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Christian Organization, CRU, Makes Last Minute Endorsement: Forces Brokered Convention?

The Conservative Republican Union https://www.facebook.com/CRUnion4USA, https://twitter.com/#!/CRUnion4USA/followers is a facebook page OWNED by Jason Denny. Jason Denny. an ex Marine, is the RNC Chairman of Travis County, Texas. ( the county Annebeck58 judged during the Texas primary and found solid evidence of vote flipping.). Jason Denny is also a delegate for Mitt Romney. https://www.facebook.com/Denny4Texas/info Jason Denny has listed as his only source of employment .... the RNC. Please explain why this PDF letter from unknown Presidential Candidate Robby Wells' web site http://electrobbywells.com/images/cru_letter.pdf , is posted on a site for Ron Paul and why Robby Well's CLAIMS A Susan Trumilo (search results=zero) gave him the letter and represents CRU. Why is an unknown independent presidential candidate who came in third in the Constitution Party, now trying to get Ron Paul delegates to vote for him through Ron Paul Tribune? Why is he claiming that he has 723 Gingrich/Santorum/...etc delegates that would vote for him, but NOT Ron Paul ? In all reality, we know Romney is bleeding delegates from Gingrich and Santorum to Ron Paul and this is probably a ploy of fear to prevent RON PAUL from ACTUALLY winning a brokered Convention. Please remove this letter from LibertyUSAPAC, it has NO NAMES, no dates, no letterhead and no credibility, but to divide the Ron Paul delegates. Please help me find an explanation as to why this pdf. is posted on LibertyUSAPac, be it Dr K Research, a Susan Trumilo.(no search results period), Robby Wells, Jason Denny or someone else?..This letter is posted in only two places....... LibertyUSAPac and Robby Wells website. Sincerely, leslymill@yahoo.com.

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What in the world?


"Robby Wells has been invited to speak at Freedom Fest in Tampa, FL. The Freedom Festival will take place August 24 through the 26 and is expected to have over 20,000 people in attendance. Be on the look out for additional details."

Paul Fest

I won't be looking, because I support Ron Paul for President and not Robby Wells with his football style play-book from Ron Paul. I am looking forward to Paul Fest and thought Liberty Fest was canceled. I guess it's to support libertarians since it has divisive elements for the Ron Paul Revolution. Most of those who visit this site and are going to Florida in August are going to get Ron Paul nominated. Paul Fest is to celebrate Ron Paul's influence on the American political scene. So why is Liberty Fest scheduled at the same time as the GOP Convention and Paul Fest?

Paul Fest

I am no longer looking forward to Paul Fest either which suddenly turned into Gary Fest and seems it really has become rife with people trying to co-opt the movement.

This story just gets more interesting

initially it looked like a faction broke off Paulfest and started their own thing to basically replace it. Their stated reasons were a lack of confidence in the original crew.

Now it's starting to look like a not-ron-paul-fest or libertarian-non-specific-to-paul-fest. And it's quite clear these events are in literal competition now.

Interesting test of a free market of ideas eh?

(disclosure: i'm hooked up with Paulfest)

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Hooked up

Sorry you got hooked. It started out good, but now it is Gary Fest with the eye on money not the movement.

Hello, everyone. This was posted to alert everyone.

If everyone agrees this to be damaging, it can be taken down: no problem.

It was leaked to me by an actual Ron Paul voter and was posted merely as an alert to yet another scheme.

To futher this was given Wells' number. He returned the call and said he would actually be speaking at the LibertyFest. Wanted everyone to know.

This is a very interesting addition regarding the Romney supporter in control of Travis County. Could prove valuable in the hunt for the real voting numbers, if the fraud is fully documented.

uh, yeah

it should be removed if the information by the OP is correct.


for sunlight

Nice work!

You just NAILED a Romney/RNC op!

Well done!!!

This should be front page.