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Is Rand Paul the Ted Kennedy of the Paul Family?

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Is Rand Paul the Ted Kennedy of the Paul Family? Or is he just being unfairly compared to a politician nobody will ever be able to duplicate?

The comparison to Ted Kennedy is used not based on Rand’s personal life, but because of his political decisions that have sparked harsh criticisms from the Liberty movement. Like Ted, Rand had to live up to a legacy that most cannot. While Rand’s career in politics is still young, he seems to have already disappointed Paul supporters as much as Ted disappointed Kennedy supporters, if not more.

You cannot deny that Rand benefited from his father’s supporters in his bid to become Senator of Kentucky. The money that poured into his campaign came from across the country, which is not common for local races. Those donors had an expectation that because Rand was Ron Paul’s son, he’d act like a Senate version of Ron Paul. His decisions from the start though suggested otherwise.

The first decision that got him in hot water with the Liberty Movement, was when he met up with Jeb Bush for a fundraiser. To the Liberty movement this was like making a deal with the devil. Jeb Bush represents what Paul supporters hate most, NeoCons. Once in the Senate, Rand made some questionable comments, and votes. One of the most hated was his vote for sanctions on Iran. Most Paul supporters and Ron Paul himself, believe a vote for sanctions is a declaration of war. Up until a few weeks ago that was the most hated decision.

The decision that really drew a line in the sand for Paul supporters, was his endorsement of Romney. Even those who have defended some of Rand’s most questionable decisions, threw in the towel after the endorsement. When the endorsement was announced on DailyPaul.com, it became one of the most voted down articles of all time on Daily Paul. It drove some Paul supporters to tears. Rand even admitted that he has been receiving death threats since the endorsement.

Is the Liberty movement quick to judge, or right to give up on Rand? Well first lets look at another example of a Liberty darling “gone bad” (cont.)


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I don't consider Jeb Bush an serious neo-con

He's more like daddy than bro. I don't even think W was much of a neo-con, his mistake was over trusting Dick Cheney.

Rand is too young to have any definition yet. He is holding his cards close to his chest. Not a bad idea at this time. I hope he was paying close attention to Ron's campaign successes.

This is sick.

This is sick.

It's evil

It just goes to show where the so called liberty movement is at.

If I was a moderator I'd

If I was a moderator I'd delete this. This is over the line. What did the sick people who salivate over reading this ever do? Did they run for Senate? Did they even run for school board? Did they write a book on liberty? Did they even read a book on liberty? Did they stand before the Senate and speak eloquently about the horror of the NDAA? Did they even make a speech to become a delegate? It's funny what hiding behind a screen makes one say online. I need to get away from here for awhile. This place is becoming a cesspool of sickness.

Trust me

we are winning, and that's why it's so weird here. True colors are showing and the real Ron Paul Republicans, the HEIRS to his message, are seeing what Ron Paul has seen for decades.

It will only make you stronger and better equipted to claim our victory. One day you won't even bother saying, "It's sick", and I won't bother saying it's evil. We'll just THANK GOD we didn't have to stomach it alone like Ron Paul did.

A better comparison is Warren

A better comparison is Warren Buffett, whose father, Howard Buffett, was the most libertarian member of Congress back in the 1950s.

Using Ted - That is Low

Using Ted Kennedy and all the moral baggage he brings along is pretty low.

he just might be the Ted

he just might be the Ted Kennedy of the Paul family...

i'm not convinced about him.

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jaseed's picture

Thanks for refresher

Didn't know Rand needed Jeb Bush for a fundraiser.
Does anybody need(or want) the Bush family for anything?

Order now:
Family of [Bush]Secrets by Russ Baker

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes you got to play the

Sometimes you got to play the game to change it

But most times the only thing

But most times the only thing that changes from someone playing the game is them.

In normal times, that would

In normal times, that would be true. These are no ordinary times. The cause of liberty is filled with crusaders who are after something higher. Rand Paul is a big ? to some, though I am giving him the benifit of the doubt and choosing to trust that Ron raised him well.

I completely trust that Ron

I completely trust that Ron raised Rand well but that doesn't necessarily mean that Rand will turn out well. You can be a super-dad in every way and your child can still disappoint. IMHO, Rand is the latter category. How else can you explain the following? One: his failure to campaign for his dad at the crucial state conventions this year. Two: his decision to endorse Romney on the show of a man who LED the campaign back in December to smear Ron as a racist.

But would you do it late at

But would you do it late at night, over a narrow bridge, while drunk???

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