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Who to believe - Doug Wead or Richard Gilbert?

See article, RNC Faces Suit From Paul Backers, at http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/rnc-faces-suit-from-...

"Richard Gilbert, an attorney representing the Paul delegates, said he hopes that a judge will issue court orders protecting delegates from coercion. Gilbert said he had been in touch with Paul's campaign, and that while one official urged him not to file suit, another Paul adviser -- Doug Wead -- told him to 'go for it.'"

Down in the comments section, Doug Wead responds:

"I have not met the lawyer mentioned in this article, nor did the author of this article contact me to confirm my quote which was used above. If she had I would have pointed out that lawyers for the Ron Paul Campaign speak for us on all legal matters relating to delegates."

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After reading the article

and Doug's response, it's only the reporter I have a problem with.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Doug Wead

He supposedly made that comment in a Facebook chat, not directly to one of the "lawyers".

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Thank you

That is indeed the source, I heard it!

I think I believe Ron when he says

he wants to change the country not win a presidency...

I know a lot of people want him to win as a quick fix. Well there is no quick fix. Even if he became president there would still be no quick fix.

You have to change everything from the ground up.
That is why Ron is educating and it is working, you are taking over from the fround up.

Now this takes time ofc, but it is the only way that can work.

This does not prevent supporters ofc to do what they can anyway to elect Ron, but I see no way this will happen.

I still hope they make it.

I don´t see any courts helping out. They control your financial, military and certainly your courts as well.

If you realize the grave danger you are in you have to know your enemy. They control everything, so to beat them, do it from the ground up. Grab positions at local levels and work your way up.

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When did Ron Paul say

he did not want to win a presidency?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

He didn't...

...more misinformation...he said that he does't want the power and doesn't lay awake dreaming of being in the Whitehouse

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Oh nice

I guess we all missed that memo, because we sure as hell were fighting and dreaming about Ron Paul in the White House.

Just maybe its time the grassroots comes to terms with the fact that they are fighting for a candidate that wants to mentor and not lead.

He is leading

Ron Paul is trying to change things - it is more meaningful to change the party at its roots than to be president - if Ron Paul were to become president tomorrow without a single supporting Congressman or Senator aligned with him except his son and a pitiful few others who were elected in 2010 - he would be the lame duck of lame ducks - he would be forced to compromise with Republicans in a fundamental way to get anything done and the Democrats would be treating him as if he were the devil himself. There is a reason that no third party candidate has ever won in America and it is because to do so would be virtually meaningless if it was even possible. And he will not be president because he has not won yet enough support among the general population - when the people support him and his ideas they will win the day - his ideas are fervently respected by his supporters but this base has to be expanded before any libertarian could ever be elected president. This is not to say that the campaign was meaningless - quite to the contrary - my god he has made progress in setting the stage for some changes - now he needs his supporters to understand the strategy in order to finish it for him because he is 76 years old.

Well, if Ron Paul doesn't meet your expectations,

you are more than welcome to leave and go find another candidate who better suits your desires.

Are you totally deaf and blind?

WE have a two hundred year mess to clean up before this country is ready for a RON Paul president.

Now the word expectations is a good one. He is 76 years old. If by some miracle we got him in the White House just how long do you think he would stay alive?

I think he can do a lot more good for this movement out of harms way.

"I can leave and go find another candidate" I got news for you, we are going to have to find a lot more than just one candidate to fix this mess.

I think my expectations are based in reality, not delusional thinking.

A lot of people don't understand

Ron Paul is trying to make change - being president is secondary for him - running for president gave him the exposure needed to start the change - if anyone thinks that a democracy like ours can be fundamentally changed in a few years is very naive. The changes set in motion by Ron Paul are monumental - now his supporters need to have the wisdom of knowing how to proceed. It is good to see a politician who really does care more about the country than he does about himself.