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Oregon: 'newly Elected' Pcps Have To Bring Their PCP Certificate To The Convention Saturday, Or They Will Not Be Credentialed !

Oregon: 'newly Elected' Pcps Have To Bring Their PCP Certificate TO THE CONVENTION SATURDAY, or They Will Not Be Credentialed !

http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/sites/default/files/Off... , top of page 2

PLEASE bring your PCP certificate to your convention this Saturday!

I have called everyone in our county to let them know. Please call your people in your own county and tell everyone you know.

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When I called the Oregon Republican Party office before this was posted they said just bring photo ID to the convention. Don't believe it! Spread the word to every newly elected PCP in Oregon you know!

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to get out the word.

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Essential bump & upvote

Essential bump & upvote

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Elected Primary Care Providers?


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bump for importance!

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