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Romney Cleans Up: Cartoon Rips Rand Paul's Endorsement of Mittens

The moment I heard about Rand Paul's endorsement of "Mittens", I could not wait to see how Ben Garrison would depict this back-stabbing act in one of his fabulous cartoons. Well, he did not disappoint!

In the last two days, Ron Paul has twice said very clearly that he is not supporting or endorsing Mitt Romney. In fact, on CNN yesterday his response was "No way"! In light of those responses, it seems even more likely that Rand Paul was completely looking out for himself when he decided make his endorsement.

Is it really that hard to believe that Ron and Rand might have disagreed on this issue? If you have a son, you know the answer to this all too well. History is full of examples of fathers and sons disagreeing on huge issues. Thanks Rand, but I'll stick with the man that was leading this charge with honesty and integrity when you were still in cloth diapers!

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What have you done to secure

What have you done to secure your liberty today? Are you setting around waiting for someone else to give it to you or worse yet take it from you?

Smoke and mirrors Rand is not up for election for 4 more years... You campus supporters will be out of school before anything can be done with Rand... You will also need to move to Kentucky to vote against him...

We have much bigger fish to fry than Rand...

ConstitutionHugger's picture

ooooh ouch!

ha ha. When you have millions of liberty minded folks watching your every move, you can't play politics as usual. Lesson learned, I hope. I wonder if he regrets it.
You don't clean out a cess pit by jumping in it.
btw, Rand's decision does not discourage, upset, or otherwise impact my dedication to the movement.
Maybe Rand resented that it took 30 years of thankless work by his father to achieve what he has. There are no short cuts to virtue and excellence. If you can't be humble, then have some pride!

So move to Kentucky vote

So move to Kentucky vote against him in 4 years... Why bother to campaign against him 4 years before he will be on a ballot? Mean while if any liberty lovers want to do something for liberty we have an election in a few months... A few liberty lovers will be on the ballot... If you enjoy the negative campaigning there are many liberty haters on the ballots (this cycle). Use you efforts to do something useful now... Campaigning against Rand for 4 years? When we have Senators like Graham in office... Do something useful for your liberty.. The choices made now may be the folks running the country as it collapses under debt.. If not that we have a small problem with these diebold machines... Yet Rand is the focus... If this is the best we can do for ourselves we deserve what we get...

Roll? Try role.

Roll? Try role.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

WTF you anti-randers cannot

WTF you anti-randers cannot leave sh*t alone! WE KNOW RAND ENDORSED ROMNEY, it is no longer a secret. Grow up and move on. I like Rand but even I'm getting tired of seeing his name on the DP because you people can't let it die. This is annoying and once again a divisive post is bumped up.

I don't like most of what is

I don't like most of what is being said about Rand and the way things are said about him, but the cartoon was good. It outlined the issue for the purpose of educating without being mean. It even left open the possibility that Rand has good intentions for the liberty movement.

It just points out very well why many of us think it is a bad move to endorse Romney.

I like Rand too. Don't try to make this about Rand and anti-Rand only.


Rands endorsement was designed to proVide cover for our delegates. So that the maximal amount of our agenda would be taken up by the RNC...in case you missed it we will be outnumbered 3:1.

One would think people would

One would think people would realize this by now.

Well done

These turncoats and traitors have to be exposed and cartoon pictures affect a whole new visual mental connections. Great job.

To do list

1. Wake up as many people as possible
2. Support others who are trying to end false debt slavery
3. Set an example by using enlightened disengagment to get a critical mass of humanity to break free, because everyone will follow and the nitmare will end.

Thank you

Great WOrk@you


Why is there still a *Rand*

Why is there still a *Rand* section on DP?





Holy shit

Does this issue really need to continue? Ron lost, admitted he lost, consulted with Rand, then Rand endorsed. Now take all your other conspiracies and shove them up your ass.... So sick of this stupid bullshit

What has Ron Paul lost

I heard him so many times for the past decades (as he has been my congressman here in Texas) that he sees himself as a messenger.

As I believe governments are not real, but only a evil puppet shows to entertain the false debt slaves. What do I care what puppet they put on stage next, I dont watch that kind of evil vile entertainment anyway, heck its dangerous.

So Rand sold out, a Judas, it dont affect the message not even one little bit. Ron Paul will continue to carry the message as we all must. Once you have taken the liberty pill you can not go back.

So nah I will never get over it. Romney and the GOP are liars cheaters and theives, I wont begin to mention murders as in warmongering.

So who won what and who lost what in your mind?


Ron is On.

Many people support RP

Because they think he is a closet conspiracy theorist.

It would have been SO easy

for Rand to say, "I'll support whomever wins in Tampa".

It would have been so easy

It would have been so easy for you to have posted something useful to restore our liberty also... You didn't... How are we going to fix those diebold machines that will steal the election even if Ron wins Tampa? If you don't live in Kentucky you can't do much about Rand other than refuse to donate to his bombs... Those are 4 years off... We are here and now today.... We have an election in a few months.. Are you working for liberty lovers? Doing what you can to make the changes we seek? Is bashing Rand supporting Ron? What if Ron and Rand are both out of the picture? Is all lost or are we going to do something to change this mess?

If Rand refused to endorse

If Rand refused to endorse would there be cartoon labeling rand a liar, or possibly one of him picking up his marbles and going home because he dont like losing...

He could easily have waited

until after the convention was over.

waiting until the convention

waiting until the convention is over does us no good in making our issues favorable to the establishment folks (let's face it, if we want any change to occur from the 2012 campaign, it has to be establishment-friendly). having rand endorse before tampa makes us seem like good guys, so to speak, and that we can play together.

How do you know? Are you

How do you know? Are you inside Ron and Rand Paul's circle?


He wouldn't be considered a liar because he said he would endorse the GOP nominee. The nominee hasn't been chosen so why did he endorse Romney?

because they have the same

because they have the same number of kids...... Maybe he didn't have a choice... Sorta like JFK didn't have a choice...

I think even

more funny than the picture itself are the pictures hanging in the background. One has a big sack of money with a heart around it, and another other one says neo cons rule. lol