romney, because Ron Paul will be the nominee. Despite Ron Paul and the campaign conceding that there’s no chance of Ron Paul being the GOP Nominee, do you still believe he will be? Vote in our poll @ http://libertychat.com/poll-mat-larson-still-says-ron-paul-w...

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Did You Notice?

The "Create your own poll" link at the bottom of the page.

It might be interesting for Daily Paul users to create a poll to answer some questions about the thinking of many GOP voters.


EDIT: I wonder if most people use the word "reality" to define what they believe exists and what they are hopeless about changing? Not just hopeless for themselves but for everybody.

“Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?” —Robert F. Kennedy

I suppose some people gave up after the first announced results in Iowa, or Maine, or Nevada, or Rand Paul's endorsement, etc. and decided what the "reality" was at that point and decided everyone who pushed on is delusional. Those "realities" sure changed.

Since early 2011

I have known in my heart that Ron Paul will be the next President. Nothing has changed. I always saw the final two remaining being Romney and Paul, and Romney falling at or before the final hurdle, probably by means of withdrawal at a point when it is too late for the "establishment" to do much about it.

The secret is out. What Dr Paul will be doing in 2021 after his second term as president:


But not as an absolute judgment of fact, but because the consequences of his not winning are unthinkable.

Ron will not endorse Mitt.

For any reason. Does anyone here seriously think he would?

I don't need Matt Larson or Rand or anyone to make that statement. He just would not. Anyone who truly knows and understands his philosophies ought to know that. I don't even know why the topic has come up.

I see Rand's endorsement as a stepping stone to be President in 2016. I think that what he wants. He does not want to alienate the Republican base.

Remember - Rand and is NOT Ron. He never has been. Whatever he has done is irrelevant to Ron and his campaign and the Revolution AND to Tampa.

The goal has NOT changed.

Ron Paul is My President

yes he will be nominated and elected

because I still have faith. Why else would the Gop keep fighting us at conventions? Would they worry about their platform being changed? Of course not. The establishment never struck to their limited government platform to begin with. Platform concessions is trivial. They are worried we will nominate Ron Paul and then the ponzi scheme is up. Their foul ways will be exposed to the masses and the work of the Lord will be done. God bless Ron Paul and the world. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

You have to be completely out of your mind

or completely stupid to think Ron Paul is going to be the nominee.


You are one NEGATIVE person.

You are one NEGATIVE person. Not only this post, but all your posts for someone being here 2 weeks !
This is a RON PAUL site, not RAND PAUL. If you don't have anything positive to say, say NOTHING ! The FAT LADY hasn't sung yet !


It's just the God's honest truth.

There is no way in hell that Dr. Paul is going to win the nomination.

If you think he's going to, you're in for at least a week of depression after Romney is nominated.

I'm just trying to save you some grief.

It's not going to happen. Wake up.

And the fat lady is not going to sing, either.


Hey Troll

Go away. DP people are well versed in the difficulties ahead for Ron Paul to win. This is your opinion, they way you see it, it's not Gods truth and it's not honest (unless you are clairvoyant). Not many of us really know the truth - I know I don't.

Also, not nominating Ron Paul is not going to give Paul supporters grief, it will give the country grief.

We have hope, you don't - leave the Daily Paul

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

The problem with voting the

The problem with voting the guy down is that he is saying the same thing Rand Paul said, or Jack Hunter has said. They conceded the nomination to Romney and said "the nomination process is over" and for some reason everyone loves them. But if someone else says Ron is not going to win the nomination then they are demonized.

I'm not taking a side, I don't know. We should do everything we can to get Ron the nomination. However, just because someone doesn't feel confident about it, doesn't mean we should call them trolls etc. Come on now.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Your right, but I suppose you

Your right, but I suppose you don't know much about history of people achieving the impossible because they didn't know that it was impossible.

If you are in a fight to the death, do you give up just because you think it is impossible?

You can laugh in the end and say "I told you so", but until then you might as well fade away. You are not needed.

RE: Yes your right, but I suppose you

No, he or she is needed, but just has to consider the full issue and change his or her mind.

We also need Rand Paul and

We also need Rand Paul and Jack Hunter to change their mind as well since they've conceded that "the nomination process is over". Sadly they should have been the first ones to be called "negative", "trolls" etc.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Yes, but typically

Yes, but typically intelligent people are too smart to join the crazy stupid people . . . even if there is no harm to do so.

Looking forward to Tampa/Paul

Looking forward to Tampa/Paul Fest either way

I'll just repeat what I wrote

I'll just repeat what I wrote on Matt Larson's video;

If the Paul delegation is even going to try to nominate Paul from the floor, then why did Rand Paul endorse Romney? There's a serious disconnect between the campaign and the grass roots.

Whether the campaign is for

Whether the campaign is for Rand Paul endorsing Romney or not, Rand Paul did this as Rand and not as the campaign. The campaign seems to be leaving it up in the air and Ron Paul clearly doesn't endorse Romney.

But, yes . . . there is a disconect with the grass roots and the campaign. We seem to be connected with Ron Paul ok, but we just haven't given up on him yet as being the president. I believe Ron Paul still has hopes his supporters will achieve the impossible, but for now he has to pursue a certain "practicle direction" since it doesn't look likely.

It will be interesting to see how the grass roots plays out their independence. Will they die out because of their desire for a central leader to tell them what can and can not happen and tell them what to do? Or will it grow stonger and prove many people wrong?

Of course he'll win the nomination

I do not see how he could loose at all. The force is too strong in him :)

Last week,

I asked, through the closest person to Ron Paul (you know who I mean if you read my posts), if he would accept the nomination? and he answered, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, the question was thought to be ridiculous as the answer has been the same all along.

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He? Carol is a she.


If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

What kind of revolution are

What kind of revolution are you people who have replied participating on, Are you going home, have you given uo already? I am in this for the long haul, The strategy is still in the works, the delegates are ALL anbound, what more indication do you need, you should not be conceeding, are you trolls, sent to undermine the spirit of those of us who fight left in us? That would be my guess, I have not heard one avid supporter conceed,in reality I have not heard Ron Paul conceed, and until I do I will foight, educate, communicate the message of the Ron Paul Revolution until the end, and I mean November. Because if he doesnt win the nomination, and I still whole heartedly belive he will, I will write him in. So if you lacky's don't have the moxy to stand with us until the end, then buzz-off. quit posting, go get your Robomney sign and get paid to wave your sign. But I will stand side by side with Patriots, Heaven bent on taking this country back, if not with Ron Paul then through him and his like. 'You cannot stop a revelution whose time has come."
Ron Paul 2012 No matter what. There is no such thing as throwing away your vote, unless you vote for a candidate you truly don't want.

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

I agree. I like Ron but frankly it is not up to him.

He will just have to quit if he doesn't want to be president... right after he pardons us from filing our 1040's and submitting our non-corporate small business payroll withholdings.


No, Ron Paul has himself

No, Ron Paul has himself conceded that he won't have enough delegates to win. As happens 99.99% of the time, the establishment got what it wants.

Me, I think Romney is Obama's dream opposition candidate. All Obama has to do is bring up the details of just how Romney made his money.

So I suspect the Republican Party has shot itself in the foot once again, as it did in 2008 when it picked McCain.

Why would you think that Ron

Why would you think that Ron Paul can see into the future? His knowledge of Economics and Foriegn Policy will not help him in determining the number of delegates that he will support him at Tampa. He is no better off than the rest of us in this area.

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LoL! Or Romney Bootlicker!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Keep hating on RP lol

We Admire you for signing up on this website to bash us. Lord knows I would never sign up on a Romney or Obama site, they are not a threat, guess were the threat to you;D

It is obvious that I am the

It is obvious that I am the one being bashed. BTW, I have been on the Daily Paul since 2007. You have this childish idea that I signed onto this web site to bash you. Apparently stating an obvious truth is now "bashing". Why is acknowledging reality hating RP? I hope as many Ron Paul delegates as possible go to the Republican convention, so as to try to push the party in the right direction, but have no illusions that Ron Paul will have more delegates than Romney. He'll have more enthusiastic delegates, certainly, but not more delegates.


Reality is the state of things as they actually exist not how they will exist in the future. There was a brief moment when the reality was that Romney won Iowa and at that moment anyone who said Ron Paul would eventually win Iowa was considered delusional. Then there was a brief moment when the reality was that Santorum won Iowa. Then in the end Ron Paul won Iowa and that reality has existed longer than the other two realities. If you think realities are here to stay you are delusional.
The bible often says, "and it came to pass", it never says "and it came to stay."

The reality is that a few big

The reality is that a few big wins in some modest sized states does not change the fact that Romney has enough delegates from states like New York, California, Florida, Texas and so forth to win the nomination. During the convention you will have the opportunity to see which of us is delusional. It won't be me.

Why do you people keep saying

Such demonstrably false things as Ron Paul has conceded he won't have enough delegates? This is just nonsense. I am thinking you have serious reading comprehension problems.