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"Sic 'em Nigel, sic 'em! Europe has their own Ron Paul! *video*

Posted by Charleston Voice, 06.20.12

Dang! If we're going to have a non-American born president, why didn't we get Nigel Farage? Instead we get a Communist. Understandably, because that's what our traitors wanted. Sometimes it's not fair, but God always has a reason.

Has Europe got their own Ron Paul? For the sake of the European people, let's hope so.
Watch here>>
"Sic 'em Nigel, sic 'em! Europe has their own Ron Paul! *video*

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I can't get enough of this

Thanks for the great videos!!!

Nigel is one of my new heroes!!!

respect, rude bwoy

respect, rude bwoy

Gotta love that man!

He pulls no punches

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

This is off-subject, but I'm wondering how you are doing crab?

I'll never forget the great enthusiasm in your DP post the day you got the licenses to run your stand.

How's your business doing? How do the other vendors compare sales this summer to those of last summer?

I wish you the very best and thanks for all you are doing for the cause of liberty. Please let me know how you're doing!