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Who should we vote for now

Now that it has become apparent that Ron Paul will not be the Republican candidate who should we vote for? Here are the choices that we have. No matter which one we choose I think we are best served voting (or not voting together)
Here are our options:
Mitt Romney -
Pros's: The Paul's are making inroads with the GOP and will be a force in Tampa. We may have a say in the platform. Also no more Obama, and may help a little with with economic issues. If the Paul people rally and help win the election for the GOP will we get anything in return?

Con's: Will make the GOP cocky and think they can continue business as usuall fighting wars and stripping our liberty.

Obama :
Pro's: if Obama wins the election the GOP will be in a bad spot and they will realize that they need a youth and freedom movement. It could serve a big blow about how they handled us. We could be four years closer to a Rand Paul run and the difference between Romney and Obama probably won't change much in four years.

Con's: We have to deal with Obama for four more years driving us to a socialist state.

Don't vote: Pro's: We don't have to live in disgust for voting for one of the above candidates.

Con's: We may not be able to get any point across and the media will spin it as Ron Paul people turn out for rallies but don't vote.

Write in Paul
Pro's: This would really stick it to Romney and the GOP and let them know we will not give in. Also it
would be pretty funny.

Gary Johnson: Pro's: Stand up for our liberty principles. If there is a high vote it will be obvious that it was the paul people.
Con's: Not to many, Maybe media spin on blame for Obama winning if to many votes are "stolen" from Romney.

No matter what we do we need to do it together so our voice is heard in some way!!

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The fat lady

hasn't even done her sound check yet : ))

How would writing in Ron Paul

How would writing in Ron Paul stick it to the GOP since in many states, it won't be COUNTED, let alone reported?

I Signed a "Ron Paul Or None At All" Petition

So I committed to writing him in, if need be. I plan to do just that.

If anyone else signed such a pledge, I encourage you not to go back on your word.

Gary Johnson? A great man. Maybe next time.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard