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Saudi Executed for Sorcery and Witchcraft


Probably found with Harry Potter books ;)

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Books by themselves only assumes suspicion

Now, witchcraft can be as simple as, m'mmm "make-up", that ought to go over well, laugh. edit: To clarify a bit.. using make-up by itself doesn't make someone a witch as such, unless the "full intent" is present, knowing what they're doing is being used for evil deceptive purposes.*that's close enough

Sorceries are drugs.

Voodoo is rap, so-called music.

Now, I won't mention everything. A few other things could fit in with these.. not gonna jog my mind at this time. oh, wait.. hypnosis? and subliminal messages? They probably fit into some type of category, along these lines? "trance", "trances", leaning towards a form of witchcraft with those two.

These things do exist and upon occasion can go into the supernatural. The latent power of the soul, they could be called.

You don't have to wear hats in other garb. : - 0

Just for fun is my present attitude because most generally, thinking that most folks would not take these things as being of a serious nature. Exception: rap, and one not mentioned possibly.