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Rule 40: The Vice Presidential Nomination at the RNC

WASHINGTON -- This may be the Ron Paul gambit we've been waiting for.

An obscure rule change made four years ago by the Republican Party has opened the door for Paul forces to cause a major headache for Mitt Romney when he tries to nominate his choice for vice president at the party convention in August.

The Republican National Committee could change Rule 40 in the week leading up to the convention, but that would risk the appearance of jamming Romney's nominee through, and likely cause a subsequent backlash.

Republican officials are still waking up to the fact that Paul loyalists -- who control the majority of delegates in Maine, Minnesota and Iowa, and have sizable contingents in a number of other states -- could very likely enter Paul's name into nomination for vice president. This would force a roll call vote where each delegate of each state is polled on the floor of the convention.

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Pawlenty cartoon

This came out in the Minneapolis Star Tribune...

What do you think of this?

VICE president???

Is this media spin? I don't recall reading about any "gambit" to force RP onto a Rombama ticket. What would be the use of that?

Ron Paul as VP would be able to influence President

i think a VP position would allow him the direct ear of and influence on the Presidency as well as the rest of the administration. Of course he and Romney would disagree often but disagreements happen. Have there been strong and influential VPs of past administrations? Did they have strong influence over policy decisions?


Cheney was certainly given more power than Bidens got. Paul would have ZERO.


he respectfully declines the VP nomination.

Ron Paul 2016

If the revolution forces Paul on them

They will no longer be able to ignore us. I don't think we can change most of them, but we can sure make them let us sit at the adult table. Maybe they'll at least pander in our direction.

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Ok, so he'll come out of the convention either President

or Vice-President. Am I correct?

Imagining a Ron Paul VP

A massive crowd surrounds the podium. Mitt Romney is introduced, the crowd is silent. He gives a heartless speech. And introduces VP Dr. Ron Paul, the crowd erupts!!

For 4 years, the President is seen as the unpopular older brother, and Ron Paul the leader of the country.

I'm voting for Paul this year and that's all there is to it

If Paul is on the ticket as President or Vice President then I'm voting for him. That is the only way the GOP gets my vote.

I'm not compromising. I'm voting to get liberty a foothold in America again. Paul could do a lot of good as VP. I think more people would begin to listen.

If they pull a miracle in Tampa and get the Good Doc on the ballot, then I'll vote for him and hope for the best.

Lesser Evil

Stange if the topic changes, so do the people.

This is the same question as "Obama or Romney".

Dont' vote the lesser evil. Vote your Conscious. Ron Paul or no one at all....

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Philosophic me doesn't vote for Romney/Paul

Philosophic me doesn't vote for Romney/Paul.

Me standing in booth ready to cast my worthless vote probably fills in the Romney/Paul circle on the form.

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I don't think this is a good idea

I'm not sold on this idea. It's my opinion that this would just be a ploy to get Romney elected and I would still NOT vote for him.

If Romney gets elected with Ron as a VP you still have Romney as a president. No ifs, ands or buts!

Ron will have NO influence over anything. It will still be the corrupt Romney in charge and we will still not see any positive change!

Just think about it......

yes, realistically all we

yes, realistically all we could hope for would be a bigger stage for Paul to spread the liberty message. Personally, if I was at the RNC, I would vote for Paul both for President and VP. I just can't shake the notion that a VP Paul is better than a retired congressman Paul.

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I do not think

the good Dr. is being considered for VP spot nor do I think he would accept it if offered unless Romney publicly announced a change in his views on interventionism, the Fed, NDAA so on and so forth; which is very unlikely to happen.

I'm with you sovereign

I want to see a scrappy mess at the convention for the presidential nomination... A fight to the bitter end (At least 2 or 3 rounds of voting, roll calls, hand counts, everything...)

But, if somehow the establishment pulls themselves through the mud, bloodied from the battle for the PRESIDENTIAL nomination, totally embarrassed at the lack of unity... I don't think they will have it in them to put up that kind of fight again for VP. I know who will be up for the challenge, our Paul delegates.

I honestly don't know if Ron would want to be a VP, but, if he is, I would still be happy, because MSM couldn't ignore him. Although his influence wouldn't effect the 1st year or so of office, the liberty movement could be spread much more easily if he would leverage his position. Lets face it, most people don't support Ron because the don't know what the liberty movement is about, the haven't "woken" up to the ideas.

I think Ron spreading the message on a weekly basis on Fox "news", CNN, MSNBC, and the big 3 would have a much greater impact, long term then if he were a retired congressmen. (Then there is the prospect of Ron totally trashing Biden in a debate.)

That being said, I still want president PAUL!

I'd love to see RP thrash

I'd love to see RP thrash Biden in a debate.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams

A RP VP would be more than

A RP VP would be more than just an empty suit. The good doctor would not lay down for anything. He would be the most vocal VP in history. Preaching the message to liberty to a national audience whenever he wished. Changing minds faster than ever. Potentially he would be in perhaps the best position to change some positions of Flip Romney. If he can flip one way then he can flip our way. With his new security clearance, RP could uncover a lot too.

RP could have so many speaking engagements where he could give liberty speeches with national media attention. He could go places and do things that he couldn't do before. VPs in the past have just sat back and collected a paycheck, but we all know RP is never one to sit back on anything. The VP position would be a full suit for the first time in history.

Does anyone know the agenda plan for the RNC? If VP gets picked after president, personally, I would vote for RP for VP AND President (or abstain) and if we don't get a brokered convention, we can change the party platform (yes I know, that doesn't really mean much), and we can get RP a political position where he could spread the liberty message even more and become the most influential VP in U.S. history.

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I second that

I also think Ron Paul in VP position would be more than just influence on platform at RNC in August. He could be prominently seen and talk his liberty message throughout the presidential term in the executive government position, hardly to be ignored, having resources, staff, access and time, which can have far wider reach than just something voted up in a platform -which the executive government then anyway doesn't much follow.
VP can be quite influential position especially with an easily manipulable puppet president without firm principles (which Romney blatantly is) -as we've seen especially with the infamous Cheney/GWB tandem.
And I think Ron Paul is exactly the person to continue use his educational talent and potential to spread among more and more people the liberty message (and anyway liberty is something the people can have and must defend, not governments which should be the peoples servants) - the power/responsibility level of the VP position and mandate is suitable especially for such a purpose.
And I believe there is now enough Ron Paul supporters among potential voters, especially among independents, to effectively deny Romney and GOP the presidency and so government if Ron Paul is not the VP pick. (-Actually I think - after a bit of research of the actual voters preferences and also after recent widely negative responses to Rand's "testing the ground" with his "same number of children" endorsement - that only realistic way for Romney to win against democratic incumbent Obama is with Ron Paul on the ticket.)
We have a proverb in Czech: Better have a sparrow in the hand than a dove on the roof, which I think usually translates to English as A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

A VP like Ron Paul wouldnt just be an empty suit

This is something we need to encourage our delegates to pursue aggressively

A VP in the Senate has a lot of Say

And I would love to put that liberty fly in their authoritarian soup.

Even now, Rand Paul is on National Review Online calling Romney out on the presidents power to declare war...

The real power in this country is NOT in the Presidency.

It in the Banks and its in these 4 positions.

Head of the CIA
Head of the FBI
Secretary of State
Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff

Attorney General has become the only thing a President can truly pick that is his. He picks him for purely defensive reasons.

The other 4 positions while picked and appointed, are DECIDED UPON prior to any person becoming President, hence these government agencies "OWN" the presidency - think of Eisenhower's warning about military industrial complex and then reflect upon the fates of JFK, LBJ and Richard Nixon. All 3, left office early. The CIA refused to give Richard Nixon their classified files on "the Bay of Pigs thing" and soon learned of the Watergate break-in at DNC headquarters. See for essays about this.


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So why then did LBJ leave

So why then did LBJ leave early (after his term was up)? He did everything the powers that be could have ever wanted.

I don't one RP delegate will mind paying the "price" of voting

for Ron Paul and NOT Mitt Romney.

Hell, we should make a MONEY BOMB fund, just for them!


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" author George Smith --
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Actually, I can see any

Actually, I can see any number of ways to make a motion to skip straight to round two, and technically not have a roll call vote for round one. No one is bound in round two (not that they are in round one, but why have any the chance someone feels differently), and you can skip to round two by vote or for procedure error or other reason (fill them in here, and talk about them privately for those going).

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

All I see is President Ron

All I see is President Ron Paul. Great article, inspiring.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

VP "Isn't worth a pitcher of warm piss."

VP "Isn't worth a pitcher of warm piss."
-V. P. John Nance “Cactus Jack” Garner

And, I might add, neither is Willard "Twitt" Romney.

I'd rather have a President

I'd rather have a President Paul, but I'd also rather have a VP Paul than a retired congressman Paul

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Remember Spiro Agnew?

As VP, the only power he would have is breaking ties in the Senate and sitting on the board at NASA. (Oh and he would get to travel to all of the funerals the President is too busy to attend.) At the same time, the VP gets saddled with all of the baggage of the President, e.g., Hubert Humphrey and Al Gore. If there is any chance VP Paul might become President, they will find a way to remove him as VP. They would find an actor to play Romney and lie to everyone before they would let Ron Paul become president.

If we don't win the

If we don't win the presidential nomination, then guess what? We can nominate Ron Paul for the vice presidential nomination, and we won't have to get around any binding rules.!/cevans93

This is wrong on the facts

It mentions others being nominated but then says Dr Paul could be if
he won five states. If that was true the others could not be nominated at all because they have no delegates.
Plus we are going to win the nomination for President Ron Paul.

The VP doesn't have to 'win' states

The delegates do a lot of horse trading on the floor, well, they used to back when the conventions actually did business.

All they need is to put a name out there and generate some buzz. Suppose every delegate were to submit a name at the same time. Then a potential VP candidate would need a plurality of 'submissions' from 5 states to be on the ballot.