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Christian Organization, CRU, Makes Last Minute Endorsement: Forces Brokered Convention?

The Conservative Republican Union https://www.facebook.com/CRUnion4USA, https://twitter.com/#!/CRUnion4USA/followers is a facebook page OWNED by Jason Denny. Jason Denny. an ex Marine, is the RNC Chairman of Travis County, Texas. ( the county Annebeck58 judged during the Texas primary and found solid evidence of vote flipping.). Jason Denny is also a delegate for Mitt Romney. https://www.facebook.com/Denny4Texas/info Jason Denny has listed as his only source of employment .... the RNC. Please explain why this PDF letter from unknown Presidential Candidate Robby Wells' web site http://electrobbywells.com/images/cru_letter.pdf , is posted on a site for Ron Paul and why Robby Well's CLAIMS A Susan Trumilo (search results=zero) gave him the letter and represents CRU. Why is an unknown independent presidential candidate who came in third in the Constitution Party, now trying to get Ron Paul delegates to vote for him through Ron Paul Tribune? Why is he claiming that he has 723 Gingrich/Santorum/...etc delegates that would vote for him, but NOT Ron Paul ? In all reality, we know Romney is bleeding delegates from Gingrich and Santorum to Ron Paul and this is probably a ploy of fear to prevent RON PAUL from ACTUALLY winning a brokered Convention. Please remove this letter from LibertyUSAPAC, it has NO NAMES, no dates, no letterhead and no credibility, but to divide the Ron Paul delegates. Please help me find an explanation as to why this pdf. is posted on LibertyUSAPac, be it Dr K Research, a Susan Trumilo.(no search results period), Robby Wells, Jason Denny or someone else?..This letter is posted in only two places....... LibertyUSAPac and Robby Wells website. Sincerely, leslymill@yahoo.com.

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CRU, Robby Wells Co-Opt Attempt of Ron Paul Revolution

Dr. K. gave me permission to quote him.

I can tell you that he and his crew have contacted young, naive Ron Paul supporters, asking them to consider his campaign.

They have asked their participation in fund-raising.

They have solicited their help directly.

They are copying Dr. Paul's platform.

They are pro-war.

They claimed, initially, to have contacted nearly 600 of the delegates, presumably Santorum and Romney, trying to bring them on board based upon Christian fundamentalism away from Romney.

They are angry that Romney refuses to answer questions about gay marriage, abortion, and similar issues.

They want to undermine Romney, is their claim, but, secretly, they wish to stall an RP presidency.

Robby Wells told me himself he would be happy if RP became his VP and would offer that position (of all things!!!!)

That's what I know from direct contact with them and an RP person who was considering helping them.

Dr. K.


Robby Wells is not a Republican. So in his' "Plan B" he wants Ron Paul and the Conservative Republican Union delegates to vote for a rule change in the RNC that would place his name into nomination. Then as a presidential nominee his first pick for VP would be Ron Paul. Based on their mission statement I do not believe the CRU wants Ron Paul as VP. The CRU vehemently opposes Constitutional Republican Libertarians in the GOP.

Hmmmmm, I wonder who he and the CRU have in mind for another pick? Seems to me a pro-war neocon is more to their liking.

IMHO, Robby Wells is running against Ron Paul. I agree with Dr. K that the CRU "secretly wish to stall an RP presidency". Robby Wells in 2012 had presidential nominee runs in the Reform Party and Constitutional Party. Now he is trying out the GOP. I suggest that people who consider supporting Wells talk to his ex supporters before they contribute to his campaign.

The Ron Paul revolution will succeed. The Robby Wells and CRUs will not stop it.


He wasn't on the ballot in CA

do you have the LibertyUSA PAC link to him?

LibertyUSA PAC removed Robby

LibertyUSA PAC removed Robby Wells Information.


He is listed here:

Robby Wells: 2012 Liberty Candidate for President of the United States

More people are becoming aware that he is not as liberty minded as he claims to be.

CRU seeks to undermine Ron Paul Revolution

Robby Wells stated that the CRU endorsed him. Over the past months he has established relations with this organization. The CRU opposes Republican Libertarians who uphold the Constitution and defend Liberty.

"There is much to do, and much to be undone; Liberalism, Communism, Libertarism and Democratic Values have infected our Country and the infection needs to be stopped, and removed.

"Our goal is to counter the well-financed antics of radical left-wing groups like MoveOn.org and Libertarian groups from lying to Republicans trying to convince them that we are all Republican, WE ARE NOT, being a Republican is being a Conservative.

We educate, train and organize by appealing to the grassroots 'silent majority' to take action -- contacting government and business leaders; placing newspaper, radio and television ads; and holding the Left accountable for their anti-American antics and the Libertarians from taking away our party."

Conservative Republican Union - Mission Statement
Internet Archive Wayback Machine: Conservative Republican Union - Jan. 12, 2012

How can Robby Wells say he is a liberty minded candidate? He is in bed with a group that pushes neocon propaganda and seeks to undermine the Ron Paul Revolution.

"More important than the names of people affiliated with neo-conservatism are the views they adhere to. Here is a brief summary of the general understanding of what neocons believe: "They dislike and despise libertarians (therefore, the same applies to all strict constitutionalists)."

We've Been Neo-Conned by Ron Paul

CRU Spews Anti-Libertarian Rhetoric

When I read the CRU Mission Statement

"Our goal is to counter...Libertarian groups from lying to Republicans trying to convince them that we are all Republican, WE ARE NOT, being a Republican is being a Conservative."

This video came to mind which explains neoconservative anti-libertarian rhetoric.

SA@TAC - The Great Neo-Con: Libertarianism Isn't 'Conservative'

The Great Neo-Con:

The Great Neo-Con: Libertarianism Isn't 'Conservative'

For some reason the link I posted is not working so I am reposting it.

Yes, in direct conversation with this group it is clear that

they are anti-liberty, pro-Zionist, and pro-war. 100% fraudulent, including the Wells 'presidential' run.

It is a mimic of RP by evangelists, who are unhappy with

Romney's stance on their fundamental issues. They are completely against Romney and want nothing to do with Dr. Paul.

So, to entice others they have stolen the good doctor's liberty profile.

Interesting article about

Interesting article about Robby Carr Wells

Good riddance to Robby Wells
by Adam Van Brimmer,
[savannahnow, 11/28/2011]

Another Interesting article

Another Interesting article about Robby Wells.

In 2010 Dr. Claude Flythe, Vice President for Administration Savannah State University, Georgia stated that Robby Wells is "a 'pathological liar' who was forced to resign after lying to SSU administrators about a trip he took to Las Vegas in January."

BETRAYAL OF TRUST: Why SSU fired football coach Robby Wells
By Noell Barnidge (Savannahnow, Nov. 21, 2010)

Now, I'm going to tell you the exact conversation I had with him

He rambled continuously, touting nearly verbatum Dr. Paul's platform. It was complete copy-cat-ism, astonishingly so.

He stated repeatedly that he was invited to speak at the LibertyFest. This must be re-named the Anti-LibertyFest.

He said he always wanted to be 'president', since his youth (likely story)

He spoke like an empty suit. He did say that, soon, his candidacy would be launched all over the internet and that he was currently collecting donations.

He said he had no knowledge of the insider's claims that CRU had secured promises from hundreds of delegates; would not admit to the same.

Asked him his position about the Constitution, Rule of Law, Intervensionism: complete mimickery of Dr. Paul, but not so clearly against the wars as the good doctor.

Then, he said the astounding, "Since Dr. Paul won't win, if I do, I will ask him to be my vice president."

So, there you have it: words from his mouth.

Robby Wells trying to pass on

Robby Wells is trying to pass on disinformation that Ron Paul is not electable. The fact is that Ron Paul is secretly winning over more delegates. Ron Paul can win.

Not the only one

Seems there are many people that deep down think this. We expose Robby Wells and Jason Denny. So the very next day Paul Fest is transformed into Gary Fest. I feel duped into promoting an event I thought was for Ron Paul that turn into something I would never support and I am ashamed to be associated with. Now after exposing Wells I get banned for saying anything about the person who introduced this guy in the first place. Sounds like Ron Paul Tribune should change it's name too. How is it the group has allowed these decisive events...Robby Wells and now Paul Fest?

Not quite.

Read his platform. He wants the US to be a global "Super Power" and he advocates cutting the minimum wage for certain industries while allowing those with the reduced wages to collect half a welfare check. Sounds like a form of slavery to me.

No Knowledge

Yes ...This football coach knows the Ron Paul Play book and that is his game plan. He has muddied the water of his CRU claim even more. He better save his money and look elsewhere for votes on the Internet.

is robby wells cointelpro

robby wells sounds like he could be cia cointelpro. he ran for but failed to win the Constitution Party nomination which is a right wing fundamentalist bible before the constitution party. last go around the cia successfully penetrated the libertarian party (former cia officer bob barr) and this year it looks like they tried with the reform and constitution party. at least this guy has a better cover than Mockingbird cia agent Anderson cooper.

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms


Robby Wells has also been in the reform party .http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2012/01/robby-wells-drops-reform-party-bid-to-run-for-constitution-party-nom/ Jason Denny and Robby Wells both support Young Republicans.

Robby Wells is backed by pro-Mitt Romney Jason R. Denny

Robby Wells is backed by pro-Mitt Romney supporter Jason R. Denny (https://twitter.com/#!/JRD4Texas) and his mysterious Conservative Republican Union. Robby Wells and his pro-Mitt crew are trying to trick Ron Paul delegates to vote for him so Ron Paul will lose.

"I continue to fight this fight for delegates for as long as you are behind me. Patriots like you are helping win battles, elect the delegates and take over state parties all across the nation right now. This is vital for our current efforts and for the future of our movement to restore America and fight for liberty.

...There is also no doubt the establishment is scared of our strength and our successes in electing national delegates. You can see it in the desperation of their attempts to downplay our success and some of the outrageous abuses of procedure they used to try to keep me from winning delegates...So it is up to us to do everything possible to win this battle."

~ Ron Paul

Ron Paul Message
[FightForAmericaBack] Published May 2012

Removing the post, since the concensus seems to be

that it serves us not to have it up. It is now purged. Thanks.


Thanks good Doctor.Job done.

Tempest in a teapot.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Lost in translation...wait


it's like a storm in a tea cup

but a bit bigger.

What the h- is going on?

I would pull that off the site, do more research on this guy and post the results. I am in Cedar Park and I have never heard of this guy in the liberty movement.

CRU? Give me a break!

Liberty Movement

He is on the Liberty Candidates website and introduced by an Internet radio host Talking Liberty W/Tracy Diaz in the 24/7 online chat room Ron Paul Tribune. Nobody believed what he was telling her so we exposed him after Carlos Beltran pushed for an interview the next night on his radio show. Talking Liberty canceled her interview and apologized, but has never explained anything much, he is still on the website http://libertycandidates.com/ and he still is using the letter from CRU to recruit delegates. Anyone who talks about it now in Ron Paul Tribune tends to gets banned for being disrespectful to Tracy.



Maybe that would explain why RP has his own rally


Sounds like the other places will be rife with people trying to co-opt the movement.

which people

Do you mean Gary Fest?

GoodSamaritan's picture

C in CRU = "Conservative" or "Christian"?

Please clarify. If this is the Christian Republican Union, it was debunked (exists only as a FB page) along with Dr. K. for pushing the same "forces brokered convention" nonsense in a thread that was 403'd two weeks ago.

See http://www.dailypaul.com/238757/breaking-romney-is-finished-...

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father


Very good point. I was with three others last night trying to clarify this to the point of severe sleep deprivation and it is not possible without further help and resources. That is why I posted it here. CRU was the information given by Robby Wells. Not any words like Christian Republican Union OR Conservative Republican Union. The name associated with CRU is Susan Truvilo (Trujilo), but no name is on the letter no logo.