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Ron Paul on CNN - Wolf Blitzer 6/19/12 - "No way" would I endorse Mitt Romney

Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer) just tweeted:

"I've invited @RonPaul to join me live today in @CNNSitRoom at 4PM ET & want your input. What would you ask him? Thanks"


Here is the link to watch CNN live online, courtesy of emalvini: http://www.zahistation.co...

Remember that if you want Wolf Blitzer to actually see your question(s), tweet it to him, don't just post it on here (maybe everyone posting it here is tweeting it too, just wanted to make sure). :)

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Rule breakers in the primary

are of no interest to Wolf Blitzer. He's looking for ways to embarrass Ron Paul.

Thank you, Dr. Paul

for enlightening and fighting until the end.

Viva liberty!

I knew it but it

is still so good to hear.

Character and integrity matter - no taking one for the team propaganda for Ron Paul.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

I love how quickly Ron

I love how quickly Ron responded "no way" to Blitz. No hesitation.

Romney is screwed. If Ron does nothing Romney fails.

Romney is completely dependent on Paul's endorsement unless the media throws Obama under the bus with regards to Eric Holder and obama's gun-running operation.


Dick blitzer failed

Dick blitzer failed to ask Dr. Paul if he plans to "undermine" MR at the convention...or is that how the main stream subversively does; by asking a series of questions to Dr. Paul.

Blitzer to RP: "Has MItt Romney won fair and square?"

RP: "I have no reason to say that he cheated...factions will do certain things to make their party look better...blah..blah". Note this question wasn't specifically limited to Romney's actions. This question called for nothing short of an emphatic, "ARE YOU JOKING, WOLF? If this isn't election fraud, then you tell me, WOLF, what does election fraud look like?" Followed by a list of examples.

RP, Regarding the lawsuit: "We fell short...Not extremely so...Hasn't motivated me to file a lawsuit...If they ask my advice I'm going to say 'Don't'."

Dishonest, lame answers. RP repeatedly undermines the very people who've busted their balls and ovaries for him. He also often refers to the bad guys as people with "good intentions." None of this is honest. Very disappointing.

Answers are not the best way to fight establishment.

I agree with you an extent. RP's answers really did nothing to expose establishment, but infact cover up for them by saying they do not cheat and are honest, good people who just have bad policies.

no such thing. those people are very smart as well and personal bad intentions lead to favoring bad policies. the two go hand in hand. obamaney know what they are doing and the damage they are inflicting. so that inflicting of damage should not be called 'good intentions'. clearly, all their policies are bad from the start and any decent, honest analysis would show that.

i doubt the obamaneys of the world and their supporters are so dumb that their analysis was always wrong and bad.

people need to wake up. and they will not be awoken when they are told that their leaders are working in good intention.


Have you told your parents that you're gay?

That's a popular middle school joke. The question isn't "are you gay?". The assumption is that you're gay and the only thing left unknown is have you told the parents yet?

Same with the question , " are you ready to endorse Romney yet?" as if it's something he has to do.

The good doctor can beast the main stream media because they're acting like middle schoolers!

Ron Paul is so right.

"No way" "What good would it do?" You guys picked up on the best two words to put in the title of this post. Thanks.

Speaking spot at the convention

Why does RP keep saying that he isn't getting a speaking spot at the convention. I thought he received the 5 wins needed.

Sustainability: http://www.compostforsale.net

Muslim brotherhood?

I dont disagree w paul much, but saying the brotherhood gets a bad rap? The brotherhood is known for Christian persecution...

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Muslim brotherhood

Sry to bump my own comment, but im really curious

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

When He Say *The* Al Qaeda

....instead of just Al Qaeda like most people do I like to think that he is referring to the real agitators ie CIA/Mossad. He is bound to know the real history of Al Qaeda...as well as the literal arabic translation...and, yet, there are probably a few things he would not
spell out explicitly like Pentagon, CIA and Mossad.

Wasn't he sortof *led* into the Brotherhood thing, but began with "The" Al Qaeda.


Im not referring to that

Im not referring to that comment. I dont know who the hell al qeada rly is...in libya they r good guys but afghanistan they r bad. Huh?
Im referring to him saying the brotherhood gets a bad rap. It almost sounded like he defended the brotherhood...

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Check the context, Ron Paul

Check the context, Ron Paul is talking about al qeada and Wolf is asking if he meant Muslim Brotherhood. Ron Paul is setting him straight saying no he means al queda and not to be confusing the two. Do you think it is okay to equate one with the other all of a sudden? That would be slothful thinking.

media plays games

man, did they really just question him taking social security..i mean if the gvt forces you to contribute to SS, why wouldnt he expect to get paid out on it..its his money..the media is sooo pointless and for people who understand what is going on, this kind of questioning turns our stomach


has been placed in a main stream position to control information. A gate keeper.

He is a Talmudic parasite helping to suck every country dry for his fellow "tribe of the chosen".

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5


Agree, although I dislike Wolf's interview and his questions I've got to say Ron Paul really did shine with the answers, and the questions got us the answers from Ron Paul we've been looking for. "No way". What a line!!

A little something on Wolfy

This is an excerpt from his Wiki page:


[edit] Washington and Jerusalem

Blitzer began his career in journalism in the early 1970s in the Tel Aviv bureau of the Reuters news agency. In 1973 he caught the eye of Jerusalem Post editor Ari Rath, who hired Blitzer as a Washington correspondent for the English language Israeli newspaper. Blitzer would remain with the Jerusalem Post until 1990, covering both American politics and developments in the Middle East.[9]

In the mid-1970s, Blitzer also contributed to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as the editor of their monthly publication, the Near East Report.[10][11] While at AIPAC, Blitzer's writing focused on Middle East affairs as they relate to United States foreign policy.

At an April 1977 White House press conference, Blitzer asked Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat why Egyptian scholars, athletes and journalists were not permitted to visit Israel. Sadat, somewhat taken aback, responded that such visits would be possible after an end to the state of belligerence between the two nations. This was Sadat's first public acknowledgment that peace between Egypt and Israel was possible. In November of that year, Sadat made a historic visit to Israel, and Blitzer covered the negotiations between the two countries from the first joint Israeli-Egyptian press conference in 1977 to the final negotiations that would lead to the signing of the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty two years later.[9]

Fluent in Hebrew, in this period Blitzer also published articles for several Israeli-based newspapers. Under the name Zev Blitzer, he wrote for Al HaMishmar; using the name Zev Barak, he had work published in Yedioth Ahronoth.[8]

In 1985, Blitzer published his first book, Between Washington and Jerusalem: A Reporter's Notebook (Oxford University Press, 1985). The text outlined his personal development as a reporter, and the relations between the United States and Israel.

No conspiracy here...move along, move along....

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


There ought to be a law disqualifying you from having a prominent position in a major US media outlet if you have dual citizenship. But I guess they would make an exemption in that area as well.

Maybe the timing is good, but "What if?"

This legal challenge would have come very early on, before the media could proclaim Mitt the nominee? While the caucuses and primaries were still in play? They're all but settled now. By exposing the RNC, Mitt, et al, to be thugs might have awaken many more people. Now, they'll spin this as a sore loser story. It will be interesting to see how fast the RNC will get this lawsuit scuttled. Watch.

alan laney

Yes, No Way!

Yes, No Way that will support a flip flopper. We only support one man - You, Dr.Paul.


CNN will not allow comments on this story !

There are absolutely no comments on the CNN website for this story ???? I left two last evening and they will not post them. Through extrapolation one could infer that they are apparently doing this to all other posters as well as there are zero comments on this story at all ! Could somebody else check this to verify that I am correct?? I mean what are the chances that nobody whatsoever other than me posted on this CNN blog?? Impossible ! My guess is that the posts were so voluminous and accurate that there was no way CNN ( AIPAC ) would allow the American citizenry to be exposed to such egregious truths !

Jack Rose


At around the 7 minute mark, RP says there should be a debate at the convention. He appears to want to keep going forward. Why doesn't the campaign start pushing for that? Wasn't it the the moneybombs that paid these slugs? The campaign team did more to get Romney the nomination than Romney did.
There are lawyers going forward with a lawsuit, without being paid(as far as I know). These guys should be the ones getting the financial support, not Benton and co.. If the delegates get freed up, and there is more debate, we have a chance. I think the campaign should start doing waht they were paid to do.

Ron made a splash. Now, he is

Ron made a splash. Now, he is drying off, getting dressed, and looking to the convention. We made our point, and we continue too at every state convention. Why shove our victories in the GOP faces? That does nothing for us. Keep working!! The MSM and GOP are still in their dusty playbooks trying to figure a way out of this one.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx


Someone go on Morning Joe facebook. They are ranting hypocrite b/c Dr. Paul takes SS from the government.

pretty dumb argument

since he paid in all these years...

Obama listen up!

before going to war with Syria… "Get a declaration of war. Certainly confide with the Congress. Don't get your declaration of war and permission from NATO and the United Nations. That's an affront to all of us and an affront to our Constitution and not the way we're supposed to use miliary action around the world".

Horrible treatment on Morning Joe

Joe chicken shit Scarborough left the room and returned when Mica's dad was on. Then they all belittled Dr. Paul when he admitted taking SS from the government. Smug idiots. He paid into it so why shouldn't he take his money. Word online is that question ended the revolution.ugggggggg