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Israel Mossad & US Collaborate in the Murder of Over 500 Iraqi Scientists & Academics

Posted by Charleston Voice, 06.20.12

"Mossad in collaboration with American forces in Iraq killed 350 Iraqi nuclear scientists and 200 university professors in Iraq from 2003 to 2008..."

Of course we are not "supporting these US troops" in their terrorist acts, but then they aren't your family members killing civilians. They are someone else's fathers, sons and daughters.

Why should this come as any surprise? الموت لأميركا!

Report: Mossad Active in Iraq under Cover of Jordanian Companies

TEHRAN (FNA)- Reports by Iraqi media revealed that Israeli secret service, Mossad, is very active in Iraq and is spying on Iran and its allies under the cover of Jordanian companies.

According to a report by Iraqi Nakhel news agency, Iraqi resistance groups in separate statements have released the information and details of such undercover places and entities in different regions of Iraq, including Taji, Kirkuk and Baghdad, and announced that they have targeted these Israeli sites.

Nakhel quoted a numbers of Iraqi prisoners as saying that they had been handed over to Israeli interrogators by the US troops.

These prisoners said that the Israelis asked them questions about popularity of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian Hamas Islamic Resistance groups and the role of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in the region.

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