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Process servers URGENTLY needed for Election Fraud Lawsuit against GOP! Please help!

We NEED 19 more process servers! URGENT: PATRIOT PROCESS SERVERS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Anyone over the age of 18 may serve the papers in regard to the suit against the RNC and GOP for election fraud.

Check the states needed and if you can serve, please e-mail support@toolsforjustice.com and include a phone number to contact you back and wait for further instructions.

As of 06/18/2012, we need process servers in:

American Samoa, Delaware, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

A Federal Class Action Civil/Voting Rights Lawsuit was filed on 06/11/12, to view this case, you can go to www.electionfraudremedy.com

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Process server needed in Frankfort, Kentucky!

Anyone in Frankfort? Help needed!

Need a server is Anchorage Alaska. Who can help?

Any patriots in Anchorage Alaska???

Please bump and vote this up. Help needed!!!

Please bump and vote this up. Help needed!!!

Idaho Republican Party is in Boise. Who could handle Boise?

Please reply or email me directly on petercarn AT GEE mail dott comm. Anyone over 18 can do this, it's simple!

Hawaii Republican Party is in Honolulu. Anyone there?

The Hawaii Republican Party is in Honolulu. Are you in Honolulu? If not, who do you know who can help in Honolulu???


Texas was already served? Wonder who in the heck did that? 8)


Delaware Republican Party is in Wilmington.

Who do you know there that could serve process?

Just contact anyone you know in these states/districts

Make the RNC scatter for more cover. They're not happy campers over there.

I am

in Wilmington. I can help.

Great, can you contact me Jukes1?

You can reach me directly on petercarn AT Gee mail Dot comm. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

How do you know what location it is?

Simple type into Google the state name and "Republican Party" - as in "North Dakota Republican Party."

You'll see the website for that party. Go to "Contact Us" or look around the website, and you'll find the address. If you don't find the address, call and ask.

For example, I see two addresses for North Dakota - one in Fargo, one in Bismarck. Call and find out what the correct city is.

Now - can you drive to that city? Who do you know that could drive there?

This is URGENT!!!! Needs to be done ASAP!!! Can you help??

West Virginia? I can drive there. . .

Not a resident there though.

Let me know.

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