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Jesse Benton Keeps Ron Paul from Attending Another Grassroots Event

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This is an idiotic post.

What makes you think any body can keep Ron Paul from attending any event he wishes to attend.

Paul always stays clear of people trying to profit from his name.

ALWAYS!!!!! Friend or foe. PERIOD !!!!!!

Instead of posting this idiotic post you guys should have waited for him to announce when his rally is going to be and simply add it to the Paulfest literature as if you are a part of it.

Liberty Chat

has been blatantly using DP as a "click farm" for a while now.
I NEVER click thru to that site.

..first thing I thought of,

..first thing I thought of, too..but I still wish he would come to Paulfest.

It makes sense why Ron Paul will not go to Paulfest

Why would Dr. Paul make people pay 50$ to go see him outside of Tampa before the RNC Convention?

Ron Paul can not attend or

Ron Paul can not attend or take part in anything connected to PACs.
He can not attend these Paul Fest functions unless he is incognito.
Most of you should know that.

However, the campaign's Ron Paul Rally is scheduled to begin after the Paul Fest event is done. Therefore, those who have attended the Paul Fest are free to move the party to the Ron Paul Rally.

No one is being dissed, or shut out. In fact, the rally extends the Paul Fest in fine style.

Good decision, campaign et al!

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

I think there's more to all

I think there's more to all this than we know. The only way Paul has even a slightest chance of getting the nomination is through the Republican party. They have their reasons. The other thing is the possibility of threats. Going to an open atmosphere event could be dangerous for Dr. Paul too. If he holds his own event, he can have some control over how security is done. Let's just hope for the best.

If security is a concern they have

not expressed it to us. In fact I have been on calls with them and brought that very topic up. We are willing to work with them in any way possible to make sure we ease their concerns about security. I do agree though I think there is more to all this than we know.

My take on this. Let's make this festival so big with so much support that the media can't ignore it and Dr. Paul can't refuse it! Let's make all of Tampa Paul Festival!


fire benton or send him to the Romney campaign

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

What makes you think Benton is NOT working for Romney?

This is just another evidence of sabotage.

Just listened to an expert on election fraud. He said that all over the world for the last 10-15 years a primary tactic has been to infiltrate opponents' campaigns.

Took the words

Out of my mouth. $570k kind of says it all to me. But why attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by incompetence?

I predict Benton will survive this and resurface on a couple of years as Rand or someone like him's campaign manager. In the meantime he can get paid by some liberty movement fundraising organization. I doubt Romney even had to pay him.


Hey Paul Festival!

Grow up! Seriously!

I spoke first hand with one of your "organizers". Initially I offered my services in the Sound, Light, Video, and Staging arena. Unfortunately you guys came off as so disorganized and wet behind the ears that I opted not to participate. I was concerned for my business license and safety of the general public.

What made matters worse? You were looking for volunteers to staff this event. Everyone from security to production and even operations. All the while building up to a hefty ticket price... Who does this benefit? I wonder!

No offense. I'm glad your doing an event to bring people together... but QUIT WHINING ABOUT RON NOT ATTENDING!

It's pretty clear you are in this for the money and not the movement, otherwise you would show Ron and Team some respect.

So I'll say it again. GROW UP! Be happy you've gotten this far... but if you think you're going to get away with tarnishing the good doctors name so you can line your pocket books, I will remain silent no longer.

If you are really a pro at

If you are really a pro at putting the staging on for an event like this, then you would not be asking why the cost of admission.

Promotions cost money, even if the labor is free.
The event itself doesn't go on for free. There may be cost associated with the use of the venue itself. Insurance coverage for multi cultural and multi aged crowds has to be acquired, and it isn't cheap. If the municipality requires that officers be there on duty, that too has to be covered. Utilities have to be paid for. Clean up has to be paid for.
The list of expenses even for an event with many volunteers is a long, long list.

Being contracted to erect staging, sound, and lights, and then packing it up at the end of the night is a lot different than actually producing and promoting an event. Now you know.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Well you schooled me..

I would know nothing of visualizing an event like this with 3D renderings of staging, per-programming of intelligent lighting, content creation and playback of HD video on DMX mapped LED pixels, and of course precision time aligned audio arrays capable of 120db of crystal clear and balanced signal anywhere in the fairgrounds.

You're right I'm just a grunt. Make no mistake though... Grunts like me make a decent living knowing how to do such things. More importantly though, is safety! Think PLASA, OSHA, ILDA, Etc... You mentioned insurance? Has it ever occurred to you that the rigging crews that erect these stages and trussing systems must be insured as well?

Promotions is a way to get people aware of an event, but without equipment, stage hands, and entertainment you don't have an event. It's teamwork.

I personally don't do heavy lifting anymore I manage the production on events such as these and I would never belittle someone who was willing to bust their A$$ for me sweating bullets outdoors in Florida by telling them that every other person working on an event is more important than them.

They just show up, unpack, repack, and then go home. Nice!

Thanks for the education on how these things work, though. I must have missed it somewhere during the last 20 years in the business.

More assumptions and nothing

More assumptions and nothing to state your claim, perhaps you should look at who these people are doing the event WITHOUT PAY I might add. Many are the same people that founded and organized the revolution march in 2008 in Washington DC with Ron Paul, that event was also DONE WITHOUT PAY!

You offered you sound and lighting skills LMFAO. What is the name of your sound company? If this were true you wouldn't question why the need to raise money and sell tickets now would you? Again, please tell us the name of your sound company.

The 19 week member with 5 posts and you attempt to belittle this guy without a clue what the hell you are talking about.

Hoot ignore these people, they are not here for Ron Paul but for other reasons that many of the intelligent people on DP will see right through.

Hey funkdefino stop posting assumptions as facts!

I am sorry if our grassroots organization isn't organized to your satisfaction. Not all of us are perfect.

Of course we are looking for volunteers, many people would like to participate and help with this event and we welcome them. Perhaps the "hefty" ticket prices are to cover the big expense for a large festival. Not one of us main organizers are getting paid to put this event on and we are working more than full time to make it happen. If there is any "profits" we intend to put some in the bank for next years festival and then distribute the rest of the money out to Liberty Candidates around the country. But thanks for assuming we are doing this for a payday.

We have showed Ron Paul and his team respect the entire time. Just because someone post a thread on DP voicing their opinion doesn't mean they are officially part of our organization.

Once again no organizers of Paul Festival are getting paid for this event, we are all volunteers.

Dear Hoot,

I am sorry too that I had a bad experience with the representative that called me. I really wanted to be involved in this event, but he left such a bad taste in my mouth that I felt that donating my time would (in the end) wind up being a liability for my business.

I am sorry if I am mistaking someone's post as being part of your organization!

I really do wish this event well. I hope it has a massive turn out and that it winds up getting positive news coverage for the Liberty Movement.

I must reiterate though that I'm not going to stand by and allow anyone to sully the good doctors name! If he or his campaign team have opted not to speak or attend than I can only assume they believe it is in the campaigns best interest not to.

That should be enough for anyone.

On a counter point thought... This event is a work in progress. If your pre-sales skyrocket and the security detail is established as solid the campaign may have a change of heart.

Good luck!

Get serious, Folks. I think RP has been around long

enough to know when a situation should be avoided or not. I am going to follow his lead on this one. Why does the Liberty movement need a 3 day event? Really? 3 days? RP is going to hold a rally on Sunday and that is where I will be. That is where I will be able to stand WITH HIM to show my support for everything I have done. IMHO, the root of the other "festivals" is to make money off of RP's followers. But Y'all do what you want.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Lol you have made one post in

Lol you have made one post in 4 years. Nice try though

Your point would be???


~Your perception becomes your reality~

The point is simple, you

The point is simple, you haven't made a post in 4 years and your only post in that 4 years is to bash the festival.

Sorry Charlie,

if you look a little more closely at my account you will see that I post comments on a regular basis. That is the role I have here: commenter. The posts would be nothing without the comments.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Jesse said "the event at the

Jesse said "the event at the fairgrounds is being held by Paul supporters who are not affiliated with the campaign". What a dumb statement to make. If it weren't for supporters there wouldn't be a campaign. Was it the campaign that donated to all money bombs? His total disrespect for supporters and grassroots is out of control.

Think About Ads

...put out by the campaign and signed off on with "I am Ron Paul and I approve this message." There is a legal reason for that. Conversely, ads by pacs and supporters do not have that tag. He didn't pay for them, formally approve them...but that does not mean he does not approve *of* them.

I detest some of the things Jesse has done and consider him at best a novice and at worse controlled by others; however, there is nothing wrong with this statement.

First he says the event is being held by Ron Paul supporters" and they are not "affiliated with the campaign." In other words, we are not on the campaign staff, our events are not paid for by the campaign, the campaign is not responsible for anything said or anything that takes place at the event, and the supporter/organizers can make any event plans they wish. Again, it does not mean Ron Paul (or the campaign) is in any way unhappy with there being an event. Just it is not paid for .. sanctioned ..as a campaign event.

Jesse HAS made some dumb statements...arrogant, misguided and detrimental = immature....however, IMO this is not one of them.


Ron Paul

goes where he pleases.

You haven't made a post in 3

You haven't made a post in 3 years.

Ron Paul still goes

where he pleases.

That made me laugh

The posts nazi's tend to be the conspiracy type. They are out to get some one, therefore they project some one is out to get them

cowering in fear

... due to death threats from CFR, CIA, or any other source is the behavior of sheep. I for one vow to NEVER hold back, NEVER cower in fear, and NEVER cease fighting the New World Order and their massive corporate front.




Jesse Benton is a Fat


Yes I feel better about myself.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson