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Why My Lifespan is Shortening

This 'blowup' about Dr. Paul being a 'hypocrit' for collecting SS while wishing to end SS is just another stab into my heart. Another piece of evidence that this country is so greatly loaded with fools, that we have NO chance of returning to greatness, ever.

I just wish to die at this point really. Witnessing idiocy is so painful; I'm not sure I can take it any more.

That Sam Stein Huffington Post article, with the link to Dr. Paul's appearance on Morning Joe criticizing his SS stance is just mindboggling. The comments... The comments. Just, holy crap. So much stupidity. So much naivety.

Besides the obvious (Dr. Paul paying into SS for longer than most of those fools existence), and his numerous instances of opting out of government programs (congressional pension, not accepting medicare/medicaid as a physician while still treating people inexpensively, returning office budget each year, private security, etc), these people can't see the most important point yet (and I haven't seen it brought up anywhere either).

They say, "He may be forced to pay in, but he isn't forced to withdraw" or "He's so rich, he doesn't need to withdraw his SS." At least if he withdraws, the money is back in HIS hands, and thus, not in the hands of the government, and as a result, used as a tool of death.

These liberal so-called peacelovers, lovers of the Nobel Peace Prize winning Barack Obama, whose foreign policy can be summed in 3 words, "Kill Brown People," would prefer that Dr. Paul's stolen money over a 50 year career be kept in the SS Trust Fund; which is invested totally in USA Debt. "Special Issue" bonds and certificates, and at one time, even US Treasury Bills, are the investment of choice for the SS Trust Fund. These bonds range in maturity lengths from 1 year to 15 years. Money granted to the Federal Government and 'promised' to be paid back at any point in time later (Special Issue bonds have the added feature that they are essentially as liquid as cash while earning interest.... Convenient eh?) What does the USA use more borrowed money on that any other nation in the world? Militarism.

All of us, via any tax of course, are at least partially funding the "Kill Brown People" foreign policy. But it gets even sicker when thinking about the SS/Medicare/Medicaid trusts being invested in US Debt as well, which at least partially fund wars.

I HATE this country so greatly, because I love the idea of its ideal so very much. Dr. Paul has given me hope over 6 years now, but I honestly don't see it anymore. To see him being assaulted by these POS who sit on their butts and cry about war spending, but gladly contribute to it (and even rip on a man who wishes not to contribute to it).

I just don't see the light anymore. To see around $300 from each of my paychecks get funneled away from me and at least $100 of it going to fund violence... Nothing makes me want to sleep forever more than that. My very existence and my very earning of a paycheck is killing people.

And yet a Huffington Poster wouldn't dare consider this. A peaceful liberal wouldn't dare see this. A constitutional scholar like Barack Hussein I'llBombya wouldn't dare consider this. No, I wish not to hand my money to the government because I "Want to see children grow up poor and uneducated." Yep, that's my reasoning.

Good night all. May tomorrow be less awful.

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Misinformation abounds

when it suits the agenda makers.

For anyone reading this and wondering --> Ron Paul will not touch current or soon to be SS recipients but wants to give the younger generation the option to opt out, collect the money in their pay-checks and invest it any way they wish.

What in the world is wrong with that? SS is busted...I doubt my husband and I will ever see a penny of it and we have paid into it for decades.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate I have ever encountered who deals with the elephants in the room...the others ignore the elephant and pat the populace in their heads and tell them it's all gonna be just fine all the while knowing they are lying through their teeth.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Stupid being the norm

we are the element of change.

Our ideology may not be universal but it doesn't demand such. All we ask of the intransigent liberal is they go regulate themselves and leave us alone.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

i understand

and feel your lament. while i don't make posts- if i did- it likely would have been similar to yours- i also wish for an answer



it's funny 'cause it's true.

I'm feeling just fine cuz I didn't read that article!

Don't read that crap if you know it's gonna be a hit piece. My spirits are way up and I'm excited about the delegates going to Tampa!