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"Ron sat and stared for an hour..." Interview!

Ernie Hancock has another 'Insider's Delight' interview from Porcfest in New Hampshire - start at 1:19 minutes in.


Ed in Phoenix

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I found one thing I can fully

I found one thing I can fully agree with in this interview. And that is; if you believe you're going to find Liberty at a ballot box you're living in in fantasy land. 223 years of history, and counting, prove otherwise.

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Everything Penny claimed is hearsay. She didnt witness or talk to Ron directly. Are we really supposed to believe the telephone game now? Get real....


You are delusional to believe Rand made this move without Ron's consent. No way at all it happened. I don't care what this woman thinks she knows.

I would say it's factually wrong to assume that any of us

would actually know what Ron or Rand were, or are thinking in their minds.

all everyone here are positing are based on past publicly visible observation of the record of their past actions, what is, or is not mostly likely.

considering the nature of the movement and the family, it is easy to assume that they 'coordinate.' from everything one can observe of Dr. Paul, he doesn't, nor does he micro-manage. but one would also be wrong to assume Rand is like Ron.

they are two separate individuals who think very differently. though obviously within context of politics, certainly they're much more aligned than say comparing any 'liberty individual' vs. RINO statists.

as such, this statement:

"You are delusional to believe Rand made this move without Ron's consent."

is 100% factually wrong, as you're simply assuming, just as everyone else is here doing, including myself.

that said, but I do not conflate my opinions as anything beyond that: something "probable," but not definite. or, what that I'm positing to be merely a strongly felt conviction. but, rarely would I ever state that as a statement of a fact (if I have in the past, it is a mere figure of speech; a strong expression of something, but press me, I'll always tell you it's just my opinion of what is most likely in my mind, at that given moment, on a given topic of discussion).

by consent, if you mean someone gives you a headsup after someone else already decided and prearranged, yeah.

it is however more than likely that Rand decided to do this on his own and only let Ron, know last minute. to deny that possibility would be the real mistake, when someone who is without a doubt a long time Paul employee and still a close family friend, like Penny, who has no reason to be doing this, other than to speak to the grassroots directly on issues that most of us who have been paying attention since 2007, knew for one reason or other could not put our exact fingers on, but intuited there were always some internal drama within the campaign that have always clashed with the direction the grassroots wanted to take it.

no matter, the millions of minds Dr. Paul woke up will not be affected. sure, it would've been nice for Rand to have carried the Paul family banner, with the might of the grassroots behind him 100%, but is now what it is, is what it is.

YOU and me and everyone here ARE Dr. Paul's legacy; just because Rand is Ron's DNA legacy, does not automatically make him a philosophical legacy, he'll prove himself one way or another with his actions anyway.

so frankly, all of this in the aggregate is irrelevant, IMHO.

Ron is NOT Rand.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is an American Original that cannot be duplicated, cloned or copied, even if it's in the form of his own son.

Rand would have to live the same history that Ron has had, from being born in the Great Depression to witnessing damn near every important historical epoch, to now.

what's more likely? a son born of the spoiled Boomer generation never fully realizing the life lessons of his much wiser father who had to live through the rationed Great Depression and WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc., who like many sons without the benefit of 1st hand living history delude that they can do and know how to do it better than the father? all the while, in the end, only to find out that the 'Old Man' who has three to four more decades of living history on the son, did know better, and still does know better, and has always been right?

please ponder upon that.

this is not the first time in history in which father and son in the same field have come to very public dissenting opinions and actions.

to deny that reality, is to deny history.

and to deny history, assuming reality would be otherwise, is the very definition of the probably mental state that you are accusing others of suffering from.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Of course he was dumbfounded

by his pos son's endorsement. I can here Ron right now..in 08 I endorsed Baldwin, and yet you were able to become a republican senator what the ...are you thinking?!!? Its not about joining the party and compromising, its about educating the masses and then dominating the party..."

This Ernie guy has to have

This Ernie guy has to have the most annoying voice I have ever heard. I can't understand a lot of what he is saying. His diction is horrible. It is like he has a mouth full of mush. He slurs his words together w very few breaks.

yeah? well, he also happens to be THE person who designed

the now famous "R3VOLution" logo.

how you like them apples? .o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul


Forget about it! I will fight as hard as I did for your dad, against YOU!


Looks like Rand down voted me.

someone cut out like the last 30min of the interview and post it

on youtube pls.. feeling especially sapped of energy this afternoon plus don't have the software

Ok, I found it. But your

Ok, I found it.

But your title is misleading. She didn't say that he sat and stared for an hour. She said he stared for like thirty minutes.

There's a hundred links on

There's a hundred links on that page. Which one are you talking about?


don't believe her.

If you were to find out it's true...

What, then?

John F


you found out she was lying, what then?

I'd say she is a rotten person.


John F

too many links and bs....i can't find it

but i heard her on adam's show about a week ago and my bs detector went off.

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I Do

...given her ten years with him...her love for him...her beginnings with him..and, her long-time relationship with the family.

I think she had clearance from the family. Perhaps not in all she said, but in expressing her opinion.

The net is. Dr. Paul and Carol were hurt. But Rand can do what he wishes.

The bottom line is....go delegates. We want Ron Paul as President despite or in spite of anything that has happened with his son or his staff. Period.


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Me either, "the person who told me wishes

to remain anonymous" thing threw me off.

I am not defending Rand, just trying to be objective. Ron Paul is no virgin when it comes to politics.

dynamite interview.. disheartening to say the least

this is too important for shuffling through for 30mins to try to find like what i did.. suggest cutting out the ron paul reaction to rand paul endorsement segment and post it on youtube

Someone needs to take the

Someone needs to take the relevant portion & upload it to youtube.

Without that, there is no way you're going to get appropriate listener count with some obscure weblink with information overload and an obscure podcast link buried deep within it.

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Ron has said time and time again that

a true revolution will be prevalent in all parties everywhere and that he want to change the country, not win a presidency, cause he knows just winning the presidency won´t matter anyway in itself.

So I don´t see the controversy.

Do they think he should not run and educate a lot of people so the world will be saved. Do they require he put his life in danger as it might be if he won ?

Anyway, that is how I see it as I try to listen to what Ron actually says. I think he is very clear and upfront.

To me it just seems they have not been listening. Feel free to disagree.

after listening to the entire interview w/Penny Langford Freeman

who was Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul's political director from 1998-2007, and STILL a close Paul family friend, I almost wished Dr. Paul and Carol believed in heavy spanking.

I now have no doubt that Rand did this COMPLETELY on his own, deluding he was 'entitled to' inherit his father's legacy and political infrastructure.

After his endorsement, Rand went from 60% in Ron Paul-ness to 2%.

Now, he's more like -40% in Ron Paul-ness in my book.

Screw reserving final judgment till after Tampa. He can play the 'play with the Ring of Sauron without thinking he's gonna be hypnotized by it,' all he wants.

But YOU and I ARE Dr. Paul's legacy and the R3mnants of our Founder's Freedom Philosophy. That, NO one can ever take from us.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul has inspired MILLIONS of minds worldwide to question the yoke of authoritarianism they've all tacitly accepted from their various respective forms of govt tyranny, and inspired them to ask of themselves what the fundamental question of what self-ownership is, and what the role of govt should be, if it's needed at all, in a free and open society.

THAT eternal well spring of human consciousness whom he's inspired to pursue their own destiny and path is immeasurable.

And, to those of my beloved r3VOL who even remotely heavily rationalized to themselves of the efficacy of Rand's decision, in the long run on the day of the announcement, I'd proffer the same question I asked myself on that day: do you honestly believe knowing what Ron knows, that the last political memory of his 40+ yrs of activism in and out of Congress would be to have his own son, even on a purely superficial PR level, be SEEMINGLY 'betray' his own father, by endorsing the man whom his father was and is still technically running against??

Now, I have a final answer.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is an American Original. He cannot be copied, cloned, even in the form of his own DNA vessel that is his own son. His life's experience from being born during the Great Depression, having his values forged under the hardship and meagerness and frugality of the era, to becoming his own man, personal revelations and catharsis in living through history from the Great Depression, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam/Cold War, finding out about NWO, being personally friends with Larry McDonald and Murray Rothbard et al, seeing first hand the crimes of the Bush Crime Family and BEATING THEM on their own home turf, to JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, to Nixon Gold Decoupling, to Church Commission Hearings, to Iran Contra, to the Fall of Berlin Wall, to BCCI scandal, to LTCM scandal, to Black Monday, to every govt shenanigans and illegal wars and policestate since and post Reagan-era to now, is not something you can teach, or copy, or clone.

One simply has to live it.

I'm more saddened and disappointed than angry, IF in the finality, the situation did in fact transpire as Penny Described it, and as Adam alluded to last week that Dr. Paul only got the heads up from Rand 30min before he went on Sean 'R3VOL-snowball-phobia-ed' Insanity.

The worst part about all this? Is at some core of Rand's being, with or without Iago's fluttering about his ears like Benton, Trygve, or even Wead (as Ernie alleges, though I must say, I trust Ernie Hancock THE original creator of our now infamous "R3VOLution" logo, infinitely more than Wead though I still believe that he did in fact repent and had a genuine catharsis), somewhere deep inside, in order for Rand to listen to bad advice, he had to believe that he knew better than his own father, who's practically seen it all and are infinitely more wise and experienced, just what he needed to do.

Sorry Rand, our loyalty is to the principles that your father has so long championed. Not to ANY single person. But, it just so happens that your father has been, and is, and will forever be one of the best humans to have ever championed the cause of individual liberties/freedoms/sovereignty. Not you.

With that, I now fully close my Rand rant, for this election cycle. Hopefully.D

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

"But YOU and I ARE Dr. Paul's

"But YOU and I ARE Dr. Paul's legacy and the R3mnants of our Founder's Freedom Philosophy. That, NO one can ever take from us."

So well said.

I like that they start each

I like that they start each hour with AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" :) I'm listening to hour 3(Penny) now, but haven't gotten to the "staring at goats" portion.

I watched her interview with Adam Kokesh, and so far I liked that one much better. This interviewer seems to have much of an agenda than Adam did. ...I just got to the staring part, and it's pretty much hearsay.

Anyhow, if you haven't seen Penny on Adam Vs The Man, I suggest you check it out. It's really odd to say Adam had less of an agenda and was more under control, but it's true :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX4DdfSGiFs&list=UU0RJJ_Wm7j...

This Ernie Hancock seems to have an agenda with Rand, whereas Adam concentrated more on those in the actual campaign, but I haven't finished Ernie's interview yet.

Grrrrr . . .

I keep looking for a clearly labeled link and end up on this never ending circular clicking thing or something. I click what I think is a link and end up back on another page that looks exactly the same to me. Bad set up on this site, sorry Ed.

Can anyone link the page where the actual interview is located please?

Blessings )o(

Hey Maeve

try this link. It brings me to a black screen with just a player. You can slide the bar over to 1hr 19 minutes (1:19:00) where he interviews Penny Freeman.


Thank you Peggy! I was

Thank you Peggy! I was getting all kinds of lost on that website. :)

Blessings )o(

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Suggestion to correct the headline:

Thanks for posting this most interesting program, but my memory is that Penny did not specify WHO sat in silence staring (thinking) for HALF an hour. Relatively trivial differences, but on this important topic and in fairness, it is best to be accurate.