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Create Jobs - Suspend The Income Tax

This is an example of what Fat Libertarian's plan would be if he ran for President. Please read the entire thing before down voting or responding in anger. There's a plan behind this.

- Suspend Income Tax For Two Years.
- END Several Federal Departments.
- END Minimum Wage.
- END Capital Gains Tax.
- Bring Troops Home and No Policing The World.


Kill the minimum wage, capital gains tax and suspend the income tax for two-three years. In order to "afford this" we then cut spending drastically by bringing troops home, and ending entire government departments.

Even if we lose jobs from the cuts - the income tax suspension and minimum wage removal will encourage more hiring. Individuals and businesses will have more money to spend or pay off debt.

This might even go a long way toward repairing the housing market? Employment would certainly flex back and forth between public and private sector hiring for awhile but eventually the economy would be able to reset.

After the economy explodes, and people have so much more money to spend they'll never want the income tax back and then they'll be right there with us in wanting to eliminate more government.

Just imagine.

(Ron Paul mentions suspending income tax here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyqFasQv9X8&feature=player_de...)

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Where would the money come from to support

the needy?? It takes a village you know.

Where will Obama get new voters if he has no money to pay for their housing, food, electricity,etc?

Who will protect Green Energy projects like Solyndra and Energy producing microbes?

How will candidates get funding for re-election if they don't first send them millions?

How will the Government "Create Jobs" if there is no tax dollars to pay the employees?

How can we help the underemployed if there is no money to fund a 2 year unemployment benefit?

Think, Man!

All taxation

is unethically premised on anti-voluntary coercion and therefore should be abolished

Ron Paul wants to eliminate the income tax,not just suspend it

As President, Ron Paul will support a Liberty Amendment to the Constitution to abolish the income and death taxes. And he will be proud to be the one who finally turns off the lights at the IRS for good.

Capital gains taxes, which punish you for success (and interfere with your efforts to hedge against inflation by purchasing gold and silver coins), should also be immediately repealed.


Could you please

EXPLAIN how those ideas are supposed to create jobs in Washington DC?
They will kill the DC job market by placing federal workers who collect advantaged paychecks, on the tax payer- with no federal benefits or pensions.
What will THEY do then????? become a TSA agent??? well you want to cut that too! for petes sake.

How can you expect the federal government to end the income tax????
The income tax is needed to keep up with all the GLOBAL threats and 7 wars we have going on over seas....
How can these wars of aggression continue with no revenue from the American tax Payers????

You dont want our soldiers to have bullets or even food to eat, do YOU?????

It is completely absurd to think we cant give our congressmen and women a raise for all the hard votes theyve had to make recently on extending the Ptriot Act amd NDAA, and the like.
They wont stay in DC and fight for themselves if we cut those things you say..... THEN WHAT???????
Then where will they be???
I cant wait to hear this.

sounds rich!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Let them all

work at McDonads or Walmat for a spell. See how they like it!

You are totally right on the money, regarding creating jobs.

In fact the financial stimulus of such a move would probably be felt within 60-90 days.

But, there is only one reason this will NEVER happen. The government knows if they give the people of this country a taste of NO taxation, they’ll never get anyone to volunteer to pay taxes again, after the three years is up.

They've spent nearly a hundred years convincing the people taxation is NOT voluntary, just to start over.

The Winds of Change!

This kind of plan is the only

This kind of plan is the only thing I'd talk about if I ran for president. Seriously.. Why bring up anything else? Could you imagine gary johnson running on a similar plan while obama has none and romney's isnt enough. Ross perot, to his credit had a successful 3rd party bid because he simply stuck to having a plan and today the competition is much weaker.