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Lawsuit Sign On and Conference Call (Lawyers for RP)


April Reyes reports:

Here is a little explanation from someone who really knows what's going on with this whole lawsuit thing. PLEASE READ!!! Reposted from Ty @ April , they need to get as many delegates as possible because the more that attach to it, the more weight it carries in a court of law. If you got 4000+ delegates to the RNC but only 200 sign up to the lawsuit, the judge is going to think it's a waste of time and the RNC wins. So...yes...ALL the delegates need to sign onto it and the sooner the better. As for educating the delegates about their job and their rights at the convention, that is OUR job now. WE need to be the ones to make sure every single delegate going to that convention KNOWS they are unbound on the first vote. So far...too many supporters and too many delegates are still believing they are bound by a pledge or state law when it's simply not true. So it's our jobs to educate them. And that means passing on the message everywhere. just posting about it here means almost nothing if all we have is a handful of delegates here and the message doesn't reach anyone else because everyone is too damn lazy to
April Reyes Also reposted from Ty: lawsuit is to get the RNC to openly admit to it and then provide the delegates, in writing, that they are unbound for the first vote...and to provide this information BEFORE the convention. Aren't any of you people reading these LFRP lawsuit releases?!?!
Its not about unbinding the delegates. That already ARE unbound. The lawsuit is to force the RNC to accept it and inform the delegates. AND to answer for the vote fraud they have engaged in.
Rule 38 unbinds them and the RNC has already used it in 2008 exactly this way so it is confirmed. 42USC 1971 also unbinds delegates and has been ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court in the past to unbind voters so it is also legal and the RNC knows all of this. The Lawsuit is to make the RNC say it in writing and provide it to the delegates so the delegates won't go into the Convention believing one thing when it's another. And it is also to get delegates who were denied their seats by the GOP because they didn't agree to vote for Romney or election tampering screwed them out of their seats.

People here and pretty much everywhere else need to start supporting that Delegates are Unbound and we need to start doing it now because sitting around coming up with excuses to NOT believe it or promote it is exactly what the GOP/RNC/Romney people are counting on all of you to continue on doing.

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If the Delegates will read this link below, they won't need 4000

to show up, because only ONE will have all the juice he/she needs to get this case heard.

The RNC can not possibly win if the Delegates know the information in this link:


The moderators have moved every one of my posts concerning this matter to the "Off Topic" section, and I'm starting to have a real creepy feeling that the DP has been infiltrated by foreign corp US. agents that do not want this information known to the public.