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Are you tired of being a 14th Amendment "citizen" that's bound to "statutes" and not Laws? If so, you might want to read this:

Then perhaps you need to send back your Certificate of Live Birth and protest it as a constructive fraud with intent to enslave you and unjustly enrich the STATE, along with a new Declaration of Status and allegiance to the Republic state in which you live, not the Flag, but the "REPUBLIC".

Denounce the implied contract and sever it. Even a former Arizona State Senator recognized that sovereign state Citizens were relinquishing their purported gov't contracts and warned other state officials of such:

Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump Letter

NOTE: These are my opinions and not legal advice, but rather put here for discussion and not meant to be taken as fact. Do your own due diligence, and add to the discussion if you so wish.

Here's the simplest way to get out of their 'system' and reclaim your state citizenship: Declare your sovereign status and send back the one document that originated the fraud:

Your Certificate of Live Birth is that one document that was a constructive fraud perpetrated by the STATE against you without your consent as an infant, and it was presented to your mother with fraudulent intent to begin with.

You mother signed the Live Birth Record as an informant and using her maiden name, which was admission that there was no father (a bastard child that's a ward of the state), which gave the STATE permission to administer the Estate, since there was no father/Executor of the Estate, even if the father was present at the time of the birth.

When your mother and father created the Record of Live Birth, they were the Grantor's who appointed the STATE as the Trustee of the Trust Agreement. The STATE pulled a fast one; split the title and sent back "ANOTHER and DIFFERENT" document known as the Certificate of Live Birth, in which they created, and he who creates owns. By doing this, they were now the Beneficiaries of a Trust they created for you ....... They were no longer the Trustees; they are now the Beneficiaries; the old Switcharoo! Now the parents become the Trustees, and the Trustees primary job in any Trust agreement, is to make as much money as possible for the Beneficiaries or Shareholders of said Trust. Hopefully I'm explaining this correctly, if not I'm sure the comment section will be quite helpful below :)

Who knows, maybe we can Dean Clifford himself to chime in here. He seems to know more about our laws than most of us and sure has a way of making it simple.

But they never told you that once you became of legal age, you could now step into your proper role as the Executor/Beneficiary. Here's where we switch from Trust Law to Corporate Law, and the former Executor becomes the Director who sets corporate policy and the government becomes the Trustee, who's primary role is to make sure the Shareholders get the largest return possible for their money.

You should look up Dean Clifford's Trust Law Seminars on YouTube and start by watching the one called "Both Sides of the Story" to fully understand your relationship with government; the birth certificate, etc.

The Record of Live Birth was sent to the STATE where it was then registered (not recorded, but registered). The STATE split the title and sent back a Certificate of Live Birth in the mail, which by the way is against the law; it's the conveyance of a security instrument through the mail, but we accepted it; we didn't know any better (we were infants), and neither did our parents.

It's important to note: The Live Birth Record is a permanent legal record; it's a recording of an event (your birth). The Certificate of Live Birth is an extract from that document, stating something (your birth) was registered ...... two totally different things!

They tell you not to use this "Certificate" as a means of Identity, but we do it anyway. Why? Because we are basically forced to by every government institution in this land. And for those that say we are not forced to, you are somewhat correct, but the truth is, that the public perception by all gov't and state employees, is that you "must" produce this document to receive services/licenses/registrations, etc. The public pressure is overwhelming; you're an outcast of society if you can't/won't/don't produce this document. This is a fact!

It's a constructive-brainwashing FRAUD on society.

Want a Drivers License? Then you must produce your Certificate of Live Birth.

Want a Social Security Card? Then you must produce your Certificate of Live Birth to fill out the SS Application.

Want a checking account? Then you must produce your drivers license and/or social security number, which you can't get without a Certificate of Live Birth.

Want your child to play little league baseball? Then you must produce a Certificate of Live Birth.

And the list goes on and on and on and on.

So basically you've been raised and groomed in a system of bondage and government slavery since you hit the dirt crying. Births before 1921 I believe were recorded in the family Bible, then along came the foreign corp US and their constructive fraud-plan to enslave the future labor of all Citizens as collateral.

The entire concept of the Certificate of Live Birth is a constructive fraud perpetrated against each and every one of us by the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES. That one document is the fraud that is used to bind you into other contracts with the foreign corp US; it is in fact the first link of the chain you will now build around your very own neck, followed by other links to that chain, such as the drivers license, the social security card, the selective service registration, etc.

Live Birth Record - Certificate of Live Birth - Drivers License - Social Security Card - Slavery and Taxes.

Since the Certificate of Live Birth is a constructive fraud meant to do nothing more than enslave you from it's inception, all other documentation acquired by use of that fraudulent document are NULL and VOID ........ End of Story!

What did you acquire with the acceptance of the Certificate of Live Birth? Not one thing, other than slavery. You already had your Inherent Rights; granted by God. But with the acceptance of the Certificate and future use as identity for the purpose of acquiring a drivers license and social security card, now you have nothing to show, except an obligation(s).

The only benefit we get is their Administration of our affairs, nice benefits package wouldn't you say?

What benefit did they (corp US) get from issuing us that document with fraudulent intent?

Can you say "Unjust Enrichment"? That one document was presented and delivered for one purpose and one purpose only:

To begin the paperwork and process of your enslavement, period! It was the greatest of all magic tricks; the greatest deception the world has ever know ... a creation of Lucifer himself in my opinion.

Perhaps we should send that Certificate of Live Birth to our respective state Attorney Generals and Secretary of States and protest it as an constructive fraud, with malicious intent to enslave us, and enrich the STATE?

Every license, registration, certificate, we've received by use of that document is NULL and VOID on it's face, and yes, that includes the dreaded Social Security Card/Number.

I wonder what would happen, or what the response would be if an affidavit of truth and protest was sent to the state government officials in protest of this Certificate of Live Birth?

Could they rebut your claim, point by point in 21 days? And if they can't rebut your claim, or choose not to, isn't that an agreement between two parties; and if you have an agreement between two parties, isn't that now law?

Doesn't an un-rebutted affidavit stand as law? I think it does.

I don't know about you, but when I went and took a drivers test to obtain a 'drivers license'; and when I went to apply for a 'social security card', using my Certificate of Live Birth, I was not fully aware of the repercussions of this action. The truth was not presented to me that I was signing away my sovereignty and becoming a taxed slave/employee/person/corporation in commerce that's now arbitrarily bound by UNITED STATES rules/regulations and statutes.

I did not know that this act alone would negate my Inherent Rights that are protected by the Constitution of the united States, and all of a sudden provide me with "granted rights and privileges"; subject me to an income tax, etc.

When every single person from my parents to my high school and college instructors; state police; state officials etc. gave me the impression that I "must" use this Certificate of Live Birth to acquire a drivers license, little league membership, social security card, checking account, etc. I took them for their word, I believed it was in good faith, and not one of them ever told me the true repercussions and obligations that were attached to the use of this document. I was never taught in school; the highway patrol never explained this to me when I went to take a driving test; the tag agency never told me this when they issued my drivers license and on and on.

These facts in their entirety were not brought to my attention; they are not listed in easy to read or plain language on any of those applications, and we were not told that by signing this, you are:

1. Giving up your state/National Citizenship.
2. Are now considered to be an employee of a foreign corp US.
3. You will now be subject to an income tax.
4. You no longer have Inherent God given rights.
5. You will now be granted your rights and privileges by the STATE.
6. You no longer have a right to travel, it's now a privilege.
7. You will now be considered and enemy of the STATE.
8. We are using your Record of Live Birth as surety.
9. This is a unilateral "implied" contract, we won't sign it.
10.The Registrars Seal means your Estate is now in Probate
11.The STATE now considers you a DEAD person; fictitious entity.
12.You must now obey all our rules/regulations/statutes.
13.If you fail to obey, we will fine or imprison you.
14.You are now responsible for the governments debt you loaned us.
15.You are now considered a ward of the state, incompetent.
16.You are now subject to the Crown and all her glory.
17.You must ask permission to grow a garden, build a pond, etc.
18.You must acquire a license for anything and everything with a fee.
19.You will grant us authority to rape and pillage your bank account.
20.You are now a slave-taxpayer and we will take 25% of your income.
21.There is nothing but obligation attached to this document.
22.You are now considered a trustee of your own Estate.
23.A judge will now presume he's the administrator of your Estate.
24.An attorney, judge, prosecutor all work for the STATE against you.
25.A court of Law is now a shareholders meeting against your Estate.
26.All crimes will now be considered commercial.
27.You no longer have common law rights.
28.You can't bring the Constitution into a court as defense.
29.You are now considered property of the STATE.
30.From this day forth, you are a SLAVE-SLAVE-SLAVE, so help you God.

31.You don't really have to sign this contract; it does not benefit you in any way-shape or form. It's only intent is to trick you into voluntary servitude and rob you for the rest of you life; to take your Inherent-God given rights and replace them with "granted rights and privileges". To have authority over your every decision; thought, or action from this day forth; to tax you into oblivion; steal your home, your car, your money, your freedom and pursuit of happiness. To take your right to a fair trial and instead put you at the mercy of a BAR attorney and Judge, and State Prosecutor who are all receiving money from the STATE as pay (your money mind you), which is a conflict of interest, but that's the price you're going to pay if you ever in a million years wish to play little league baseball; get a checking/savings account; get a social security number and basically be able to function in society (Insert Horror Movie Draconian Voice Here) ... Haaaaa-Haaaaa-Haaaaaaa-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I smell the blood of 'citizen' said the monster/STATE.

Evil Laugh ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVY1-v97Mic&feature=related

ME: Who the F***K would sign up for some BS like this if they understood the true "nature" and "intent" behind it????

Yeah, me neither! It's a lie; it's a constructive fraud, period!

It was not brought to my attention that a constructive fraud was being perpetrating before my very eyes. I thought I could trust my so called government not to force me into a slave contract by way of fraud and deceit. I was taken advantage of by a system that had I known the repercussions of my actions, I would have never volunteered for this, who in their right mind would?

I wonder if one could draw up their own Declaration of Status, stating they are not 14th Amendment United States citizens; they are non-residents to the foreign corp US; but instead an American/state National; they are not employees of the foreign corp US (unless you are receiving a paycheck from them), and therefor not required or obligated to their (foreign corp US) rules, regulations, and statutes? That unless he/she is receiving a payment for their services, they are not performing a function of government; not operating through that 'title', and therefor not under any obligation to follow rules of that corporation?

Also including a FEE SCHEDULE in your Declaration, that states: Since you folks created this "title" for me; and are under the presumption I'm operating through that "title" in the capacity of a government employee 365 days a year, and you're presuming my home is an office; and I'm the occupant of that office, if you want me to do anything other than sit on my a$$ and watch the Flintstone's all day, then my price to perform in that capacity within that office is $500,000.00 dollars an hour. If you want me to file a tax return; fill out any applications; show up in your statutory courts, etc. I'll need payment up front for my services, since you people apparently can't pay your bills and can't be trusted, once I receive payment in full, I'll be more than happy to carry out any function of government you insist on. I have a one hour minimum, so if it only takes me 17 minutes to fulfill my duties, you agree to pay me the sum of $500 Thousand. If it takes me 61 minutes, then you agree to pay me the sum of $1 Million Dollars USD and so forth.

Then record that Declaration in the county recorders office. Run an add in the county seat newspaper as serving proper public notice (due process of law) for 3 consecutive weeks, then record the affidavit of publication the paper sends you in the county recorders office; then republish another add in the county seat newspaper stating it again for 3 more consecutive weeks. Isn't this serving proper-public notice?

Note: Check your states public notice laws for required time of running a county seat add to fulfill due process.

Also in your Declaration, make it known that you are not DEAD; that you are alive. The Certificate of Live Birth has a Registrars Seal and Signature. The Registrar is the court of Probate, and Probate only deals with the Estates of the DEAD. Why would the STATE split the original Record of Live Birth 'title' and send you back a death certificate? Could it be because they are using that original document as a security instrument; borrowing money against your future labor to pay off public debt? ..... If so, FRAUD on it's face!

I think people tend to forget one thing: When the government took away our ability to pay off a debt by stealing our gold; they took possession of the gold, and He who has the gold makes the rules, right?

But, He who has the gold, also "pays the bills". They (foreign corp US)owe us a lot of money; we don't owe them anything, unless you are employed by them, then you owe them taxes, but for state Citizens who are not employees of the foreign corp, they are owed the taxes the foreign corp is collecting from their employees as usage fees for using our lands and natural resources.

That is the meaning of "public debt"; they are indebted to us; they stole our gold and are using our Record of Live Birth as a means of making money with our future labor; we are the lender, they are the borrower. They devised a deceitful scheme to suck us into their foreign corporation to pay their debt by issuing us a Certificate of Live Birth, then telling us we must have a drivers license; that we must get a social security card (#) to function in society; to get a checking account; to play little league sports; to get insurance, etc.

It was an evil and deceitful plan to sucker you into employment; an employment contract of sorts. The only problem is, we never sit down and negotiated the "terms of my employment". How much am I getting paid; what are my hours; what's my medical/dental insurance incentives; do I get a company vehicle, paid sick days; how many days off for holidays, is that with pay? What's my yearly performance bonus? Where's my value in this deal? What benefits am I receiving other than a "promise to pay me later" with gold, police or fire services, hospitalization, etc. I don't work for free or a "possibility" of a future benefit; do you?

A contract can only be a contract if there is valuable consideration. What value did we receive by accepting the COLB other than obligations on Inherent Rights we already had? What value did they receive?

Could it be "Unjust Enrichment by way of Fraud and Deceit"?

You should listen to Dean Clifford explain it a little better in his recent talkshoe appearance on Angela Stark's radio program, here ...

Skip forward to about the :50 minute mark, as Dean showed up a little late.


Every contract you've entered into by using the Certificate of Live Birth, is NULL and VOID, and that includes the Social Security Slave Card/Number .... All the way back to the day you received the Certificate of Live Birth in the mail.

But only if your protest it. Silence is acquiescence and failure to dispute a fraud is acceptance.

NOTE: If you're a government employee reading this (IRS, DEA, CIA, FEMA, FBI, etc.) you've got to be scratching your head about now saying "WTF?" I had no idea of this; I had no idea my little Johnie or Jamie are now wards of the STATE; that because I sent in that Record of Live Birth, I unknowingly enslaved my child; subjected them to future taxes, rules and regulations. Subjected them to unfair trials by BAR Attorneys, Judges and STATE Prosecutors who are all being paid by the STATE with one common goal in mind: To tax/fine/imprison my little child to further enrich the STATE. That I unwittingly signed my child over to the STATE with the Birth Certificate and Marriage License; that the STATE now considers my little Johnnie or Jamie their own personal-private property/tax slave.

If you weren't aware of this by now, welcome to the club Special Agent Johnson.

If you were aware, I don't know how you people sleep at night knowing your complicit in this fraud of enslaving your own brothers and sisters on American soil; working for the Crown as a Foreign Agent with one purpose: To help beat up and imprison your own people for a measly STATE issued weekly paycheck. Is $500/week worth your soul?

Dean says don't spend all this time jumping through gov't BS paperwork and hoops. Forget all the Patriot UCC-1 filings (it's their paperwork your using to get free, how much freedom do you think it really provides?).

Denounce the sole document that started it all, the Certificate of Live Birth and every contract you ever signed using that document as Identification is NULL and VOID. That's where the fraud started, and that's the head of the snake, so cut it off and be done with it. If they have no contract, they have NO JURISDICTION!

Let the discussion begin!

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But you have not done it

So how can you tell other people to do it...

Why don't you try it first, do it for a full year and then report back and let us know what benefits and struggles you experienced. Until then it is all just abstract

Gotcha Birdie :)

I knew you were a troll birdie. Nothing but distractions and nonsense; no proof to the contrary on any of the points above, just another troll sent to cause confusion and distortion.


Still waiting on those proper rebuttals birdie; snide remarks and cheerleaders down voting my posts are not proper rebuttal birdie.


Where's my Fly Swatter?

What exactly are you waiting

What exactly are you waiting for? Someone to prove that you're not a complete idiot? I hope you have the patience of a saint

Are you still Trolling my posts Mr. Disinfo Agent?

You have no idea what I have or have not done in my personal capacity. I also stated this thread is my opinion and an suggested others add to the discussion as noted here:

"NOTE: These are my opinions and not legal advice, but rather put here for discussion and not meant to be taken as fact. Do your own due diligence, and add to the discussion if you so wish." [End Quote]

Trust me McFly, I'm doing my part, are you?

Or are you just hellbent on making it your personal business to dig up any thread I've started and leave a derogatory comment to make yourself feel better?

I've got an idea McFly: How about you prove me wrong instead? The entire thread is about contesting the Certificate of Live Birth as a constructive fraud, so how about you cough up some evidence that it is NOT a constructive fraud and lets see where it goes from there?

Certainly you have some proof to the contrary, or you wouldn't have made this post, right?

NOTE: It really is strange, that every time you leave a derogatory comment on one of my posts or comments, within 3 seconds it already has two up-votes, and other comments I may have acquired 2 up-votes on, always seem to go back to zero or minus one.

Do you have a sidekick? I can see him now: Bouncing around under you like that little cartoon dog that always followed the big Bull Dog around, saying "Yeah-yeah boss, you get him", "we're really going to show them who's who around here now" .... LOL

Bow-Wow :)


No sidekick, these are just readers voting on comments. You do get the downvotes almost immediately, I credit that to the super fast Internet highway and the large volume of traffic on the dp. That means that people read your rediculious comments right away and then immediately downvote them. There is something to be said about that...

It's most likely the content of your post. Please do not mistake the use of the word content as to infer you actually have a point or valid comment, I am simply using the word to describe the clutter you put in the reply box.

Quick, go grab 20 definitions of the word content from some abstract Wiccan dictionary and tell me that I just proved you right somehow...

As for proving you wrong, you just do not get this burden of proof thing


And again, nothing but snide remarks and zero to add to the

conversation. I'm sorry your parents left you at daycare all those days, but don't take it out me.

As soon as you post some verifiable evidence that my post is false, we'll be getting somewhere; and for the record: I hope you do provide some proof that this information is false, because you will have pointed me and others down the proper path; so please, bring forth your rebuttal, black ink on white paper birdie.

Show me the money, or "f-buzz" off McFly; that's actually very fitting, I like that hat on you birdie, you look swell :)

Again, I've posted a lot of info, and you've yet to rebut it with PROOF, so therefor, you must agree :)

Slandering and mocking and all your cheerleaders down voting my posts, are not a proper rebuttal. I know you don't understand the law, and therefor, I must take your ignorance of the law into consideration upon your future posts.



True and accurate but

When it comes to declaring your God given human rights in a legal setting, the gov't will simply declare your points as invalid as UCC arguements have been "deemed" "frivolous".
In other words, the truth has been so obfuscated and obstructed we the people have very few choices left. Time to take our country and our freedoms back.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

Those aren't UCC arguments; not even close.

You cannot use their "UCC" Paperwork to get yourself out of 'their system'.

They can't declare my Inherent Rights invalid. If there is no contract, there is no jurisdiction, period.

The whole system is setup on and running off of Trust and Estate Law.

The "Certificate of Live Birth" was and is a constructive fraud, meant to enslave you and unjustly enrich the STATE.

And if you know what you're doing, you can sure as h3ll prove it in court, by showing up with that document; waiving it in the air and asking one question:

"Who gave you written permission to Administrate this Estate?"

Watch what happens :)

Parens Patriae :

This is the "philosophy" used to explain the arrogation of power in these matters.

Parens patriae is Latin for "parent of the nation." In law, it refers to the public policy power of the state to intervene against an abusive or negligent parent, legal guardian or informal caretaker, and to act as the parent of any child or individual who is in need of protection. For example, some children, incapacitated individuals, and disabled individuals lack parents who are able and willing to render adequate care, requiring state intervention. In U.S. litigation, parens patriae can be invoked by the state to create its standing to sue; the state declares itself to be suing on behalf of its people. For example, the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act of 1976 (15 USC 15(c)), through Section 4C of the Clayton Act, permits state attorneys general to bring parens patriae suits on behalf of those injured by violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act.


The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Quite a read, but thank you

Quite a read, but thank you for writing it. I've been interested in this subject for a year now and I've been reading about it off and on and sometimes it makes my head spin.
I'm fairly open-minded, so I could see this as being plausible. And if so, I want to cut my ties with these financial crooks who attempt to steal from people in the lowliest ways I could never imagine.
My one question is if I cut ties with their system what would be some issues that could happen. I could only think that perhaps an alert could be put out on me and I could be declared some kind of security problem and disappear without any protection from their so-called "rights" seeing as I wouldn't be considered a citizen maybe they could throw me in a jail indefinitely and beat the living stuffing out of me. Of course the time is coming where this is going to be a problem for anyone, haha. And I'm sure if anything my inalienable rights would be superior to any of their rules, but the Constitution provides very little defense against acts of force/violence against me from such a large organization of criminals.
As outraged as I would be if this were all true I'd like to keep a low profile until I could figure this all out and make a decision as to where to go in addressing this.
Any information as to how it would affect my life if I were to remove myself from their system entirely would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

tOmmy, I apologize for not answering this sooner, the post did

not get much attention because it got moved from either "Current Events" or the "Liberty Forum" if I recall, down to the dreaded pits of h3ll called "Off Topic".

Seems everyone is too busy chasing their tails on "other" remedies, or remedies like fighting the criminals in their own statutory courts, using their statutory codes and case law, that they can't see the bone right in front of their very faces; the "Certificate of Live Birth".

You know, some things are just too easy to be of any use to people. If it doesn't require 2000 hours of paperwork; 18 UCC filings; 400 affidavits; 12 attorneys, and a partridge in a pear tree, it's just to simple and there's just no way it could possibly work ... LOL

How do you teach a child 2+2=4 when he started his mathematical education in Trigonometry or Calculus?

That's the problem with all these folks searching for remedy: They read all this patriot and lawyer-eese out there; spend hours and hours reading court cases and blogs; opinions, etc. and their heads get scrambled with a bunch of extra curricular BS they don't need.

Okay, back to your question:

There's this thing called due process of law, and law is everywhere. And people who violate the law, whether it be common law or statutory law are subject to fines/imprisonment/loss of bonds, etc.

So lets say you file a Declaration of Status, announcing your allegiance to the Republic state in which you live or were born, and contest the Certificate of Live Birth as a Constructive Fraud to unjustly enrich the State, to the Secretary of State and the State Attorney General, and whoever else you can think of. And you've fulfilled due process of law by making proper public notice and recording it in the county recorders office. You've done everything you can think of to make these people aware that you are onto their fraud and do not care to participate in it, anymore ... You are done!

What can they do to you? Everything is contracts; all crimes are commercial; the UNITED STATES is not a government, but a foreign corporation. The only way those statutes apply to you and I, is if we are employed by that corporation; we are receiving a paycheck on the 1st and 15th; they have proof of pay records that they've been paying you to perform some function of government, or to perform some duty under that title or through that Office.

When you make the money you make on a weekly basis, are you performing some function of government? Are you fulfilling some task, operating in the capacity of an foreign corporation agent or employee? If so, you'll just have to follow those statutes; it's their corporation, they make the rules, and you will comply or there are fines/jail/imprisonment, etc.

If some policeman (foreign corp agent) arrests you for not having a drivers license or insurance and drags you to jail, and you've done all you need to do, to confirm your political allegiance to the Republic state in which you live or was born, then when you get out of jail, you can bring him/her up kidnapping charges.

Check out Rod Class's talkshoe.com radio shows, and listen through the archives. His caller ID is 48361 or you can search for AIB RADIO on talkshoe.com to get to his page.

Law is law my friend. The whole world runs on laws. If you violate their laws or statutes, you pay the price. If they violate your laws and political allegiance, they pay the price.

People win lawsuits against the STATE or Federal Government everyday. These people are just that: People. People who have jobs as attorney's, judges, Sec. of State, Governors, Senators, Congressman, Police Officers, etc.

They take Oaths; they have bonds, and they don't want to jeopardize their bonds or employment anymore than you and I by getting caught red handed trying to violate your rights or push a constructive fraud upon you without full consent and valuable consideration.

Know your rights, or better yet, your God given "Inherent Rights" and you'll be fine. Do your own due diligence; study up on this stuff; go watch the Dean Clifford Trust Law seminars, etc.

I'd start with Dean's YouTube videos of his seminars; then check out some of Rod Class's stuff on talkshoe.com

There's a lot of patriots out here that have done TONS of research; studied statutory and constitutional law; written 400 page sovereignty documents; sell all kinds of BS. I've seen it all, and none of it touches the "CORE" issue of the problem.

And that core issue is the "Certificate of Live (I mean Death) Birth" with a Registrars signature on it.

If you are alive and well as the doctor stated when they signed the original "Record of Live Birth", then why in the H3LL would the STATE send you back a document that says the estate is in, or has been in Probate? If the Registrar is the Court of Probate, and Probate only deals with Estates of the Dead, then why are you, the living man using a Dead persons Certificate of Death for identification?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

But what can i do?

How can i obtain a record of live birth? is it possible in Colorado?

Very Possible

If there was a record of your birth you should be able to acquire a copy of it very easily.
Just do an Ixquick (online search engine) search for "record of live birth" and your state - I believe it's also called a long form birth record. Do not get it mixed up with a certificate of birth (i.e. a birth certificate) that's the thing that gets you into the mess to begin with.

It should be as easy getting the copy in Colorado as it is any other state.

I was also thinking that even the record of birth is unneeded, if someone is getting you mixed up with a strawman then that means they got the wrong person. As long as you do not sign any agreements and verbally consent to anything (do not say "yes" to any authority, even if they say "do you understand?") then you should be good with the law (remember the 5th amendment means you have the right to stay silent; silence is not agreement!) - YOU ARE A FREE HUMAN WITH INALIENABLE RIGHTS WITH OR WITHOUT A COPY OF YOUR RECORD OF BIRTH! Just by existing and living you have great authority over all injustice!