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And so it begins...I've spotted the first Romney sticker.

I'm in my bedroom and I look out my window to find a horrific spectacle. My neighbor is displaying the first-ever Romney sticker on his car that I've ever seen or even heard about.

Pic: http://i.imgur.com/jQJeX.jpg

This confirms my fears that people will back Romney even if uncertainly because they're determined to get Obama out of the White House. This is in Texas, people. You know, the place that we were sure had voter fraud because surely us Texans would vote for another Christian Conservative Texan (Paul) over a Mormon Progressive.

I can't say I'm surprised. My neighbors are extremely nice people, but the fact that they are Christian and their son served in the military are probably responsible for the reasons they'd rather vote for a neo-con than a Constitutionalist.

On another note, I thought maybe I'd make a car magnet that "popped" to try and get more attention. What do you guys think? Pic: http://i.imgur.com/dgpxg.jpg (Notice: The drawing of Paul was not created by me, I just rendered it. It was created by Warren Louw, an extremely talented artist. http://warrenlouw.deviantart.com/)

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The font

I really don't like the font on your RP sticker. Looks like a moron did the handwriting.
Sorry. Find something a little classier.

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Any ornothologists?

Sounds like the sighting of a rare bird.



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the ONLY Romney bumper sticker I have seen was TAPED to the

Inside back window of this car sporting "don't tread on me" Yellow stickers and one of those Countdown to Obama's last day in office bumper stickers. Clearly a TEApartier who will vote for "anyone by Obama".

at our GOP meeting Thursday night they will be handing out Romney Bumper stickers. I plan on getting one and an Obama bumpersticker. I will be putting them BOTH on my back window with and EQUALS SIGN BETWEEN THE TWO. (got the idea from someone here at DP who said they saw this on the road one day)

My Ron Paul bumpersticker will remain steadfast in it's proper position on my bummer.

Well i'll be proudly driving

Well i'll be proudly driving from WA to TX with 2 big magnetic Ron Paul signs in the sides and a Ron Paul magnatic bumper sticker in the back. Its just a matter of weeks now for the move. President Paul!!


That Mitt bumper sticker was photoshopped right? We all know nobody ACTUALLY supports him other than Goldman Sachs...

Good level though!


and I am delighted to have spotted Ron Paul bumper stickers here in Sonoma County

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Check copyright

I'm sure there's a copyright on the RP image. You might want to check that out before using it to produce anything other than for yourself.
The artist created one of the nicest RP images I've seen. It looks like it belongs on Mt.Rushmore.

Yes, definitely I will.

I'll be contacting Warren about it before I use it. But it will only be for personal use, not commercial.

He's the most amazing digital artist I've EVER seen.

My statement would be to put

My statement would be to put a Romney sticker on my car and then cover all but the first three letters with a Ron Paul sticker making it obvious you are saying support Ron Paul over Romney.

You could do the same with an Obama sticker.

northstar's picture

As one says

..."youtube or it didn't happen" LOL

Edit: I see the pic now, yuk! lol

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That sticker and Texas don't mix. Your neighbors are misguided by their own moral cowardice. We'll just have to turn this over to God and press on. Get your precinct election results and start collecting afadavits.

I like your sticker!

I am taking it!!!

Please do!

I was planning on using some website to turn the design into magnets for cars.

Enjoy =)