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Can The Fast And Furious Thing Help Ron Paul Get Elected?

If public opinion really turns against Obama for this (e.g. he knew about it and is covering it up) then it would be a huge negative for his campaign. That would free up a lot of voters to vote for who? Romney? Highly doubtful because Romney can't even get Republican voters to rally behind him. There is one person of impeccable character out there though. His initials are RP and they don't stand for Rick Perry. Could Ron run 3rd party? Or would it take write-ins? I wouldn't have any faith in a write-in vote because it just seems like it can be easily ignored in the vote counting process (which is highly suspect to begin with).

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Right now, no.

Should Obama get the boot out of office, Hilary is ready and waiting to run in his place. Romney needs to get the boot to help Ron Paul.

If Romney can't get

If Romney can't get Republican voters to rally behind him, with over 50% of the vote, then what does that mean for a man who got less than 11%?

Seriously...if you think ANYONE would win as a third party, then you shouldn't wait until the convention to kill yourself. Do it NOW. End your mother's misery. You simply are not prepared to EVER be a contributing member of society and will live an EXTREMELY tough and lonely life. Do you really want that?

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