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GOP nomination could hinge on court ruling

Really, A fair and honest story? WOW

Challenging the GOP and the 'mainstream' media's current stance that certain delegates are “bound” to vote for Romney, since he won in certain states, those delegates are asking the courts to revisit a 2007 ruling by the RNC itself that concluded there are no such thing as bound delegates.

Adding even more ironic twist is the fact that the ruling was spurred on by an '08 McCain delegate in Utah that wanted to switch to Romney and attorneys for the RNC, based on GOP election law, revealed that any delegate can vote for whomever they choose when reaching the RNC.

Being that most of the media's teleprompter programmers have been attempting to conceal the law, many Romney delegates and a few Santorum and Gingrich delegates are completely unaware of the fact that they don't actually have to vote for the winner of their state at the RNC, at all.

In addition to the media silence, many states GOP parties, according to the suit, attended to various nefarious activities throughout the process, including forcing delegates to sign affidavits saying they'd vote for Romney, while others were officially announcing that delegates are required to vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, among other similar, illegal activities.

There was even a recent 'official' assault and arrest of a handicapped delegate in Louisiana that was being illegally forced to leave the caucus and simply stood his ground and refused to follow unruly orders.


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Oh great! The latest examiner

Oh great! The latest examiner article written by someone with ZERO knowledge.

1. There will never be a court ruling.
2. Even if there was and it was in Ron Paul's favor, it would not unbind delegates.
3. Even if it did, Ron Paul would STILL get just 500 votes. And lose humiliatingly. This is why the campaign...and Ron Paul himself is very much AGAINST these worthless fake "lawyers"

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and posted 10 negative comments!

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Except that's NOT what the suit is about.

Read the suit for yourself!

Links to the actual filed lawsuit provided here....


The judge as the authority to

The judge as the authority to expand the lawsuit to any and all criminal charges he chooses to go after. That includes investigations and warrants, grand juries, and possible jail time.

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