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Sponsor Alex Judd, Alternate Delegate to the RNC for Ron Paul

I am proud to be called to National Convention by the great state of Arizona, as a National Alternate Delegate for Ron Paul, in Tampa Florida. This is a historic moment in our history and now more than ever the people must be heard. Help me get to Tampa in August. Help us win for Liberty and Freedom. Please chip in for travel and lodging. This is my first experience in the political process and oh boy has it been a learning experience. I am proud to go and support the father of Revolution 2.0 help me finish the job we started.
"We are in it, to win it!"

Thank you for your help.

Alex Judd

(inspirits son)

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Chip-in is gonna expire 8/20

Can you please extend it a few days?

Thank you. :)

See here for more info


Do you have any links where you are named as an alt-delegate?


Ron Paul .com has set up

a site to get the financial assistance to go to Tampa. I'll research it and report back.

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