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Arizona Convention Fraud

Her is an very in depth analysis of the vote counting. As you will see it is beyond repair. Additionally the vote counts do not match the official results.


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Lets go!

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Thanks for the totals

Thanks for the totals. In comparing the alternate totals with the list of alternates released by the GOP, there are some explanations needed, like why four people on the list have fewer votes than 11 people who are not on the list.

State Delegate

Bump. Alex is going to National he is going to vote his conscience for Dr. Paul if brought to the floor.

Everyone who has been disenfranchised needs to sign on. For Freedom.


Sorry, my brain can't comprehend what

I'm looking at. Can someone provide a brief summary?

brief summary

They ran the ballots twice. The left hand side shows the votes for at-large delegates. Name of delegate, # of votes first scan, then # of votes, name of delegate second scan. The right hand side of the page shows the same for the alternate ballot. (By the way, you can see how moving the Romney delegates to the top messed up the alphabetical order.)

The ballot was two pages long. The scanning of the second page is shown beginning on page 10 of the google document.

Starting on page 10 of the document, you can see that the names and votes on the far right match the names and votes on the left side of the page (the delegates) instead of the names and votes just to the right of center (the alternates).

Another interesting observation is how accurately the computers could total the same votes twice. The delegate counts for the first page of ballot was the same both times (15,809 and 15,809). The delegate counts for the second ballot page lost votes (4,837 and 4,696). The totals for the first page of alternate counts also lost votes (8,337 and 8,119). We can't compare the alternate totals on the second page of the alternate ballot other than to say if they were scanning the first page of the delegate ballot again, they somehow gained votes (4,837-4,696 became 4,950)

Keep in mind, we were told at the convention that the computer only spits out a number of the winner, not the name, so the point might be that the wrong alternates were picked because the numbers on the ballots were not the same, or the point might be that the state really messed up the count and still won't do a manual recount to tell us who won those spots.

In either case, the state GOP really messed up!

My brain was able to do a partial wrap

around that one. Thank you.

The Time is Now

This is just one reason why our lawsuit is valid and why our filed complaint and demand for an investigation with the Attorney General and District Attorney have been filed.

If you do not do something to stop the corruption who will? don't leave it up to others to do the work of freedom for you. Every delegate has been disenfranchised. I am not a National Delegate, but I am a State Delegate and I want those who were voted in as National Delegates who are Ron Paul Supporters to be able to be free to vote for their Candidate Choice, not someone who is being forced upon them.

The time is NOW, don't let it go to waste!

It looks like the link isn't

It looks like the link isn't working. Could you edit it?

Worked for me...

Worked for me...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!