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Report from the Trenches - Cowlitz County's Man in Tampa

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Thank You Sam!

Great quotes from Sam! Sam is doing what a delegate for Ron Paul is supposed to do. That is why we voted for Sam to be a delegate. He is representing our vote and what we believe to be the best for the country! Thank you and God Bless you Sam and all Ron Paul Delegates voting their conscience and for the right person to do the right job!
Ron Paul 2012!

"Wendfelt said he believed Webb is required to vote for Romney

on the first ballot because he won the state nomination. Webb, though, said he's heard of no such rule and has no plans to vote for Romney during the convention."

It's interesting that the GOP chairman said he "believed" that Webb is required to vote for Romney, rather than citing specific written rules REQUIRING Webb to vote for Romney.

The GOP knows that THE JIG IS UP and that the delegates will NOT be told who to vote for. That is why Romney and the GOP have spent the last year doing any dirty deed necessary to keep Ron Paul supporters from becoming delegates to the national convention.

What a great story! Congratulations Mr. Webb!

Great Quotes!

"There's no way in the world I'm voting for Romney. I'm for Ron Paul, it's a done deal," he said.

"I'm standing firm for him until we can fight no more," Webb said.