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Obama Claims Executive Privilege Over Fast And Furious Documents

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Dr. Paul should introduce

Dr. Paul should introduce impeachment articles against Obama now....torture....going to war in Libya without congressional authority....not faithfully executing the laws of the US and violating his oath....running a false flag on the second amendment by having one of his departments run guns to Mexican drug cartels.

It's time to do a full investigation and also expose CIA involvement in the drug trade and also how our banks launder all the money.

Judge Napalitano pointed out

Judge Napalitano pointed out something interesting on his facebook page that some don't seem to notice. Specifically that the President is only supposed to use this if he himself was involved at some level. Cover-up indeed. It seems 'transparency' now means 'brick wall shroud'

I posted a link

Down below There is a video where Judge Nap goes into detail about what this means. If in fact Obama knew, then who told him Holder? That would mean he lied under oath when he said he did not know anything about it. Than he is flucked.

Don't worry, Fox News is there to whitewash his comments.

Lol look right under the article. Oh No, the judge is wrong because we asked Karl Rove. His knowledge is far greater than the Judges. Lol.

I'm posting videos of the proceedings here:


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No excuse, but there's a long history of executive secrecy

Presidential claims of a right to preserve the confidentiality of information and documents in the face of legislative demands have figured prominently, though intermittently, in executive-congressional relations since at least 1792.


Sorry to bump up my own post but this is important news

This is REALLY rotten.

Who was that last crook in the crack house, errr white house....

who claimed "executive priviledge?" Nixon right?

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Judge Napolitano on ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents: Executive Priv

This morning, the White House asserted executive privilege over documents related to Operation ‘Fast and Furious,’ per Attorney General Eric Holder’s request. Following this move, Judge Napolitano warned that we may be on the “precipice of a constitutional confrontation between the Executive Branch, the White House, and the Congress.”

More at

This Video needs it own thread!

And I'm looking to make sure there isn't one before I post it, only MY Headline will be "Judge Napolitano Points Out Obama Complicity in F & F 'Executive Privilege' Declaration".

Ed in Phoenix

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