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On Gay Marriage

This originally appeared as a note on my Facebook page, so it will not appear in the format I will do the rest of my blogs.

I have read a lot of ignorance around the internet ever since President Obama "officially" endorsed gay marriage the other day, particularly from friends on Facebook. The fact that this is once again becoming a debate is ridiculous, as it distracts from serious issues facing our country and world. Maybe that is the whole reason for bringing it up after all, so that ordinary people vote on party lines on a non-issue as the media conveniently ignores our failed monetary and foreign policies that affect every single one of us magnitudes more than if "Adam and Steve" get married. I thought I would share my thoughts with some of you in the hopes that maybe I can have a little impact on your philosophy of the world, particularly pertaining to individual liberty.
First, I want to point out the inconsistency of each sides' arguments, both "conservative" and "liberal" alike. The reason I put those two words in quotes is because the standard bearers of them have distorted them into ugly, wretched forms of their former selves--both noble, and very similar in origin.

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