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Ron Paul on Drones and "The" Al Qaeda

This may have already been posted, but it is out today on Information Clearinghouse and clearly states Ron Paul's position on drones:


He mentions Al Qaeda in it and I was wondering if anyone else has heard him over and over again say, "The" Al Qaeda. I've wondered about that as you don't really hear it anyplace else. Can't help but wonder if it is code of a sort. He has been around Washington for a long time and is bound to know the origins of Al Quaeda as well as the meaning ie. "the toilet."

Just throwing this out as an interesting possibility. Perhaps he says "the" Al Qaeda really meaning CIA/Mossad as that is most definitely the origin and part of the propaganda machine. He may also be stating his opinion of Al Quaeda (the toilet.) There are things you do not say when running or in office; however, I like to think he is speaking a bit in code about a fact that is not politically wise to define. Dr. Ron Paul is not naive about anything. There are things he can't say.

(And, yes, I know Rand has made a public statement about drones that is different than his Dad's. Don't care. But I DO care what Ron Paul thinks and once again .... he is my hero. I can't even imagine not having a Ron Paul who says what nobody else will say.

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He is my hero too!

But I wonder why he puts up with Mr. Olson & Mr. Benton when he deserves a John Knox and an Alexander Hamilton.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

I thought the same thing!!

Dr. Paul speaks like this a lot, I think. He is masterful at speaking in a politically correct way while also allowing his real thoughts to seep into the language. Of course he knows the origin of the Al Qaeda. He's talked about it! He knows Zbigniew Brezinski created them, and they are mostly a 1984-ish fictitious evil monster that we are supposed to scream at and spit at the T.V. screen. He knows the name means "The Base," or even "the Can," as you point out. Make no mistake. Dr. Paul knows all this stuff we know about. He knows about 9/11 but he doesn't get too bogged down into it because he can't say anything about it anyway.

Sometimes I've seen clips of him speaking privately to someone, sort of off the record, about Bilderberg and 9/11, etc. You can just see the difference in the way he speaks, as if to say, Yeah I know about it...

John F

One of the

things people used to make fun of GWB for was because he called Google "the Google". It is probably more likely that the doctor says "the Al Qaeda" because it is a humorous old guy quirk rather than some secret code. I doubt that RP is deliberately disguising his language.

Training Ground for Drones on our Own Soil

..kindof a self-bump. Sorry. Pretty important article by Ron Paul and wondering if anyone else has wondered about his use of "The" Al Quaeda?

Thought I'd give it one more shot before it drops off the page.