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Ron Paul's Inclusive Path to Victory

In my opinion, Ron Paul is doing everything he can to win the nomination. The strategy, is 1) To spread the idea of freedom with the intent of growing a base of energized supporters with convictions. A crucial piece, but not enough.

And 2) Showing the establishment that they can not win without us. By doing this, establishment Republicans are faced with the options of, sticking to their principals (lol), fighting to get Romney nominated only to concede to Obama, offering us something that will actually win our votes, or joining us. Really these latter two are the only options for most.

Ron Paul has distanced himself from the legal dramas. He mentioned Romney has convictions in the latest interview. He is doing everything he can to allow establishment Republicans to open their minds to him. To not fear him. While we view them as the enemy, they can not view us that way if we are to influence their hearts and minds. We too, can not win without them at least in the short term.

Rand Paul endorsed Mitt. This showed the establishment both that they Republicans, not enemies, and that we will not support Mitt just because a Paul does. They saw your hostility towards Rand (I still love him, but also will not support Mitt) and it sent a message. While we didn't like the endorsement, it was crucial for sending a message.

The path to victory is not through war. We are winning. We are becoming the majority, and we are doing it with conviction. But we can not win in the short term, which is what we need, with our main image being that of an invading enemy. It must be that of a new leader, welcoming the old.

Remember there is no such thing as evil. Only a lack of goodness. Our brothers, most of whom grew up without the internet, with MSM as their source of information, aren't evil. Many of us we're in their shoes once. They lack goodness. They simply don't understand.

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Throw this in: Paul states to the outside world that we

have 500 or so delegates (now he is saying 600, I believe, don't quote me).

However, when Paul talks to us he always has this happy look to him like our delegate count is growing and that is ALWAYS the message he is sending to us....he never puts a limit on the number of delegates that I remember) when he talks to us.

Interestingly I don't remember Doug really referencing "how many" delegates we have either.

When Paul hands us our "marching orders" in Tampa, it always sounds to me like this means to DELIVER THE MESSAGE. The message is freedom.

Finally, there are some in the old guard who will actually take notice of our lawsuit and sympathize.

Paul's happy countenance always seems like there is more under there that we don't know....like more delegates?