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Wake up GOP, Romney can't win and we're doomed to 4 more years of Obama

According to Bloomberg (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-20/obama-leads-in-poll...), "Obama leads Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters, even as the public gives him low marks on handling the economy and the deficit, and six in 10 say the nation is headed down the wrong track, according to the poll conducted June 15- 18."

It's still not too late to turn this thing around. Nominate Ron Paul in Tampa and save the GOP from defeat.

Ron Paul 2012!

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IT is SO fucking awesome when

IT is SO fucking awesome when you tell the world you are a worthless hypocrite.

If Romney ca't win, then what does that mean for Ron Paul has has NEVER polled better against Obama (within the margin of error) than Romney.

And why be SO pathetic as to cherry pick the ONE (left leaning) poll when there were TWO other polls released to day showing Romney with a lead over Obama.

It is like you have given up EVER having anyone give a fuck that you exist on this planet.

I guess it is easy to give up knowing that you only have 9 more weeks to live. Tell me something though...how do you plan on doing it? Gun? Jumping off a building? OR will you drink the Kool Aid at the Paul Fest?