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Attention: Ron Paul Delegates! If the LFRP Can't Get It Done, You Must Take Another Approach: You Must Represent Yourselves!

Lets see if this post ends up in the "Off Topic" wasteland like so many of my other posts. Utterly Amazing stuff like this keeps getting moved to Off Topic, when in all due actuality it's a "MAJOR TOPIC" that needs to be seen and understood by EVERY American.

It's amazing that posts like this are allowed to stay in the "Liberty Forum", but posts like I'm making now end up in "Off Topic".


What in the HE double L does Mason Jars have to do with Liberty? The posts I've made about the trust; your Certificate of Live Birth, and why we actually have corporate chains around our necks because of the Certificate of Live Birth should be FRONT PAGE, this is our problem; this is why we can't get anything done, and Mason Jars will not help in a court of law.

Now to the topic at hand:

You people who are Delegates are also "Shareholders" in the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

Your proof of this is your Certificate of Live Birth; it's the ONLY document you have that has the Government/Corp's signature/seal on it in your behalf.

You pay taxes right? ... Those taxes are "investment deposits" into the corporation; those taxes "FUND" the corporation; without those taxes/deposits, the corporation is insolvent.

This means as a shareholder/investor in the corporation, you have standing to sue, or standing to have a court proceeding, or hearing for the corporation, in which you the "citizen/taxpayer/investor/shareholder" are the beneficiaries of the corporation, and the government officials, judges, etc. are the trustees of that corporation.

How do you know they are trustees? Because they are "public servants" or "public trustees". They answer to YOU! You pay their salary! You are their boss, and as a taxpayer/shareholder/investor in the corporation, you have every right to bring up your grievances and have them heard in a court of law.

There is a possibility that hiring a BAR licensed attorney will, in the view of the court, label you as incompetents; wards of the STATE; trustees that have no business administrating any estate, let alone their own.

If you run into this roadblock, perhaps representing yourselves in court, as competent shareholders, will alter the courts view of your standing, and you will prevail.

Just to make sure this post does not end up in "Off Topic", I'd like to point out other recent posts pertaining to the topic at hand that have been listed in the Liberty Forum and are still there today, and have not been brushed under the rug and hidden from the public.

Here's just a few:

Daily Paul Liberty Forum:




Ron Paul 2012 Forum:


Delegates Forum:


Activism Forum:


To you moderators that don't seem to believe this "Birth Certificate" or "Certificate of Live Birth" issue deserves massive attention, please do some homework on the subject; it's the most relevant issue at hand.

Do you not realize the UNITED STATES is a foreign corporation; that corporations cannot do business with living-breathing men and women; that the foreign corp US. split the title of the original "Record of Live Birth" and created another "YOU"; a DEAD you; a fictitious entity you; a presumption of law you; a legal person YOU?

Why the HE double L do you think your Certificate of Live Birth has a REGISTRARS seal and signature on it? The Registrar is the court of Probate, and Probate only deals with estates of the DEAD.

The court views you as DEAD; a legal name; a fictitious entity; a presumption of law; a ward of the STATE, a TRUSTEE, unless you set the record straight upon arriving in court by identifying the REAL trustees, the "judge" and the "STATE prosecutors", etc.

That is how they are dealing with us, but they are playing the roles of the administrators and beneficiaries of the public trust, when the truth of the matter is:

We The People are the beneficiaries/shareholders/taxpayers/investors in that public trust, and We The People do not take orders from "public trustees", but our ignorance of the situation is getting us railroaded in these court hearings (I mean corporate-administrative hearings).

Your "Certificate of Live Birth" is your proof that you are a shareholder; that means you have standing!

The trustees (public servants) are there for one reason and one reason only: To carry out the wishes of the investors/shareholders of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES and to produce the best return for you money possible; your tax donations; the money you invest to keep the corporation alive and running $$$.

The county Sheriff is in that courtroom for one reason and one reason only: To enforce the demands of the beneficiaries/shareholders onto the trustees to carry out.

Who are the trustees? ...... "THE PUBLIC SERVANTS"

Who are the beneficiaries? . "We The People"

How do you know you are the Administrator/Beneficiary of the corporate estate-legal fictitious entity NAME on the Certificate of Live Birth?

Because "YOU" are the only one that can get a certified copy of that document short a court order.

That IS your standing to sue. You are not happy with the way the "public trustees" are handling operations of the corporation UNITED STATES in which you are an investor/shareholder, and you have every legal right and standing in the world to have a shareholders meeting to discuss their incompetence and redirect the situation at hand.

Perhaps Delegates should stop acting like "public trustees" who have no standing, and start acting like the beneficiaries/shareholder/investors/ of the corporate UNITED STATES they actually are. Should YOU a beneficiary of the corporation allow a trustee (judge/attorney, etc.) tell you that you have no standing?

Trustees do not tell beneficiaries what to do! Unless the beneficiaries does not know his actual role in the trust and allows him/herself to be railroaded into a trustee position.

Just My Two Cents, take it as you will, but remember this: Hiring a BAR card attorney to represent you in a court where another BAR card attorney (the judge) is sitting in the BIG seat, is kind of a conflict of interest, since both have a superseding oath to the Crown and not the Republic.

Here's a few of my other posts that have ended up in "Off Topic" that might help educate some on the topic at hand:






The whole system runs off TRUST LAW. We The People are the Beneficiaries and the politicians/judges/attorneys/RNC are the "public servants" or "public trustees".

They agreed to take a lesser standing in the corporate trust by proof of their "OATH of OFFICE". Trustees have no teeth, it's setup to be that way; the founders setup the Constitution as a Trust agreement between "We The People" and government, in which "We The People" had all the power and those voted into public office only had the power we granted them.

For the sake of God, stop putting these posts in "Off Topic", they are the MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC at hand.

If anything, post this in the "Liberty Forum" or "Activism" or "Delegates" or "Ron Paul 2012", just anywhere so it shows up on the right side of this screen in the "Active Forum Topics" >>>>>>>>>>>>


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That's good for 'Off Topic'

I gotta be honest

I'm baffled by the Off Topic moves as well. Has a Romney insider or anti-liberty person infiltrated DP as a Moderator? Come on guys, this is important ideological information that helps liberty minded folks to think in a liberty minded way about the world we are in right now.

This is most certainly relevant to current events going on right now.
I really am truly shocked that this informative post is shoved into Off Topic.

Right now I see a Topic "I was stopped by a Sheriff today" no offense but this doesn't have a god damn thing to do with Ron Paul the Presidency and moving forward our message. It's a personal experience and THAT deserves to be OFF topic.

Lets fix this Mods and Michael Nystrom. COME ON!

UPDATE: Please Read and Scroll Down to the Seminar Below!

I unfortunately did not post the video seminars of Dean Clifford teaching us this valuable information in my original post, but if you will scroll down to my comment headed:

"Ready to give the Delegates the Ammo they need to Win?"

below, I've posted the seminars in order for the Delegates and anyone else for that matter to view. Be sure to watch "Both Sides of the Story"
first, it was his last seminar; he got a little ahead of his students and finally did this one to sum it up for people and help them understand what's happening with the NAME and how your Certificate of Live Birth comes into play and how the courts are railroading people by the judge "presuming" himself into the administrative role of the hearing and bumping the real administrator/beneficiary down to the dreaded trustee position ......... Please God Let This Get Back in the

"CURRENT EVENTS" section of this forum so it can be seen.

And Again This Vital Information For Our Delegates Is Hidden

from it's original posting in the "Current Events" forum, to the dreaded wasteland called "Off Topic".

You people who are moderating these threads are doing a grave disservice to this entire Nation by doing what you are doing and hiding this information in "Off Topic" so no one can see it.

I hope someone who has some clout will talk to Michael; someone he trusts; someone who knows this is the ONLY TOPIC, and inform him of the importance of this post and my comment directly below this.

Without this information, the Delegates stand a very high probability of getting railroaded in their case against the RNC.

Please, someone, everyone, RAISE SOME H3LL and get this back in the Current Events Forum where it can be seen.

It's a shame, but because this topic is so, so deep

in its history, and complexity, it is subject matter that only 1 out of every 30,000+ people have any working knowledge of (sic).
Thank you for starting this thread.
This deserves a big BUMP!

—z, The living man, and not the all-caps legal fiction
; )

Just goes to show: Sometimes it's not the Content or

Significance of the Information at hand that's the "attention getter", as much as "WHO" brings the information forward".

Had Michael Nystrom made this post, it would have already been up to 1500 up-votes; would have been on the front page for the world to see, and people would be running with this information and spreading it like a wildfire.

Today, people will spend 2-3 hours posting replies to the Mason Jar thread, when they could have taken 2 hours to learn and freed themselves from bondage, and helped unveil the true 1000lb. Gorilla in the Room, that's posted in the my comment below (video seminar).

It is sad, no doubt.

People just do not want to take the time to learn anything anymore. You can post a two hour seminar like I did below ("Both Sides of the Story")and that is just too much time; a big hassle; can't possibly be of any relevance ...

The really sad part of it is: Dean Clifford has laid what would normally take someone 20 years of research to unveil in some very precise one and two hour seminars that are worth their weight in gold, and still, as simple as this information is; as powerful as this information is, it's just too time consuming for the average attention span of 2.5 minutes.

People are going to look back on this thread one day and say to themselves "I can't believe our remedy was posted here for the world to see two years ago, and it was swept under the rug".

I can only hope that someone with some common sense sees this thread; someone who is a well known voice on this forum that everyone seems to trust, will re-post this and it will finally be well received.

This kind of reminds me of the whole cancer phenomenon. It's been well proven by Simoncini that Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) kills cancer on contact, but for the average person, it's just too simple; no way it could be that easy, it's a BS conspiracy theory, etc. and they'll continue digging through mountains of research looking for the 'magic bullet', when the hole time the 'magic bullet' was right in front of their face.

What can I say.

Yes yes yes!

Simoncini had his career ruined and license (in Italy) revoked for that discovery.

MODS: Bump This to Current Events?

It is relevant and needs to be viewed in a timely fashion.
And is certainly as relevant as "other" legal-issues posted.

Thank You for your consideration on this.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Ready to give our Delegates the Ammo They Need to Win?

NOTE: America is still a British Colony and the same Trust Law/Certificate of Live Birth/IMF situation that is the problem in Canada, is the EXACT same thing we are dealing with here in the states.

If you want some power in the courtroom (Delegates for Ron Paul and anyone else for that matter), then you need to take some time out of your schedule and watch this seminar and understand what the hell is happening in that circus called a court of law.

The judges are "public servants/trustees", but they are treating YOU as if you are the trustees, and that presumption is killing you in these court cases. You lose the second you walk in the door; they just put on a show to make you feel like "Damn, we almost won that case", but you were never even close. You were considered the trustee in the hearing from the get go because you never corrected the courts presumption.

Listen, take notes and learn. What you about to watch in these seminars in mind blowing. When you finish this series, I promise you Ron Paul Delegates and everyone else in this country will feel UNSTOPPABLE and UNBEATABLE when you walk into court. Guaranteed to make you say "HOLY $HIT, That's What They're Doing To Us"!

Here's the seminars in order by Dean Clifford (look him up people, he's the real deal):

NOTE: GO TO THE LAST SEMINAR POSTED BELOW AND WATCH IT FIRST! Dean made the other seminars first, but kind of got ahead of himself on explaining the issue of Trusts, your Birth Certificate, and how they are using it against us. So watch the seminar "Both Sides of the Story" first, then come back and watch seminar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, in that order.

Your Rights Trusts and How To and How To Enforce Them: (Seminar 1-6)

1. http://youtu.be/ARPj0S9cBxU

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TNptD...

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kV7li...

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSZWocd3CLA&feature=relmfu

5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ39uDvxU98&feature=relmfu

6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=evD2o...

Final Seminar "Both Sides of the Story" ... Watch This One First!

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk&feature=relmfu
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA&feature=fvwrel
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xLzKRdsNLU&feature=related

When you finish this, I guarantee you our Delegates will have a whole different attitude and an overwhelming amount of confidence and knowledge when bringing these lawsuits against the "public servant/trustees" aka RNC in the coming weeks and months.

Without knowing this information, I personally believe they will be railroaded out of court; won't stand a chance, and will come home beaten down and tired from participating in a circus that you're almost guaranteed to lose before the case ever begins.

The RNC, the DNC, The Courts, The Judges, The whole lot of them are a private club of trustees who've figured out a way to dupe the people into believing they have no power. Once you watch these video, you'll know who really has the power and you won't be railroaded in the courts.

You are about to witness and learn just how much power you actually do have.

Knowledge is Power People, and we've been dumb'd down long enough.

Time to learn what's really going on in that court and time to learn who you REALLY are, and that's the SHAREHOLDERS/INVESTORS/BENEFICIARIES of the public Trust and your public RATS are bitter trustees who didn't like We The People having all that power, so they devised a little sleight of hand many years ago with the old switcharoo on the "Certificate of Live Birth".

Thank you. As someone who

Thank you. As someone who has battled in the courts as a Pro Se and won 4 of 5, losing only to a judge who was crooked as the day is long, this is valuable information for anyone who wants to take on the system.
Pro Se's are dealt a bad hand and ridiculed in most courts until you don your Perry Mason persona and start quoting statutes and rules to the court.

Great compilation. All should save a short cut on the desktop and bookmark this one.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Thank You to the posters below for your comments.

I for the love of God cannot figure out why all my preceding posts on this topic have been shoved to "Off Topic" and buried under a rug so no one can view them; made hard to find; hidden from the public; taken out of the "Current Forum Topics" stream to the right of this page that is in constant view of everyone on this site >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Until "We The People" wake up and understand this Trust relationship with respect to our elected representatives (public trustees), we are NEVER going to achieve our goals of restoring this country back to it's original "Republican" (not democratic) form of government.

This political atmosphere could literally change overnight if this information were to go viral and the citizens of this country actually knew what the heck was going on.

What's going on you say?

The "public trustees", meaning Obama, the RNC, all elected officials, all judges, etc. who've taken an Oath of Office are toothless trustees, but they've duped the entire country into believing that the citizens are the trustees of the corporation, and the fact of the matter is:

We The People are the SHAREHOLDERS/INVESTORS/BENEFICIARIES of the Public Trust, and WE have all the POWER!

PS: Obama is nothing more than a public servant/trustee and CEO of "OUR" corporation. This so called presidential election is nothing more than appointing another CEO to occupy that office for 4 years and follow or carry out "OUR" demands as the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries.

So yes, we have standing; we are the life blood of this monster; our money keeps it afloat, and we pick and dictate the terms of the trust agreement, not the elected rats (public trustees) masquerading around the capitol as beneficiaries, in which they are NOT!

Know your role people!

Can't Believe That

Somebody downvoted your comment...without the courtesy of a differing viewpoint???
Go figure!
I voted ya back up.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


for discussion


your statement:
"...hiring a BAR licensed attorney will, in the view of the court, label you as incompetents; wards of the STATE; trustees that have no business administrating any estate, let alone their own."

Has great merit, otherwise why wouldn't it be "illegal" for a citizen to represent themselves "Pro Se" being the terminology used.

It is your right and the "BAR" is setup to deny us of this.
A fact that this is detrimental to the citizenry...yet profitable with respect to "the BAR".

The "Tall-Tales" distributed to ridicule any attempt at self representation are numerous, most referenced is the one attributed to Abe Lincoln .... The one alleging a "fool" for a lawyer when acting in Pro Se, yet many cases are successful by Pro Se proponents, much to the disdain of the elitist bar association.

Thanks for posting this..It does raise some good questions .

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Absolutely right

Also, for those who stumble upon this and have no idea what the OP is talking about, I would recommend Thomas Anderson's “Classified – For Your Eyes Only” Book 1, as a good introduction to the topics being discussed on this thread.

This Needs a BIG BUMP

Thanks for that additional source info.
I cannot believe this isn't getting more prominence here.

I didn't even dream of tools like this when I was actively engaged in the Court System. I had to spend hour upon hour in the law library which, fortunately, was in the court building's annex.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

It deserves "Front Page", but will be kept in the dreaded

"Off Topic" wasteland of the site; hidden from the public like the cures to cancer by big-pharma.

When the day comes that either Michael Nystrom or one of the Moderators takes the time to watch just that one two hour seminar I posted in a comment above, the name of this website will chance from the DailyPaul, to the "Holy Grail of our Freedom.com"

People can't get anything done in the courts when it comes to restoring our freedom and the Republic for one reason:

The "Certificate of Live Birth" and our true relationship with this corporation "Trust Law".

The Founders inscribed in stone on every building in DC the words:

"In God We Trust"

The Holy Trinity is Trust Law; it's the Biblical Law of God. The whole system is operating off of Trust Law, and our remedy is inscribed in stone and yet, we still can't see it.

Thank you

Thank you for your efforts to try to educate us. Apparently it has not been well received here and that's too bad.
I thought we were under Admiralty Law. I've never heard of Trust Law but I see I have a great deal to learn. Thank you for the links to help with my further study.

Admiralty Law

Is a terminology I've read/heard/seen mentioned online.
This is also worth adding to the toolbox of tactics available.
A little knowledge goes a long way it can:
Embarass a Judge ...when he realizes he's not equipped to reply to you...most will adjourn and announce that they will make a "Ruling from the Bench" whereupon they hastily retreat to chambers.

Most rulings are made within 30 days.
A corrupted official will take longer as a "payback", henceforth:
Now you know why I previously posted about the importance of this:


Written motions will trump a verbal argument in this respect, when you are put into this situation...they withstand any delay of time and lay grounds for an appeal...which no judge wants.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!