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The insanity of money wasted in the local budget here in Las Vegas NV.

I am not an expert in the subject so forgive me where I'm wrong but as a resident of Las Vegas, NV, I have noticed recently that Las Vegas has not been getting it's priorities straight as far as spending it's local/state budgets. Recently we supposedly laid off about 1000 teachers yet we still have money thrown down the toilet for metal scultures of animals that decorate the local freeways here in the city. I've heard these sculptures cost many thousands of dollars. Each sculpture is somewhere in the ballpark of $12K-$30K in price. It kind of reminds me of a scene in the movie "Falling Down" where Michael Douglas's character comes across a crew of highway workers who have a road all torn up, where he claims "the road was fine 2 days ago". My point being I don't know how we elect people who allow unnessesary spending behavior to occur.

Everybody wants to play the blame game and nobody ever (except Ron Paul followers) looks at the bigger picture. The teachers and police say "Don't take away our jobs!" but don't blame the people in charge of the budget. This subject is so serious on local/state/federal levels that we really should consider jail time if you take the budgeting job and screw it up. In the middle east they might consider appendage mutilation for punishment which in my oppinion is probably better (no I'm not a weirdo, I'm just making reference) because jailtime costs us tax payer dollars. A guy with a meat clever costs the tax payers nothing yet gets the point across better which is do not screw up the budget or loose some fingers. These politicians have no fear and do whatever they want without recorse or responsibilty. I for one would risk getting my fingers chopped off because being in poverty my whole life, I understand the importance of not wasting money. 200-300 years ago a politician probably could have gotten hanged for such actions, maybe hence why you never hear about government spending fiasco's in 1700-1800 era history books.

On the subject of prison spending, England had it right when they sent their outcasts to Australia. There's many deserted islands in the Pacific you could drop off violent criminals. Let them fend for themselves then we don't have to pay for them anymore minus the boat ride. These extreme kind of approaches are the only real chance we have of saving this countries economic future. While ideas like these seem extreme, you got to admit, they're cheap, and they get the job done.

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Those torn up roads..

Millions for somebody.