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Ron Paul on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'

Ron Paul made an appearance on the show this morning.


As you remember,Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough voted, as well as publicly acknowledged his support for Ron Paul recently.

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You are part of the problem

You are part of the problem our nation faces. Stupidity. Pure stupidity.

14 minutes? Couldn't you use a different screen name or are you

just here to disrupt? You got called out awfully fast! Good catch, mikezelot... even though I don't agree with your comments above.

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Toy's R Us here comes Mikezlot!

wow, must have taken you all of 5 seconds to come up with that response. Now take your hands off your hips, pick up your bottom lip, grab your crayons, coloring book and stuffed bunny, and latch back on to your mother's tit.

thats not me, thats a troll i

thats not me, thats a troll i have been a RP supporter since november and a member of this site for 2 months thats some troll that just made an account. please dont think thats me

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then why do you share IPs with that account?


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You are dumb. SS is a trust

You are dumb. SS is a trust fund set up by our government. It is money taken from our paychecks by the government and put into a trust fund with the promise of getting it back. He has paid for it his whole life.

LOL! Hahaha! ROTFLMAO! There is no trust fund...

there is no fund and there sure as hell ain't no "trust." The tax money goes into general revenues, which is why SS is as broke as the rest of the federal government. Same for Medicare.

And there is no "promise" either. Congress can do whatever it wants to SS and it has done many things to it, most of them bad. They can eliminate SS too any time they want.

I don't begrudge Ron Paul whatever he is collecting. If they steal it from him, he sure as hell should take it back. It's the young people who are getting screwed. They are the ones paying the load for all the Boomers and Depression babies.

P.S. I'm a Boomer and I like Ron's ideas about SS. Stop stealing my money and I'll stop asking for it back.

I didn't say it was our trust

I didn't say it was our trust fund. It's the governments trust fund and "they" are the beneficiaries.

classy :/ now thats a troll

classy :/ now thats a troll for yah makeing an account that looks like my name

Yes. I don't agree with you

Yes. I don't agree with you but I hate trolls more. But let me reiterate my point. SS is a trust fund not welfare.

There's a difference in

There's a difference in receiving government plunder food stamps vs. getting money back after putting it in for your whole life. Dr. Paul paid social security his whole life and should get it back as should everyone else who have paid their whole lives. Dr. Paul doesn't think social security is Constitutional but contracts are. If you put money into a social program and you're told you'll get it back someday, then you better get it back. Unfortunately, we don't get as much back due to the devaluation of the currency through inflation. Dr. Paul knows people depend on it and it wouldn't make sense to simply yank their money from them. He has suggested starting big cuts overseas and in war spending then work ourselves out of social security by allowing young people (I think it was 25 and under) to opt out and invest their money in better places.

I have parents that pay over

I have parents that pay over the amount in taxes that i could get away with food stamps and still the government would be accepting more. does it mean that i should accept them? no!

Trust fund. Not welfare..

Trust fund. Not welfare.. Trust fund.

wait a minute

Here is the thing, Ron has worked through his retirement. He gives a big part of his congressional paycheck back, a BIG part, every year, Hes paid in Social Security all these years, still paying in, and he gets criticized for 300 bucks a month? REALLY? he paid, its a nest egg for old age? When can he use his he paid in? When hes dead? I think maybe some points need to be considered before pushing the man off the cliff. so a years pay at 300 to 1000 per month is what 3600 - t0 14 thousand. social security on his congressional pay is actually more that he pays in, than what he can take out considering congressional pay is what 250k or something now. yeah 14 k is such a stylish life.

For Liberty!!!

RP will NEVER, EVER get back what he paid.

Neither will I. Not in terms of real dollars, or lost opportunity.

Non-issue. EVERY libertarian should try to get back some fraction of what he's paid. SS is not welfare. It's a ponzi scheme, yes, but that's a subject for another thread. Let's don't blame the victim(s).

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Why does it bum you out. He

Why does it bum you out? He was forced to pay in, and he'll never get anywhere near what he paid in back. Opting out (which is not allowed... yet) only makes sense before you start paying in. That's why is would work for younger people. It makes no sense for those who have already had the fruits of their labor stolen for most of their lives.


He has been paying in longer than most anyone alive. Anyone who wants to criticize really should look at all the potential perks of office that Ron Paul has not taken over the many years he has served in office. One of the most outrages and unfair comments I've seen from the guy who is bummed out.

If your forced to kill puppys

If your forced to kill puppys but you get paid for it even if you dont want to do you take the money? Hell no! same exact thing!

That's stupid.

That's stupid.

Lol, that analogy makes no sense.

Ron Paul, nor myself, will ever get paid back what we paid into this scheme.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

yes it does. if you are

yes it does. if you are forced to do something that you dont want like paying social security or killing puppys. and you get benifits like getting paid. should you accept the pay? you did work you paid social security but you also splatered dog blood all over the floor, but i mean why not you did the work right? lets just accept the money because we did are end of the contract even though we were forced into it

apples & oranges.

Your analogy is faulty. At best it would read like this:

You are forced to kill puppies but when you become a certain age, you are eligible to receive 'free' puppies. You may do what you want with them but you must kill a certain percentage.

The analogy must represent the contract. In your analogy, the puppies should represent a monetary unit and killing them represents paying a tax.

You must focus and use clear logic as we have a world to change.

SS is not a reward for

SS is not a reward for something you have done. SS is your money that was taken from you by force that is now being returned to you.

Getting paid to kill puppies is payment for a service that you provided.

So if you get paid to kill puppies, that's bad.

If you get money back that belonged to you and should have never been taken from you in the first place, that's good.

Those are two totally different principles.

my parents pay enough taxes

my parents pay enough taxes to where i could accept welfare and the government would still accept more. but i dont because only the stupid and lazy take it. if you are unemployeed or have a low paying job it shouldnt be others responsibility to pay for you! you will die its evolution its social darwinism and its laizee fair economics. let evolution take its course. i think i may go down that path with the amount of money i make, if anything happens to me it was my own fault. i will never take in any government assistance even if my parents pay enough in taxes to cover it. they even tell me that i should take what i can get.

Social Security and welfare are 2 totally different issues...

Social Security is taken from your paycheck with a promise that you will receive the money back when you reach a certain age. Welfare is taken from certain people to give to others who didn't earn it.

Dr. Paul continues to pay into SS, and his monthly "payment" is greater than what he receives in return.

Yes...in fact, ss is

Yes...in fact, ss is forcefully taken from us by taking our money and putting it into a trust fund and then given back when you become eligible. It's not welfare...it is a trust fund.

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The daughter of Mr. NWO Zbigniew Brzezinsk interviews Ron Paul.

Oh, the ironies of history.

On Social Security, Ron Paul draws very little if any benefits. He has not practiced medicine in many years, and elected officials are not in the Social Security system. They are the only ones left in the old civil service retirement system along with the hold-outs who opted not to make this one-way, one-time offer to switch when given to federal workers in the 1980s.

2011 & 2012
At full retirement age or older, there is no limit on earnings.

How is Zbigniew Brzezinski NWO?

Please explain briefly.

His daughter Mika is her own sovereign person - so why to suck this bit of sarcasm off the relationship?

Ron Paul ... forever.

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It's out there, if you would look.

The Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski in July 1973 and is composed of approximately 325 elites in business, banking, and politics. The Trilateral Commission is propagated as being an economic cooperation between America, Europe, and Japan, but in reality is another secretive society/organization - this one specializing in creating the trilateral economic interdependence necessary to bring in the New World Order system of world currency and world governance. They are setting up the framework/power structure necessary for these multinational banks and corporations to assume global control, dominating the world’s populations, governments, and economies.

Participants in the 1966 conference included well known figures such as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and John J. McCloy, who served on the Warren Commission and was a member of the foreign policy establishment group of elders called “The Wise Men.”

Well....he sold stingers to

Well....he sold stingers to the Afghan rebels in 1978, which led to the Soviet Invasion, which drew usinto that endless quagmire, which then led to the creation of Al Qaeda, etc. That's pretty NWO if you ask me.