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How Can The Liberty Movement Change The Republican Party?

The Republican Party, in order to survive maybe officially, but definitely with public opinion, which I believe when all is said and done, may very well end up being the ideas of RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL for the Republican nomination. I believe the "lawsuit" may end up disqualifying Romney in public opinion at least if not from the RNC nomination, although many may say this is UNLIKELY.

I believe also that Obama may end up getting impeached or disqualified (at least according to massive public opinion) as he continues to wage these unconstitutional wars against the American people (Executive Orders against our civil liberties) as well as with the rest of the world (supporting covert operations to overthrow governments such as Syria, Libya, Iran etc...) without congressional approval and continually refuses to address his phony birth certificate issue.

However, could the aim of the "establishment" government, whether it be Democrats or Republicans (doesn't matter since they are acting the same) be to break up the Republican Party since they are after all bought & paid for by the Bilderberg World Bankster Cartel? I wonder if they will then also later want to destroy the Democratic Party and then form one party as the LOL maybe The "Corporatist" Party would be the most polite term for them since "Fascist" may seem harsh sounding, although more appropriate in my opinion. And then, I suppose it will be the final aim to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States and push us into World Government as the one "Bankster Cartel" Party being the rulers, right??



Let's counter this, I say, terrorism and fight to keep the Republican Party alive since after all, we are a "Republic" and this really should be the only party that exists, in my opinion. For this reason I think it's important that our liberty message is to fix a few things...

1) We must fight to be sure that fair delegate selection procedures are in place. No more of this bullsh*t allowing delegates to be selected according to the fraudulent rigged straw vote process, anywhere! It should be paper ballots counted in public view at precinct level only!! Or self nominations when the the amount of delegate volunteers doesn't exceed allotment of delegates for the precinct.

Fight to go back to how elections were handled when our country started... I think it used to be where elections for all government official type positions occurred during these republican type delegate caucus conferences since it's harder for anyone to get away with election fraud without being noticed at these types of events.

Fight to Toss the voting machines since we know they are being hacked, and fight to stop the statewide caucus straw votes, as we keep discovering that the counts are being manipulated and done outside public view.

Fight to enable All registered voters to attend their delegate conferences and participate in the floor voting for their particular city, county, district, state, and even national convention until all seats are filled of course in the stadiums but for practicality purposes may not be able to have privileges of stepping to the microphone whereas they must depend on their own precinct delegate representatives to speak for them. First come first serve or say a raffle could be held or something similar when it comes to say the state and national conventions as far as who can attend according to number of seats etc...

More food for thought... Via holding precinct caucuses, each precinct could be able to elect which delegates will represent their precinct in city, county, district, and state level delegate caucus conventions that should convene more frequently in order to nominate now and eventually count as a collective vote for government officials at the general elections later, address caucus rules, and liberty platform issues that form the basis for what direction the people want to see the government move towards. We can fight to change the elections process whereas the republican party delegate caucus results could represent the entire registered republican voter population base. How can we do this??? Well, I'm thinking this can be in the form of say a simple maybe "proxy contract"? This would essentially be such that a voter signs when registering republican, to "proxy" their votes for public officials to the delegates they elect from their precinct caucuses?? So when a general election occurs, only those who are not registered republican go to the voting booths, since all republicans have essentially already signed a proxy by contract. This I'm thinking could make it to where the non-republican collective vote turnouts must exceed the collective total of registered republicans in order to win the election??? Could this type of contract between registered republicans and the republican party essentially give the republican delegate caucus conventions the authority to elect government officials?

Just looking ahead on this, individuals may enjoy opting out of the voting system and into this visionary type republican proxy system since they are given more of a choice in participating more or less. If people want to participate more in the election of their government officials, they can become elected delegates from their precincts, or attend the delegate conventions and just participate in the floor voting on important platform & other types of platform issues concerning to the citizens that are typically brought up in these conventions... Or, they only need to go to their caucuses once a year to elect delegates instead of multiple times per year to the voting booth, if they choose to do that at all...

Also another note, since there are likely many who will attend these conventions, they could be very useful for gathering signatures on different types of petitions that might be of interest to people since they are public political gatherings.

By having government official elections essentially held at the delegate caucus conventions, this also eliminates allot of the huge campaigning costs that candidates must incur right now, which I believe is in a large part, a deterrent to more grassroots candidates running for office. It also shifts influence from mass media to grassroots. Having to get your campaign message on average out to a few thousand people versus several thousand or even millions can make a huge difference. We need to eliminate the heavy financial burden requirements for running for office. By electing delegates on the precinct levels who then go and in turn vote and essentially elect our government officials, to me just seems more practical... This allows more grassroots to fill these government official positions.

We just need to restore the constitutional order of how these elections are run being more in line with what a "Republic" really is and I think we can make this country work again for the people, not the corporatist fascists...

A "republic" is a form of government in which the supreme power rests with the people and representatives or officers for the people are officially granted alienable powers to represent them in "public matters" (Latin: res publica) via a constitution. Offices of state are subsequently directly or indirectly elected or appointed.[1][2] In modern times, a common simplified definition of a republic is a government where the head of state is not a monarch.[3][4] The word republic is derived from the Latin phrase res publica, which can be translated as "the public affair", and often used to describe a state using this form of government.


"Restore America Now!!!"

3) We need to also fight to keep the internet free. The "establishment" continues to attempt destruction of the internet to silence the dissent against their bought & paid for "establishment" government however, I have a strong feeling that if we all start to lose our ability to move around and speak freely on the internet, I truly believe this may be the start of a complete revolt against the "establishment" government by the public since we are all realizing with the help of the internet, that the government officials we have in place right now may have been largely elected via fraudulent elections as this "lawsuit" is bringing to light...

The internet has allowed us to communicate with each other about all of the atrocities of the (I will say predominantly fraudulently elected) "establishment" government and has functioned in this manner as protection and catalyst helping the people to fight for liberty to a large extent. Right now, the internet as it stands seems to be the last bastion of free speech we have to get a message to massive amounts of people. If they are able to destroy the internet, I believe the only protection we may have is our guns if they come knocking on our doors to take us to the FEMA camps like they did similarly when Germany rounded up all of the Jews and forced them into concentration camps. Don't doubt that they won't try it again using a different name, get prepared people - this may very well be war...

This is why I think the (fraudulently elected) "establishment" government seems to keep preparing for martial law, since they know the average person will become very angry as everyone continues to awaken with the help of the internet, and as everyone is waking up, many will point the finger back at these corporatist fascists as the main culprit to destroy our civil liberties.

A bunch of bought and paid for fraudulently elected Bilderberg World Bankster Cartel Criminals Taking away our internet and civil liberties is comparable to disarming the people by destroying a large portion of our communication channels. Many will find this completely unacceptable and may go into complete non compliance when it comes to anything having to do with the governments...

Finally, I keep maintaining, If the "lawsuit" rules that these are in fact fraudulent elections that we are having and have been having all along, this could very well motivate another type revolt such as "No Taxation Without Representation!" Dr. Paul keeps emphasizing in his most recent interviews, We Are Paying For Them To Do This SH*T!! So my question is, why should we pay any taxes giving them ammunition against us when many of our government officials have been fraudulently elected via the current system and are not really representing us but instead are railroading us with laws etc... that aren't in the interests of the people??

Thoughts Anyone???

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Thier are many in the

Thier are many in the Republican party who view us as interlopers, party crashers. In thier view nothing could be worse for the party than principled membership but we are the medicine the GOP needs to fix thier thier declining membership problem. We may get the blame if Romney loses to obama but in the long run liberty will expose the GOP to a much larger and receptive audience. How large of an audience? Put it this way how often do people in N. Korea think of the Republican party? They dont. By contrast how often do they think of freedom? I suspect almost every minute of every day. Mitt Romneys problem is the same as the GOP'S problem, He doesnt have broad based support. The freedom philosophy is exactly the cure they both need but it's the bitter pill neither of them want. Thier solution is to fake the fruits of freedom with rhetoric but the majority of people know a sugar pill when they taste it. We are here to make sure they take thier medicine.

From what I can read

People in North Korea don't "think" about freedom- Why should they? They're already free to serve the "Great Leader". They've been brainwashed to an extent that they don't even know what freedom is. American's are currently receiving their "training" and soaking it all in with true "American exceptionalim". We're showing ourselves as a people to be really "fast learners". (sarcasm)

Gonna get interesting- real soon.



-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...