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Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama

Ron vs. Rand: a study in betrayal
Antiwar.com | by Justin Raimondo, June 18, 2012

Every time Rand Paul opens his mouth, he seems to put both feet and a couple of other appendages in it. There was that unfortunate interview with Rachel Maddow, there was the “couldn’t get any gayer” quip – and now this.

In an alternately opaque and all-too-revealing interview with the Daily Paul web site, in which he tried to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, Sen. Paul actually said “It doesn’t mean anything.” I’m sure the Romney campaign will be quite glad to hear that.

However, a few minutes later he was infusing the endorsement with historic significance, telling his no doubt baffled and increasingly skeptical listeners it would open all kinds of doors for the “liberty movement,” among them the promise that “we are going to have a big influence over what happens with the platform.” Citing a laundry list of his own personal legislative goals – legalizing hemp, ending mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes, auditing the Fed – he declared “we need to look beyond politics.”

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itsallaboutbalance's picture

I believe we need to stay calm and have faith

Ron Paul is the champion of liberty and a true hero that has advanced this movement more than anyone ever has.

Rand has his role and he is not his father so he must play with the cards he is dealt and I am keeping faith that he is on our side big time even though I believe we don't have till 2016 to try and make some major changes....

This young man has great perspective IMO.
Video 1:
Great insights and clips that shows what Rand really thinks of Obamney:

He puts things well IMO. I was angry too and was one of the 1000+ people who voted down the Rand Paul Romney endorsement on here... But at this juncture and with all the info I looked into, I understand a little more the strategy behind it and am keeping an open mind.

I can understand the frustration and doubt felt by Alex Jone's and many other liberty minded people at hearing this when we so strenuously oppose everything Obamney and the people who actually control them and the issues they represent. However, I still have faith in Ron and Rand Paul amd especially ALL OF US who will not stop EVER to fight the good fight.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

If Only We Would Have Just Compromised with the English...

Think of all the power our liberty movement could have gained by just compromising with the English and endorsing the King in 1776.

That battle went on for nearly 100 yrs prior to the declaration

We are just getting started.

Romney is so, so eager for endorsements outside his 25% base.

The Goldman Sachs base is shrinking.

Wells Fargo, Chase Bank and Bank of America are going to have to expose themselves.

Where is Capitol One when you need them?


Rand is a traitor

Rand Paul is a traitor to the cause. May he rot in hell with odumba and the romnoid. Rand only cares about Rand and has used us all for his own polotical gain. The first chance he gets when it really matters he sells out like the scum sucking piece s=h=i=t that he is now endorsing. He should hang with the rest of the traitors he now supports. His father should take him out to the woodshed and kick his ass! He not only screwed us but he screwed his own father. What a piece of dog s-h-i-t he is. In fact at least dog s-h-i-t serves a purpose. Dog s-h-i-t is better than Rand.

you're an idiot. you're

you're an idiot. you're calling the best senator we have in office worse than dog shit? you are worse than that...you are a fucktard.

Whatever. Rand faced his

Whatever. Rand faced his moment of truth and bowed to the powers that be. Unfortunately the force is not as strong in the young one. He has caved. In fact yesterday he voted for 9 billion to Israel. Your man has been turned by the Redshields. As far as your fucktard comment goes you are a real tough guy on that keyboard. When was the last time you left your mommies basement other than to go off to McDonadls to work?

I think it's a hoot. Rothbard's "politics as a spectator sport."

See here:

Free includes debt-free!

Everytime RON PAUL Opens

...his mouth, anyone trying to ride his coattails ... falls off.

Liberty can not be diluted...or it is no longer liberty. Ron Paul, the gardener, prepared his field for planting non genetically modified liberty seeds so well! Genetically modified, synthetic, pretend liberty plants may appear to flourish and flower, but they wither and die after a season. They have within them the seed of their own destruction.

A self-correcting harvest, it is. Self-proclaimed non-liberty plants cannot flourish in Ron Paul soil...under the tutelage of the Master Gardener, the field is being prepared for the great harvest.


Nice job Fonta

A great analogy

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

What a perfect conceptual metaphor, fonta, the best I think

I've ever heard!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

If this wasn't a Requiem for Rand, it could be. Just needs some

proper music. Faure would do nicely. Only time will tell how Rand's political career will go down in history: "Treacherous 15 minutes of fame" or "Glorious Redemption". Sadly, I've never heard of the latter happening in politics, tho many have tried.

I would like to urge those who have not read the article, to read it. If you haven't already, you can put Rand's politics to bed peacefully, as I think Dr. Paul has.

I'm sure Dr. Paul strongly suspects Rand committed political suicide and even tho he's a doctor, there's not a damn thing he can do about it. I can only imagine how sad that makes Dr. Paul.

But one sure way to raise this family tragedy to epic American proportions would be to give in and commit political suicide like TPTB intended all along. That would make RP really sad. Ain't gonna happen!!

So let's remember....the victors get to write the history!

P.S. Learned a new word: "hustings"
1. A platform where candidates in an election give speeches.
2.(historical) An assembly, especially one of the retainers of a ruler.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Political suicide means going home to be a country Doc again.

After that interview, can Romney afford to have Rand on the campaign trail?

All Rand did was support his father's positions, while saying the the premature nominee shared these positions. All that knew that Mr. Presumptive has expressed as many views as there are voting blocks saw yet another flip-flop, if Rand is telling what he heard at the meeting.

Everyone seems to prefer the Oedipal Drama more.

Free includes debt-free!

If this post on Rand doesn't say it all....

...it comes pretty darn close!

try to forget him for now

try to forget rand for the time being
i know it's not easy but
he's simply divisive.
try to keep working toward getting Ron Paul elected.

How about

How about we forget the attention whores on here and in real life who can't stop cutting down things they can't wrap their limited thinking around?

Rand has and will do more for liberty than any senator in my life so far. What have the majority done in comparison? This site is HUGE into conspiracies of how Ron is going to win in some miraculous fashion, yet they can't look beyond the surface with Rand to strategies that are far more probable and capable of being reality.

Life is 10% circumstance and 90% or reaction to it. The Rand thing is no different. As time passes, I hope the Rand haters will have their posts dug up and be forced to swallow the shame of the division they caused with their shortsighted and narrow-minded perception of reality.

Even if those espousing anger and hatred are right, what are they accomplishing by spreading their narrow minded, hate filled views now? If the rational thinking amongst us are wrong, what are we losing by reserving judgment until we can see more of the big picture? The answer to both is "nothing of any value".

yes, yes

yes yes.
You rand supporters are thinking the big thoughts /paradigm shifts and all that.
Can we now please get on with the original purpose of this website?

Even if ...

Rand Paul has fallen on his own sword, you can't deny the facts.

He, as a sitting U.S. Senator, has done more to protect and preserve LIBERTY than any other Senator in the last hundred-odd years.


Keep on hanging the Romney endorsement around his neck like an albatross, and we could lose that very important ally in the Senate, whether by just turning him off to the message his father has been cultivating for the last four decades because his father's followers are a bunch of pricks, or by getting him tossed out on his ear in 2016.

THINK, people. THINK.

I'm not making excuses for Rand's endorsement of Romney. Nothing of the kind. But you folks are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I'm a perfectionist, too, but I realize that that is a CHARACTER FLAW. You need to realize that, too.

That is all.


Yah that skunk dont smell so bad in your eyes

But in my eyes he is the worst kind, he pretends to be us then uses us as in any post here with his name on it. Then he sells the liberty revolution out. Just because he dont smell as bad as some of the other skunks dont mean he is any better.

Rabid skunks are the worst kind.


The original and ongoing

The original and ongoing purpose of this site is to further liberty. Your divisive attacks do nothing of the sort, newb. I won't give you undeserved credit and accuse you of being a paid troublemaker like many on here do to your kind, but would ask you to consider that your antics produce the same effects.


Pretty sure that "Newb" is only trying to shift focus to a more productive conversation. You are only a senior member of the dp, not the all knowing omnipotent ruler of the universe, relax yourself and stop being so damned rude.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

You have a point, I apologize

You have a point, I apologize. I was replying too quickly and thought that user was the OP, which is who really drew my ire with the title intended to do so. I mean, do you think Rand is deserving of being labeled as having an oedipal complex?

Regardless, I was in the wrong and apologize. I may have to take time off again from this site until these negative threads die down some. If enough people did, I suppose the reaction would be the same as with Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh, and others who took time to reconsider their emotions after they viewed the resulting consequences of such. Then again, as you noted, I am only human and may be wrong about that too. One can dream though.

no, I wasn't the original poster

I wasn't the original poster simply because
I'm refraining from discussing Rand right now.
I'm trying to FORGET rand for the time being.
The main original purpose of the site was as a forum
for Ron Paul supporters and to aid in helping
to get RON Paul into the whitehouse.
Of course as supporters, we're all liberty-minded.
ps: I started really listening to
Ron Paul in congress in '02
i've been around on the Daily Paul as long as you
just under an internet "handle".
There's nothing sinister about my old account.
My opinions and posts were the same...
minus talk of Rand.
just something to think about...the date someone
joined up on this site doesn't tell you everything about them.
Does Lew Rockwell have a user account here?
Would he be a "newb" if he signed up tomorrow?

Again, I offer my sincere apologies.

Again, I offer my sincere apologies. I made a mistake and feel badly about it. We're on the same side, but it just bugs me that it's either trash Rand or forget him. I remember when we spoke highly of him on here, and recognized he actually exceeded his father's skills in some areas.

As for your account I was wrong to mention that as well. Some of the traits I see on here are apparently rubbing off on me when I get upset. Anyhow, if it helps you or others to understand where I am coming from, it just upsets me that the choices seem to be between hate and silence, and that certain folks say myself and others can't speak of the good certain people do, whether we understand their every move or not. Justin Amash seems to be getting a pass from many after caving to AIPAC and supported more US tax dollars going to Israel, and I've even seen folks suggest him for President in 2016 over Rand.

Again, I sincerely apologize to you, but wish to direct the sentiment to the OP and long for the day when history makes apparent what the Pauls and those working with them had in mind. Peace and liberty, my friend


Gee, thanks a lot.
I really appreciated what you just said.
I can appreciate your points as well.
I'd like to shake your hand.

You're welcome. I'd

You're welcome. I'd definitely like to shake your hand as well. It's nice when we can focus on what we have in common instead of the things we see differently. This whole movement has helped me grow as a person and see the changes I'd like to make about myself, as well as with the government.