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Woman’s Survival Garden Destroyed By Tulsa Authorities

Code Enforcement in Tulsa Oklahoma tear apart a woman's garden in the backyard because of an anonymous complain. This is UN Agenda 21 at the city level.


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Just sickening!

Thanks for sharing this.

Too many don't understand what the 2010 Food Safety and Modernization Act is really about!

fiddle dee dee

this is what pure democracy looks like, mob rule

and when your neighbors suck

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"This is UN Agenda 21 at the city level"

And it's the city level where we have to fight. Regardless of which state you are in, these type codes are likely already on the books. Our job is to get them off the books, and prevent them from being enacted.

Undo what Wilson did

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I hope she has some legal help.

She has a right to face her accuser in order to establish probable cause. An anonymous accuser won't fly. There are likely plenty of other due process issues as well.

Undo what Wilson did



there's a few states i would never live in

Oklahoma is at the top of that list. only been there once for a few days but i have read many many horror story's out of that place. any state that will give you life in prison for growing a few hemp plants has got serious issues.

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