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Polis: "I'm Just Asking You As An Expert Is Heroin Worse For Someone's Health Than Marijuana?"

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I like Polis

He was my congressman before the redistricting. A few years back, when he co-sponsored the Audit the FED bill by RP (2008), I went to a town-hall meeting and publicly thanked him for his co-sponsorship of the bill. Certainly not a Liberty candidate, but better than many RINOs!!

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Drugs Are Bad, Mmmkay

Sounds like Mr. Mackey from South Park.


She should have been asked about thorazine , I think she must be dipping into the evidence lock-up.


and another democrat kicking ass

"Does Meth & Heroin Cause More Deaths Than Marijuana?" Congressman Cohen To DEA Stooge

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This guy really put the pressure on her! You know there's something wrong when he asks several different questions and she tries to give him the same answer. "Hurr hurr...we think all drugs are bad."