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1812: The War Party’s First ‘Success’

The two-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812 is upon us, and I’m shocked and surprised the War Party hasn’t planned a celebration: after all, as Jefferson Morley points out in Salon, this was the first neocon war, i.e. an unnecessary war of choice. Perhaps the reason for this shameful lack of hosannas is that it wasn’t particularly successful: the Brits burned Washington and routed our militias, while the glorious conquest of Canada – where, Americans were told, the inhabitants would shower us with rose petals at the moment of their “liberation” – was rudely repulsed by the ungrateful Canadians.


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...the war was a consequence of a trade treaty signed by France with Russia. Russia was the largest producer of hemp at the time. England needed hemp for it's fleet and looked to us as a replacement source. After all, that was their original idea with their "colonys."

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Interesting Take :)

I always find it strange how economist will say the U.S was weak and needed Britain and France for international trade, but I agree with you were were capable of producing the best resources at an unlimited supply to the old world.

The second strange finding is you mention French and Russian Alliance. In studying history I could never understand the relationship between those 2. They were allied as an early response to WW1 as well, before Britain got involved.

I need to look at dates again but what year did Napoleon invade Moscow 1811? This treaty you mention must have been quick diplomacy after Napoleon failed to take Moscow, or it was shortly before Napoleons invasion.

I still stand with the anti federalist and those who wanted britain off of our continent. Canada would have been the other 50 states on sound footing from 1783 had we forced the british from our continent.

If we should have favored trade with anyone it should have remained France, because Napolean was desperate for cash and allowed us to claim the other half of our country with the Louisiana Purchase.

Jefferson/Jackson 2016
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Patriotic Senex

I disagree very strong with

I disagree very strong with you today Justin. This war is one I would actually have fought for. To me it is a predictable extension of the Revolutionary War. Some founders warned that Britain would only use surrender and peace as a way to buy time for a second attack. I think it was clear during the federalist rule of 1789- 1801 set the gears in motion for the war of 1812. The north threatened succession against Jefferson, they signed the egregious Jay Treaty and rescinded on many of our most important terms of Peace with Britain. Andrew Jackson probably never forgave George Washington for his support of the Jay Treaty.

Jefferson had the correct idea, ban trade with both imperialist nations. The federalist threatened political action in response, and our leftist economist today describe Jefferson's program as a failure, although it was a last ditch effort to save neutrality, all the while his enemies were making favored trade treaties with our soon to be enemies.

The war of 1812 is called that because it was embarrassing if we called it the Second Affirmation of American Independence. Your educated and I am aware of your abilities Justin, just dont let that high school class version of our second greatest war, get you confused with the seudo alliances(entanglement) of our days. You have several wars of aggression which would make your point. Write an article about the Spanish American War if you want to show early NeoCons. But please dont throw my only home boys Madison, Jefferson, and Jackson under the bus.

yt = classicalliberalism

Patriotic Senex

Thanks for commenting

Justin Raimondo is a great writer and huge Ron Paul supporter.
I always enjoy his work on the antiwar.com site.

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