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“Executive Privilege” Puts Presidents & Cohorts Above the Law

We all know that our nation is based upon the principle that “All Men Are Created Equal,” however there exists a loophole that is often used by reigning presidents to skirt the laws that govern the rest of us: “Executive Privilege.” President Obama recently invoked this privilege to protect one of his underlings, Attorney General Eric Holder, from being held in contempt of Congress for withholding documents pertaining to the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scheme that has so catastrophically backfired. Holder had written a letter begging Obama to bail him out, which the President gladly obliged, as Obama is never one to back away from denying information to the public or Congress and continues to make his “open and transparent” government into a running joke.

Runaway government power is always a concern, no matter which of the three branches of government happens to be expanding its reach at any given time. However, over the past 20 years the Executive Branch has taken unprecedented leaps in what it considers its authority to oversee or enact. Obviously the use of military force in undeclared and unconstitutional wars is one of the most major and apparent abuses of power, however this “Executive Privilege” is also very dangerous.

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Even with "Executive Privileges" the President (I mean CEO) of

the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES still has to answer to the shareholders of said corporation, and those "shareholders" are "We The People", and we DO have standing.

Read it here:


If people want these documents, then assuming your roles as the beneficiaries/shareholders of the public trust might be something you should look into.

Obama and his cohorts in crime are nothing more than Trustees in the corporation, but they'd have us little peons "We The People" who are the actual beneficiaries/shareholders believe that WE are the trustees and Obama, the Republicans and the Democrats (all voted into office, and ALL took an Oath) are the beneficiaries.

People better wake up and start assuming their proper roles in this trust agreement, before they completely dissolve the trust and eliminate the only law enforcement officer that can help us get anything done, which is the county Sheriff.

Well said

It's true - the President names his underlings, then protects them as a CDO protects his yes men.


This schniz is outta control

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